It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


9. Welcome back !

"Good morning" Said a voice infront of me. I look up and kiss his cheeks and he smiles at me "Im sorry about last night, it's just my thoughts going crazy." Said Zayn and hold out a rose, I gasps and a smile forming to my lips. "Thank you, that's okay. I still love my autre moitié." I said and he hugs me tight that I can't breath. "I love you babe, I don't know what will I do If I lose you." Zayn said and I hug him tight "me too." I said still the smile on my face. "I have a surprise for you." Zayn said grinning and let go of me. "And what is it?" I ask him arching my eyebrow at him and he grins "close your eyes no peeking." He said and cover my eyes with his hand. "First I need my sunglass, today is good weather, sunny and too strong." I said and he put on my sunglass and cover my eyes. "Trust me babe" Zayn said but to me it's sounds like a question. "Okay" i said and smile. 


"We are here in the living room, 1..2..3!" Zayn counted and I open my eyes and there's The Wanted,One Direction and the girls "Welcome back!" They cheer and shout unison with papers flying around. I gasp and the girls run to me and hug me. "We missed you Abi" said Grace and I hug them, "oh don't cry. Im here now." I said stroking her back. They let go of me and I saw Monika walking in "it's Barbecue Time!" Monika screams at the top of her lungs and we cheer. We walk to our back yard, and the girls walk separate ways. "My clothes looks good on you, welcome back." Harry said in his deep voice and I elbowed him playfully "Im married so stop. You have a girlfriend. Mind her she is lovely." I said to him and we chuckle "what!? " yelled Harry and the boys and girls looked at us even Zayn. But Zayn walk towards us and look at me in the eye. He nods and we smile at Harry. "By the way, guys. I have announcement" Zayn yelled and the boys and girls fell into silence. 

"We are Married." I said showing them my ring some of them gasp, and some of them cheers. Except Nathan and Liz. "Congrats." Said Liam hugging me and Harry looks at me shock "congratulations" said Harry "sorry Im just shock." Said Harry and shake his head and and fix his hair like what he does everytime.  

"Abi, Im happy to see you again." Nathan said walking towards us. "Thank you." Said Zayn and kiss me on my right cheek. "Babe Im just going to check John." I said excusing my self but Nathan hold my arm stopping me Zayn is ready to attack but I gesture him it's okay. "Who's John?" He asks "It's Nobody you know." I said and remove his hand off me and jump where John's balcony and knock. He opens the door wearing a scarf around his neck hiding the two dots on his neck. "Get in." I said seriously and lock the glass door and shut the curtains. "Are going to feed? Here." He said removing the scarf around his neck. And my fangs came out and sank my fangs to his neck and feed. 


"Let's go now." I said "hold tight." I said and we jumped the balcony. They saw us confused plastered on their faces "it's my cousin." I said and John nods "a human?" Ask Liz I nodded and she leer "bitch" she whispered that he thinks that I can't hear her. Louis elbowed her lightly to warn her but she just leer. "By the way, I can hear you even your 500 meters away from me." I said and Liz widen her eyes. I smirk o her and she put down her juice "go eat." I said to John and he nods following my order to him.  "Hey, you okay?" Zayn asks I nod and he holds my hips firmly "why don't we help Monika cook?" I said gesturing to Monika "Max and Tom is helping her." Said Zayn and I nodded. We approach Liam,Janae,Niall and Ashley to have some talk and things like that.

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