(3) Come back to me - Completed


Justin's been gone fore 15 months, just over a year. In that time, Zachary Jeremy Drew Bieber - or is it Somers? - has been born.
With a few un-wanted surprises and tragic circumstances, will Justin ever make his way back to Jessica?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


42. My Lifesaver

Justin’s POV


Today was the day of Jessica’s appointment and the day before I went away to rehabilitation.

I rubbed my hands together as I got off the phone from my dad, who was going to be there with me when I went to rehab.

Jessica, Flynn, Zach and my dad are dropping me off at rehab, and saying goodbye to me for a good 30 days.

It was going to be hard because that would be yet another start of a pregnancy I couldn’t be there for jess.

But I’m willing to help my addiction get better, and be there more for my growing family.

“Babe, stop pacing.” Jessica stopped me in my tracks, rubbing down my shoulders with her small hands.

“I love you Jessie.” I smiled at her, and she kissed my cold lips.

“I love you too, so much. Now, we have to get to that appointment before we’re late!” Jessica announced, walking quickly towards our bed to get her purse.

 “So you’re dad is with the kids? Are you sure they’re gonna be alright?” Jessica asked, zipping up her handbag after sliding her phone in there.

“Yeah, of course. I heard he got re-married to this lady called Erin and has two younger children about 10 and 8. He knows how to look after kids Jess.” I silenced her, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the car.

“alright.” Jessica trailed off, still uneasy about the whole situation.

“It’s going to be alright.” I huffed, sitting in the driver’s seat after shutting Jessica’s door.

“I trust you to put our children in good hands Justin.” Jessica reassured me, before I pulled out of the nearly-snow0filled driveway and onto the street.




After a 10 minute drive, we pulled up at the maternity hospital in Stratford. I opened Jessica’s door and led her out towards the front doors. We were instantly warmed up from the indoor heater and I rolled my jacket sleeves up, revealing my tattoos.

Over the years, I had gotten two sleeves of tattoos and quite a few on my legs and torso. I even have one behind my ear.

We sat patiently in the waiting room and I watched as a survey woman walked around the room, lecturing pregnant woman on some kind of shot.

“Ah, Mrs. Bieber?”

I smiled instantly at the name the doctor called her as we both stood up, walking towards the entrance of the ultrasound examination room.

Jessica took her place on the bed and I sat on a fold-out chair next to her.

I hated hospitals.

Especially after that time I had actually died in a hospital bed for five minutes and Jessica had awoken me.

I still couldn’t get over that, how she was my lifesaver.


That’s it!’ I yell, trudging out of the room.

‘Hey, hey Justin!’ I hear Dina yell after me, following me down the stairs.

‘I’VE HAD ENOUGH!’ I yell, reaching to the bottom of the stairs, my hands immediately finding their way to my hair. I dropped to my knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. I two people approach me and try to get me up. I don’t budge; I just stayed there, on my knees.

‘This is his third breakdown this week.’ I hear Dina mumble to my mom.

‘Yeah, we have to do something about this.’

‘IT’S NO USE!’ I yell again, making a small puddle of tears in front of me.

‘Shhh, shhh Justin.’ My mom says, patting my back.

My breathing calms down a little and I stand up, making my way upstairs again. I slam the door shut behind me and walk to my bed, hoping in and pulling the covers over me.

I start crying again, hearing the constant rumble of my hungry stomach.




My world was cold and empty.

I couldn’t hear anyone nor could I process anything. I heard a constant murmur at the back of my head, and when I looked ahead, all I saw was black. Please don’t tell me I’m dead.


Wait; if I’m dead I won’t have to worry about living life without Jessica, right?


Suddenly, a pair of lips attaches themselves to mine and I find myself kissing back.


What was happening?


I placed my hands on the figure’s hips, caressing them.

They deepen the kiss and I squint my eyes as they pulled away. It was Jessica, my beautiful baby girl. I wanted to jump up and wipe away her tears but I didn’t have the strength to.


“Don’t cry.” I whispered, my voice sounding raspier than I expected.




I remember that day like it was yesterday.

One of the worst, yet best days of my life.

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