21 questions *on hold for 2 months

Being the daughter of SCOTT BRAUN is hard and maybe depressing since you never see your father. But when her bring home one of his clients JUSTIN BIEBER teen heartthrob , you are disgusted but then you become friend. You find out his best friend your EX-boyfriend and then your love start another relationship with your EX. when one day when you have a sleep over at Justin house with all his friend you play 21 questions.



2. friends

Today my dad is bringing one of his old client home hopefully it not BIEBER.*Beep , Beep* my phone went off which mean I got a text message , Dylan- ‘Babe l am sorry but we can’t be together.’ Wow did her just break up with me , l fell on the floor and cried my eyes out , l  thought he loved me , l thought you cared’ “ l freaking hate love so much!!” l screamed and then l heard  the door open and close.

“Honey what’s wrong “my dad said

“D-Dylan B-Broke up with m-m-e” l cried more than l lifted my head up “Daddy I loved him” l said running up to my dad and hugging him.

“Its okay , go upstairs and freshen up cause we going out for dinner” my dad said in his childish jokes that always made me laugh “alright is it fancy wear or causal” l ask in the happiest voice l can make. “both” he said and then l ran towards the stairs but crashed into someone “ watch where your going” said the one and only bieber “ nice to meet you to ,dog- face” l said sarcastically pushed past him and continued walking upstairs , l was about to opened my door when someone pulled me into the study room guess who BIEBER!!.

I try to squirm out of their grip but they hold me tighter “ hey their beautiful, the last time l checked you wore nun dresses and high knee socks” he said pushing me up again the study room wall “ And I see you haven’t changed a bit” l spat “changed look , changed behaviour l like that” he said walking closer to me trapping me against the wall with no escape “ what about me and you tonight” he whispers in my ear seductively “ how about l kicked your ass” l spat at him again “ feisty l like that” he whispers again “JUSTIN GET OFF ME” l whisper shout “ fine but it not over yet “ he said moving out of the way so l can leave but eh grabs my arm and kisses me on the cheeks and then leaves me standing their speechless.


Dad told me to wear something fancy but also causal so l decided to wear some denim high waist short , white tank top that says ‘love is wicked’ tucked in , a black cardigan and purple converses and shoulder bag and light makeup.

At the dinner table everything was awkward until dad broke the silence “ l have news Hayden” dad said “Justin is moving in with us “ my dad said , l looked at my dad  and then Justin they both were waiting for my response but l didn’t say anything l just walked out of the restaurant pissed and then into the dark trying to find a taxi before the paparazzi find me and start asking questions. L finally found a taxi and then told them to take me home. When l go home l ran in to my bedroom and started crying my eyes out and thought about everything that happened today ‘ first Dylan broke up with me after a 11 month relationship , l meet Justin after three years he tries to take advantage of me and now Justin is moving in l can’t this l am only 15 years old.

L get cut off ym thinking when Justin comes into my room and locks the door “Justin what are you doing here” l say angrily “ l just want to talk” he says quietly and walk to my bed “ go ahead”  l said.” Hayden l know you hate me but I don’t get why , what did l ever do to you? , don’t worry about that Dylan guy he is a douche – “ l cut him off “how do you know about Dylan” l ask curiously “ you dad , now let me finish , can we at least be friends” he ask like his life depends on it “ l have no reason on hating but fine we can be friends bu-“ l got cut “thank you” Justin says he runs and gives me a hug then jump’s into the bed next to me “ what are you doing “ l ask suspicious “ well since were friends we can have sleepover and since we are l don’t want to get out l decided we should sleep together” he says taking off his shirt was about to take off his pant but l stop him “ fine but don’t try anything” l say lying back down “ if l can control my hormones than yes but if l cant than no” he says shirting closer to me “ Justin don push your luck” l say “fine , goodnight baby girl” Justin says kissing my forehead “ goodnight Justin” l say and we drift off to a deep sleep.


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