21 questions *on hold for 2 months

Being the daughter of SCOTT BRAUN is hard and maybe depressing since you never see your father. But when her bring home one of his clients JUSTIN BIEBER teen heartthrob , you are disgusted but then you become friend. You find out his best friend your EX-boyfriend and then your love start another relationship with your EX. when one day when you have a sleep over at Justin house with all his friend you play 21 questions.



3. ride to school


School blues

I woke up in the morning with Justin holding onto my waist tightly, l move slightly so l can go have a shower but that cause Justin to hold me tighter “good morning” he says in his raspy morning voice, l turn around so l face him “good morning, but l have school today” l say “okay then l will take you” he says getting up and walking to my bathroom, l guess to get ready.

I finished having a shower and that’s when l forgot to bring my clothes with me so l guess since Justin is a friend l might as well ask him “ Justin can you past me my bra and underwear , it’s in a white cupboard in my closet” l say “sure” he says. After 2 minutes Justin knocks on the door and then opens the door slightly so he can past my items to me “thank you” l say , all he do is smiles and wink’s what was that for? I look down to look at what he got me: black laced bra and black lace (sort of thongs) underwear, “da fuck” l whisper under my breath , l quickly put it on and my bathroom robe then walked out to my walk-in-wardrobe and closed the door. L chose something cute but hot black ripped skinny jeans, flowered bralet, black cardigan and gold studded flat with light makeup.

………school/Dropping at school…..

“thank you Justin” l said “it’s okay “Justin said, l was about to get out of his BMW when he stopped me “l need to tell you something” he said “sure tell me l have 10 mins till class starts” l said and then sat back in the car “patient is always good my friend….tell you later” he said “alright see you later at home” l said and hopped out of the car then made my way to homeroom with only 2 minutes  , l walked into the class and all eyes were on me as l walked to the back “ how is my hay today?” my best friend Mitch said “ don’t call me that!” l said grumpily walking over to sit next to him “ class it time to get your formal note , get it signed and bring in the money before next week” Miss Roberts said “but why miss, formal isn’t like….. until 6 months?” l said wondering “Because your formal is the last event ou will ever have and we want to make it the best” she said turning back to the class , “whatever” l mumbled and Mitch just chuckled.


“Dad we are home!” l said, my we I mean Justin and me, “he is gone to the studio to do some of my work” Justin said “of course he is” l mumbled “anyways go eat something cause we are going to a partyyy" she said "who's part?" l asked " a friends and apparently he goes to your school names is RYAN BUTLER" he said and l froze " RYAN BUTLER , l am not going " l said making my way to the kitchen " yes you are dads orders" he said "ugh fine" l said, l didn't bother arguing cause eventually i would have to tell him why l hate Ryan so much.

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