21 questions *on hold for 2 months

Being the daughter of SCOTT BRAUN is hard and maybe depressing since you never see your father. But when her bring home one of his clients JUSTIN BIEBER teen heartthrob , you are disgusted but then you become friend. You find out his best friend your EX-boyfriend and then your love start another relationship with your EX. when one day when you have a sleep over at Justin house with all his friend you play 21 questions.



5. metting chaz

The night was over and Justin, Ryan and I were the only ones left , we cleaned and then just started chatting about random thing well a guy barges in “yo Justin , Ryan and-“ “Hayden , Hayden Braun” I interrupt , he leans forward grabs my hand and kisses the top of it “The name is Chaz , Cha Somers” he says in a hushed tone “ dude stop serenading my girlfriend an get yourself one” Ryan says , he backs away and takes a sit next to Justin.

“Chaz , what you want?” Justin says in an irritated voice, what his problem? “nothing man just can to chill” chaz says “ alright wanna play a game?- “nope” l say before anyone can answer “come on babe it will be fun” ryan says while the looking at me, I look at Justin and Ryan facing us shaking the heads and smiling widely (freaks)”fine!”


“alright the rule is when the bottle lands on someone they have to choose who they want to go with” chaz explains, alright so the game were playing is called 7 minutes in heaven, never played it and don’t like the name of it “alright” we say all together, Ryan grabs my ear and whispers in my ear “I trust you please don’t do anything that you will regret” he say , I just nod and kiss him on the cheek.

Justin spins the bottle and it lands on Ryan and guess who he chooses ME! ,the boys take us to the nearest room which is Ryan’s since it is his house, before they close the door Justin gives me a frustrated look then locks the door (what was that), I guess we know what happens next you’re in a room with your boyfriend  you make out and that what we did .


We got home and surprisingly my dad wasn’t home yet I was sad but I was disappointed because I never get to see him. I try talking to Justin but he ignores me and walks upstairs, slams his door and now I am in the kitchen talking to Ryan about things. He says chaz is still over at his house and won’t go; chaz broke a vase and so on and so on. “hey Hayden I got to go before chaz totally ruins my house , I will pick you up in the morning alright” he says “ alright see you then” l say then before I hang  up, he whispers something but I can’t even hear it and then he hangs up.


alright so Justin bieber new song heartbreaker and many more song will be released on , not soon but on Sunday midnight. and i just wanna say that i am super psych about his new songs cause we have waited long enough but i am glad he is taking time to produced songs because that mean they will be better.

Beliebers on twitter are cray cray (aka) ME!!, my life so far has been to promote and i just wanna say beliebers please buy Justin's new song we wanna make it #1 on iTunes and guess what with all of us we can do it.



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