It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


2. Who are you?

Just one more hour, and our plane will land onto the ground. I didn't sleep for 8 hours straight, this is 9 hours flight France Cayenne to London. Ciara and Zayn are peacefully sleeping.

something or someone is bothering me, That's whyI cant sleep. I pressed a button and A flight attendant approach me "do you need something mA'am?" Ask the flight attendant "I would like some wine, please." I said and she nods and walk away.  I look out the window And all I see is dark black but when you look a little bit down you'll see lights. 


so many hearts beating around me, I can hear them, I can hear their hear beats. An I can smell their bloods flowing to their veins. the attendant came back with a glass of wine. "here you are" said the attendant smiling and I thank her.

the smell of their blood is attracting me and the smell got stronger. Then I realize that I hadn't fed myself. but a glass of wine will take a away the craving for an hours.

"don't worry we will buy to the nearest hospital." said Zayn and peek to his right eye. "how long you awake?" I ask flatly and sip my wine. " I can feel your hunger, We are connected. I feel what you feel. " Zayn said and smirks. "oh that's why I always feel like wanting to check my self out on the mirror." I said and we chuckled. 

"probably" said Zayn and we laugh silently. 

"can you guys like please shut the freaking up? " said Ciara at the back. "Sorry Agent Wolfie." I said and we laugh silently 

50 minutes later Zayn is sleepng again and theres still me, wide awake fully awake. We are now in UK but still in the air flying. 

10 more minutes, 5 , 4 minutes, Im counting you know, bacause Im bored. 

3,..2,..1 minute "wake up babe." I said shaking Zayn to wake up. He open his eyes showing his hazel eyes and sits up straight. 

I look at the back and saw Ciara already awake, maybe because of the intercom. She straigten her dress skirt and smiles at me. 

30 minutes later. 

We already have our luggage now we are waiting for Rose to pick us up. 

Rose Hayes by the way Ciara's sister triplet sister. 

"There she is with my baby," said Ciara and pointed to a black Hummer car. "What a nice baby you got there." I said and laugh. But really its nice snd we are talking about the car. 

The car parked infront of us and we open the door and we get in. 

"Welcome back." Said Rose but not noticing me. She looked at the rear view mirror and saw me. "Ciara who is she? With Zayn? " Rose whispers to Ciara and Ciara just chuckled "Abi, Abigael Czarina Edwards, but change her last name to Malik." Whispered back I looked at Zayn we just shrugged thou. "What? She's Abi? Blonde hair not ginger ? Malik? O my gad are they married." Rose Whispered back "yes we are." I said happily and Rose shock that I heard them "I forgot, she can hear you." Said Ciara and chuckled. "Im soryy Abi I didn't recognize you. You changed so much, paler skin and blonde hair. " said Rose and apologize for not recognizing me. "It's okay, I know that it's hard to recognize me now. " I said and she apologize more. "No really it's okay." I said and she just nodded. "Im can you stop to a hospital?" Ask Zayn. "Sure Malik." Said Rose and speed up the car. 


We stopped at a Hospital , we said that the clinics in Holmes Chapel needs some and they are running out. And that reason is not suspicious right? Note the sarcsam, and we bought atleast 20 bags of human bloods and A type one. 

"Next stop, Holmes Chapel." Said Zayn and Rose nods and we drove away from the hospital .

after 3 hours of Rose driving non stop. Im proud of her. 

"Welcome to Holmes Chapel Mrs.Malik and Mr Malik" Ciara and Rose said in unison. I look out the window.


"it's good to be back. " I whispered and it's still the same, the way We left the Country and the way I last saw it. It's still the same. "Rose do you have, connections to the boys? " I ask as I look out the dark but you can still see because of the lights outside. I looked on my wrist watch and it says 3:30 am. 

"Which boys? The wanted? Or One direction?" She ask as she looks on the rear view mirror. "Both" I said and Zayn look at me and hold my waist pulling me closer to him. "Yes I do, the Wanted still lives where they were. And One Direction, they are still not giving up on their career, but without Zayn it's not good enough. Their Fans is going crazy because of Zayn they even broke to the gate of the 1D's Mansion. They found where they live. So the boys did was they change house but not together anymore. " said Rose as she explains it the rain pour down. 


"How about the girls and Abbie?" I ask flatly Zayn kissed my cheeks, if he does this kissing my cheek in random times and looking at me like melting me, means he wants to cuddle or wants something. "What ?" I whisper to Zayn softly and sweetly"nothing I just want to kiss you, you look beautiful." Said Zayn and he gestures me to put my legs on his lap and I did and he hug me. "Well Grace,Brianna,Janae, Ashley are still with their boyfriends going stronger. Abbie is going to Marry Josh in 4 months. And she wants you to be her Maid of Honor. But I think now, You are Matron of Honor because you are already Married. They were like crying when you left. Monika, Miranda and Abbi is worst tho, they don't sleep for 1 week straight, all they do was stared at the wall. They don't eat,talk or do anything. They lost pounds and their body is so thin now. Every night and everyday you will hear them cry, they even torture Tanya that day when she stabbed you, they got plants that Vampires don't like or that is poisonous for vampires and made it like lotion and spread it to her skin. They even shower her a holy water and after that stabbed her with the stake." Said Rose my face is no expression. None at all but i feel bad for them, we left without them knowing. "Abbie can't sleep till now, she have dark circles under her eyes. But her body os back to normal. But she still cries when she go to bed and same to Monika. They are in fragile state for 4 months, they sleep late. But they can smile now." She added. Now I feel more worst. "Abbie still lives where she was, and still protects the boys." Said Rose. "Here you are the Boys Mansion. It's Abbie is just there she don't go out." Rose said and here we are infront of the boys mansion. We got out and get our luggage at the back. "If you guys want something just howl." Said Rose "uh- She can't howl." Said Ciara awkwardly "oh" said Rose and confuse "she's not wolf anymore." Said Ciara and Rose just nodded. "Just send us thougths." Rose said and we nods and they drove away. 

We unlocked the gate and walk about hundred meters till we reached the door. We open the door and I see a the grand staircase. I can see through dark. We walk in the living room and I heard soft sobs. "Who are you?" 



sorry for not updating yesterday. So who do you think it is or she or he is? 

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