It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


1. September 29 , 2023

Im Abigael Czarina Malik, yes Malik. we are already married and Im a 28 years old in human years and 10 years of being a vampire. I still look 18 thou. we are now packing our bags we are going back to Holmes Chapel, I know that we upset them that we just ran without saying goodbye but I didn't remember much when I got stabbed. and I know that they are waiting for us to call them, but we never did. I don't know why we didn't call them only Ciara know where we are. we Zayn is finished packing his bags and help me "that's why I hate being a lady. I always have to bring these things." I said in my British accent. my accent is still here, sometimes I use french accent. "don't worry love. Just call Ciara, she is waiting outside the porch" he said but I look down the window "but nobody is there." I said and I heard a door bell rang. "see." he said and smirk. I just shook my head and walk downstairs.  I open the front door and there's Ciara standing there. She greeted me with a hug and I invited her in.

"do you want some coffee or tea?" I ask Ciara as she sits on our fancy sofa. "tea would be perfect, but coffee? nope it will make me stay up all night." she said and smirk and put her feet on to the coffee table. "yeah, so make your self at home, as always." I said In my british accent and playfully. "as always Ma'am" she said and we chuckled. 


I walk to the kitchen, I reached the kitchen and boil some water and ready the tea bags.

Ciara and I got more closer than ever, but I miss Monika, Miranda, the wanted boys, the One direction boys and the girls too. 


"would you like some biscuits or cookies?" I yelled in the kitchen asking Ciara "IM ON DIET" she yelled back and I just shook my head. "You are already sexy and fit, why would you want to diet?" I ask yelled. "I need to stay fit and flexible and something like that, because Im a agent. you know 'spy' " she yelled exaggerating the spy.

"okay, well how's Peter?" I ask and the pot starts to boil and and I turn off the fire and pour the hot water in the teapot. I put the tray on the counter and place the teapot and the two cups I dip the tea bag in the teapot and walk inside the living room.

"well I find out he is just using me by my money and my popularity in our headquarters, so I killed him. in his dreams" she said and smirks devilish. "what a naughty girl, I didn't know that werewolves can haunt humans in dreams." I said confused and place the tray on to the coffee table she puts down her feet and sat up straight. "black magic is always on my side dear." she said in a deep british accent. 

"by the way, sorry for our house it's kinda dark in here." I said and I clap my hands and the curtains immediately opened automatically. the sun light beams through the big glass windows. I wear my sunglass Im not getting used to the sun lights and strong lights, but soon I will. "thatIs okay I understand you vampires. it 's okay if you want it shut and just the dim lights are open." she said and sip her tea. "that's okay, Im getting used to it. don't mind me. Im just 10 years old being a vampire, 28 years old In human years and looks like 18" I said and sip my tea. "how's your sisters? " I ask as I sit properly. "they good, fine. always looks like me." she said "I noticed you are wearing a dress." I said I as look back and forth to her face and to the dress. "oh yeah, and I sat like a tomboy earlier, im sorry. and I need to wear my dress though, Im on my mission really. but I want to go with you two in the UK so I got a new mission that is in the UK." she said and I heard heavy foot steps walking down the grand stair case.

"Babe, we are going now." Zayn called out then I can see him now and stops mid way of the grand stairs. the grand stairs case is just 50 meters away from the living room.

"are you coming with us?" I ask Ciara putting down my tea. "as I said earlier, I want. and yes" she said and grins and put down her cup. "Marzi bring these to the kitchen" I yelled to Marzi our maid. and she walk to us and bring the tray with her. I thank her and Ciara stood ups. 

"oh I like your dress, it's classy."  I said pointing to her red Lindy bog 'grace' classy 1950's dress that stops at above her knees. "oh why thank you, I like your dress too." she said and we chuckles.


"Im gonna miss this house." I said glancing for the last time on our house as the guards put our luggage in our car. "it's not a house Abi, It's a freaking Mansion. " Ciara exclaimed as I look out the window. Zayn is going to drive our car while Ciara is driving by her own. "What ever it's still a house," I said and we close our car windows and the car start moving.  



hey sweeties and cupcakes :) here's the sequel. hope you like it and here's the link to the clothes that they are wearing. Ciara- 


and here the house 

the grand stair case 


that'S all for this chapter I'll update soon :)

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