(3) Come back to me - Completed


Justin's been gone fore 15 months, just over a year. In that time, Zachary Jeremy Drew Bieber - or is it Somers? - has been born.
With a few un-wanted surprises and tragic circumstances, will Justin ever make his way back to Jessica?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


22. if you didn't cheat

Jessica’s POV


Going for your first day of work at a new job broken-hearted isn’t actually the way everyone wants to do it.

I walked into the store with big dark rings under my eyes, from all the crying last night.

Justin didn’t end up coming home last night, which I was more then grateful for.

I told Pattie and she was outraged, shocked and it took her quite some time to get over the fact that her son would cheat on his future wife, as she calls me.

Flynn and Zach wanted to know where Justin was all night, so I put on a brave face and told them he went out.

That night, the boys made me feel so much better. I was cuddling them on the couch while we watched the Toy Story trilogy.

It was really cute, how they would wipe away my tears and ask if everything was alright.

I went behind the desk to face Matilda.

She turned around from the rack of clothes her eyes were placed on to look at me, and she suddenly gasped.

‘Oh sweetie, what happened to your eyes?’ She said, lightly tapping the side of my face.

‘I couldn’t get any sleep last night Matilda.’ I said, emitting a yawn.

It was partially true, with all the crying I didn’t get much sleep.

‘Well sweet pea, you better go home get some rest. Start tomorrow, ok?’ she said, and I smiled at her.

‘Thank you matilda.’ I said, walking out of the shop.

She is such a kind old lady.


When I pulled up at Pattie’s house a familiar car was in the driveway.

That black range rover.

I sighed, and got out of Pattie’s car to approach the front door. I yawned before cautiously walking inside.

Those’s when I remembered pattie used the car her friend lent her to drive and that she was going to grocery shop and drop my boys off at daycare.

I heard yelling and groaning, and walked towards the stairs to see Justin at the end of them.

He had his head in his hands and he was breathing heavily. Just then, I felt as though I needed to sneeze and my eyes widen.

Please don’t sneeze, please don’t sneeze, please don’t sneeze.

But, I couldn’t help it and I emitted a loud sneeze.

Justin looked up and the first thing I noticed were his blood shot eyes.

Then I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and his toned chest was visible to my eyes. I stopped myself from drooling as my heart broke all over again.

He got up on his feet as tears welled in my eyes. His steps were wobbly, insecure, but he made it to me.

‘Jessie, my baby, my princess you have to take me back.’ He whined, putting his hands on both my cheeks.

‘No, J-Justin.’ I said, as his hand traveled to my shoulders, down my back to land on my ass.

He licked his lips, and when I sniffed from the crying I smelt a peculiar smell.


I gasped, and pushed him away from me.

‘Baby, what are you doing?’ he said, his voice getting louder.

‘Getting away from you. You are wasted Justin.’ I screamed at him, shaking my head in shame.

‘Me? Wasted? Never.’ He said, with a smug smirk.

‘Just shut up, and go away.’ I said, pointing towards the door.

‘Baby, you’re forgetting whose house this is.’ He said, tapping his chin.

I didn’t know what to reply, so I stood there, dumbfounded.

He walked up to me, pinning me against one of the cream walls in the living room.

His crotch area started to grind on me and it took every bone in my body to stop me from moaning.

This lying cheating bastard broke my heart and is wasted on drugs.

‘You know, I took the drugs so I could drown the pain.’ He said, twirling a piece of my hair.

‘Oh what pain?! You’re the one that cheated.’ I snapped attempting to push him off me.

‘The pain of not having you.’ He said, kissing my cheek.

With tears running down my face I successfully pushed him off me and watched him fall to the ground.

‘Well you wouldn’t have had to suffer, if you didn’t fricken cheat.’ I said, before running up stairs sobbing uncontrollably.




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