21 questions *on hold for 2 months

Being the daughter of SCOTT BRAUN is hard and maybe depressing since you never see your father. But when her bring home one of his clients JUSTIN BIEBER teen heartthrob , you are disgusted but then you become friend. You find out his best friend your EX-boyfriend and then your love start another relationship with your EX. when one day when you have a sleep over at Justin house with all his friend you play 21 questions.



1. This is me

Hello my name is Hayden Braun, l am 17 years old. Now let me tell you about myself more.

I am the daughter of Scott Braun I only live with my father cause well ,my mother died when l was born , l have a boyfriend named Dylan and we have been dating for 11 months also had an ex-boyfriend named Ryan butler but it a long story what happened with him.. I have brown hair and light brown eyes , my dressing style was very nerdy when l was 14 but l change and now it’s very try-hard- hipster , I don’t wear full on hipster but I love shorts and anything with diamond(which girl doesn't) , l don’t like makeup but I wear it every day(Don’t ask me why). I have crazy party hard friends and l got to admit l am too.

L hardly see my father because he is off traveling finding new artist’s , l stay home usually alone but l have friends that always come and visit. My dream job is to be an actress or a model.


Relationship with Ryan butler

So me and ryan had a strong relationship ever since l was around 15-16 we loved each other but then one day something happened , l went to go see Ryan but l found him an this girl in his room s l assumed they were did something and then l ran off crying. on my way l met Alex and thing just started from their.

l knew i hurted Ryan but at this point i don't care since l loved Alex more then Ryan.


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