(3) Come back to me - Completed


Justin's been gone fore 15 months, just over a year. In that time, Zachary Jeremy Drew Bieber - or is it Somers? - has been born.
With a few un-wanted surprises and tragic circumstances, will Justin ever make his way back to Jessica?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


20. doubts

(One week later)


Jessica’s POV


I sat on the couch cross-legged while reading one of Pattie’s magazines. Justin was out with Zach and Flynn.

Zach and Flynn are really close now, as are Justin and Zach.

We are still living with Pattie, as we still haven’t gotten any news from the police and we haven’t found another house.

Justin doesn’t have any money and I don’t have a job yet, neither does Justin.

I sighed before closing the magazine forcefully.

I was going to get a job, even if it killed me.

I got up from the couch and walked towards the front door, where I slipped on a pair of black flats and opened the door.

I walked down the driveway until I reached Pattie’s car, she said I could use it whenever I needed it. I hopped in and turned the keys in the ignition, before speeding down the road.

I remember my mom and I discussing going to York University in Toronto, and from there I would get a good job and live a stable life with my well-mannered husband. And then a few years later, maybe have 2 beautiful kids.

But my life didn’t go in that direction, if fact, it went in the opposite direction.

I started dating the boy who bullied me ever since I could remember. He then became a criminal, and killed 3 people.

Then, he left me pregnant along with one of his long-lost friends, who happened to be killed in our house.

Then, he found a boy from where he ran away to and came back 18 months later with him, and finally met his 1 year-old son.

I shook my head as a tear slipped down my cheek.

My life is a mess, a catastrophic mess.

I don’t think anything else could make it worse.

I pulled up at one of the clothing stores on the main market street in Stratford, and hopped out of the car, wiping my tears.

I shouldn’t cry, I have Justin, and even if he used to bully me and happens to be a criminal, I still love him beyond compare.

And Zach and Flynn. My sons.

I took a deep breath before walking into the store that triggered a bell. The shop had a few people in it, which was good to know.

I approached the front desk, where an old lady whose name-tag read ‘Matilda’ stood. Matilda had fine gray hair, with a pair of spectacles propped on her nose. She looked like a sweet lady.

‘Can I help you dear?’ she asked, as I smiled at her.

‘Yes, I was wondering if I could apply for a job here.’ I asked, twisting my fingers nervously.

‘Oh! Of course dear! Here, I’ll go get you a form.’ She said, rushing to one of the store rooms. She came back out minutes later with a blue pen and a sheet of paper in her hands.

‘Here you go.’

I looked down at the sheet and filled out what I needed to. I pressed my lips together and handed the sheet back to Matilda.

She took it with her boney fingers and gave it an once-over before pressing her lips together and placing it on the counter.

‘So you’ve had experience with being at a counter and putting away clothes?’ she asks, raising her eyebrows.

‘Yeah, I worked at a clothing store in high school.’ I said which was true.

She nodded and smiled at me.

‘You can start tomorrow.’ she said, as I nodded.

‘Thank you.’ I said, as she gave me a card.

‘On there are times you start and finish.’ She said, smiling before helping out a customer.


Justin’s POV


‘Alright, you guys go to your room.’ I said, flashing the boys a smile before they ran up stairs. I chuckled, shaking my head slightly, before walking upstairs to Jessica and I’s room. On the way up, my mom came out and smiled at me.

‘Hey sweetie.’ She said, kissing my cheek.

‘Hey mom, everything ok?’ I asked her, raising my eyebrows in concern.

‘Yeah, everything’s fine.’ She said, patting my shoulder before walking in the opposite direction to me.

I shrugged off the weird feeling, before walking into our bedroom. I shrugged off my jacket and it fell to the floor. I looked around the room before calling out Jessica’s name.

I raised my eyebrow in concern, looking into the bathroom as I took my gold chain off from around my neck.

Where is she?

Just then, the front door opened and closed. I walked downstairs cautiously, to see Jessica. I smiled at walked quickly towards her.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I placed my hands on her hips. I gave her a kiss, before she spoke.

‘Justin, I got a job.’ She said, patting my chest.

‘That’s great baby.’ I said, kissing her cheek.

She smiled before pecking my lips and walking upstairs towards Zach and Flynn’s room. Just then, I got a phone call. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the caller’s name.





Arden called?

Will Jessica’s doubts get the better of her?

When will Justin tell Jessica about Arden?

What will happen then?

Who killed chase?




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