(3) Come back to me - Completed


Justin's been gone fore 15 months, just over a year. In that time, Zachary Jeremy Drew Bieber - or is it Somers? - has been born.
With a few un-wanted surprises and tragic circumstances, will Justin ever make his way back to Jessica?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


27. Stunned

Jessica’s POV


‘Justin?’ I asked, surprised.  

‘Jessie, look I know you-’ I cut him off, by excusing myself and taking his hand, dragging him outside.

It was quite cold, as it was mid November, but that didn’t matter.

‘What?’ I snapped, clearly irritated he was in the same presence as me.

‘Look, I’m sorry but I just really really needed to see you.’ He said, in a begging voice with tears in his eyes.

I sighed, this must be affecting him wat more then it was affecting me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss him like crazy and I still love him, to infinity and beyond.

In fact, I still wear the promise ring and believe bracelet he gave me, even if it really doesn’t mean anything anymore.

I sighed and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around me waist and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.

‘Life’s been hard without you Jessie.’ He said, taking me hand in his and intertwining our fingers.

‘How so?’ I asked, mentally face-palming myself for being in a conversation with him.

‘I-I went back to drugs, heroin this time, and im utterly and completely hooked. Im staying in the drug house! I can’t even see my boys or the love of my life. And I’ve started smoking cigarettes and weed again.’ He said, shaking his head.

I looked at him, stunned.

‘Justin! You, you can’t do that! You’re just killing yourself! Justin, what if you get herpes, it’s horrible!’ I said, getting flustered with this situation.

‘I mine as well kill myself, I don’t have you or the boys in my life anymore.’ He shrugged, dropping my hand.

‘No, Justin. You have to understand, you bought this situation upon yourself! And you can most definitely see the boys. But only if you go to rehab to fix this drug problem.’ I said, shaking my head.

Justin nodded his head, before turning on his heels and heading to his black Land Rover. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair before I went back into the shop to continue my shift.




Justin’s POV


‘Godammit.’ I muttered as I discovered I had no more syringes. I slammed my bedside drawer shut, before walking down the stairs.

‘Yo man! We’re having a party here tonight. We’re inviting some chicks and a few guys to come ‘round for body shots and beer pong!’ Levi said, chuckling.

‘Don’t forget the pole dancers and strippers bruh!’ Steven added, laughing.

‘Oh and the alcohol that seems to go on forever in the pantry.’ Liam said, also laughing.

‘Yo, we even have weed.’ Added Steven.

‘Bro, I’ll stay in my room. I’m not up for a party.’ I said, shaking my head before grabbing my keys.

‘Man this is the 5th party you turned down this fortnight!’ Steven said, as I walked out the door rolling my eyes.

I hopped into my car and drove to the chemist to get more syringes. I pulled my sunglasses over my eyes before walking inside. I pulled out a ten dollar note and loom around for a pack. When I found one, I went to the check out to buy it.

‘Again?’ the rude lady eating at gum at the counter commented as I gave her the ten.

‘Yes again.’ I spat, before taking the brown paper bag and walking out of the chemist.

I went back into my car and drove to the nearest park. I got out with my pack and went towards the benches. I sighed, before sitting down and opening the pack.

I took out a needle, tore off the plastic and positioned it underneath my fingernail, like always. After throwing the syringes on the floor I got up, not in the right state of mind, to go back to the car.

Just then, a boy ran up to me and hugged me.

‘Daddy!’ he yelled, as I looked down.

It was Zach, and when I looked up I saw mom coming to collect him. I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up, hugging him tightly.

‘Zach my baby.’ I mumbled, kissing his cheek.

‘Justin?’ mom asked, as I put down Zach to hug Flynn.

‘Yeah mom.’ I said sighing




Justin bumped into Pattie and the boys.

Is he going to take Jessica’s advice and go to rehab?


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