It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


5. Monika !

"Hi" I said to the boy sitting on the bench all by himself, "hello." He replied back and I sat beside him. He is around  18 to 20 "why are all by your self out here? It's getting dark." I said and look at him. He is looking down at his feet and I can say that he is upset and broken, the smell of his blood got stronger. "Just, My girlfriend broke up with me." He said and laugh a little like it was a joke. "Don't worry there's so many girls out there." I said softly almost sweetly. "By the way my name is Abi." I said not facing to him "John, John Smith." He said and I can see he looked up to see my face. "Are you new here? I never see you around here." He said I look at him and he look like Liam Payne but he has a curly hair. "I just came back from France, you look like Liam Payne." I said and I saw his eyes are blue. "Yeah many people said that. " he said and smile "why are you here by the way? It's dangerous for you to go out all by yourself and it's getting dark. You said." He said looking at me. "I was just bored and I saw you alone and look sad and upset. So Mind if I join you?" I lied but really his blood attract me, fresh, pure and warm. "You already joined, would you like to go to my place and have some tea ?" He invites me smiling but still you can see sadness in his eyes. "I would love too." I said smiling "Im sorry Im just wearing a Pyjama." I said and he nods "that's alright, sometimes I go out with my pyjamas on." He said and he stand up. "Let me lead you." He said and offer his hand to me to hold. I hold his hand and help me to stand . "Very gentleman of you." I said smiling. We walk about 30 minutes and we reached his flat. He lives in a complex and his flat is nice,clean,neath and unexpected for a boy. "Sorry if it's kinda messy." He said "no it's not, actually it's unexpected for a boy like you too have this kind of room, complex, or flat. My husba- I mean my friend is so messy." I lied 


We talk for an hour and drinking some tea. "Thank you for having me here." I said standing up "are you going home now?" He ask surprised "yes, I have to." I said it looking into his eyes trying to compelling him. "Here use my coat, it my cold out side." He said and handed me his coat. The center of my eye got big and said "go home with me." I said clearly and slowly. "Im going with you." He said compelled and follows me I smirk as he holds my waist, but nothing the way Zayn held me. But this boy is just my meal. Im not going to drink his blood till he die. Im going to feed my self, and he will stay alive but In our house. 

"What if Zayn ask me?" My thought said 'Im going to say he is my cousin from Ireland .' I said using my thoughts to my thoughts. 


I carry John like he weight nothing and run using vampire speed no one is outside it's safe to use my power. 


Now Im here at our balcony Of our bedroom the lights are on, "Abi is that you?" Zayn yelled and  "Go smoke" I order to John and he take out his cigarette and smoke. Zayn opened the sliding glass doors and his eyes wide, his eyes turning to red and his fangs coming out. "Stop." I snap "NO" He growls and ready to attack John, but john is just standing there like he is not in danger. "It's not what you think Zayn." I snap flatly and Monika came out of no where "Monika !" I whispered her eyes are watery, he holds Zayn's shoulder and Zayn's face soften a bit. What? 

"Who is he?" He ask mad, I changed my mind. "Nobody." I said flatly and turn around. "Don't turn your back at me when Im talking to you." Said Zayn flatly but his voice cracking and deep. 

"I said it's not what you think it is. We are Married, Im not going to cheat to you with a Human." I  louder and fastly. "Then who is he?" He growls Im confused why is he like this, he soften a bit when Monika touched him " I SAID NOBODY!" I yelled my eyes turning Red and my canine tooth turning to fangs. "Stop!" Yelled Monika but I didn't mind her Im focus to Zayn, to my husband. 

My werewolf attitude didn't change tho, I still get mad easily.

"Im her cousin from Ireland." A male voice said from my back I look at John, and he throws his cigarette. Wow! I never thought he would say that. "Is that true?" Ask Zayn turning to me. "Why would he say that if it is not true? You don't trust me don't you?" I spat at Zayn "no I trust you." Said Zayn soften his voice. Monika is still on his back watching us. I look at her, she have scars and bruises. "Good, just leave me alone for an hour, Im going to cook some foods for us. Come with me." I said to John and he nods. Zayn move aside and I look at Monika "we will talk later." I said to her and walk out our room. 


I don't know why I did that, what is that? She just hold her why am I jealous? 

Because he react when she hold him! Said my thoughts 'No, she still my bestfriend tho' i said to my thoughts. 

I need to feed my 'cousin' so he can get blood when I drink his blood. But I will not tell to Zayn, he doesn't want drinking fresh bloods, but Im sick of those bloods that we always bought. 



"Here John eat this." I said Smiling to him, he is sitting beside my on left side while Zayn sat in the middle and Monika sat on the right side of the table so we are face to face. "He looks like he is so special huh." Said Zayn eyeing him "is he a toddler ? He can't feed him self and don't know what to eat?" Added Zayn "Zayn stop, he is my 'cousin'. Im just happy that he is here." I said and turn to Monika and look at John and smile at him. "Im here, hello your Husband. Why can't you treat me like that?" He said frowning. "Oh don't be sad Zayn." Said Monika. "And when by the way?" She added "2 years ago." I said. 

"Congrats." Said Monika smiling at us. "Thank you." Zayn and I said in unison.  


We finished our food and told Zayn that my 'Cousin' will stay here for a month.

He didn't disagree thou, Monika will sleep here for tonight. It's 10 pm now and Im going to shower, I strip down and open the shower curtain and turn on the shower. 

I let the hot water touched my skin, i heard someone open the door. "Don't you dare." I said deeply , "why am I not allowed to go in here?" Said Zayn sarcastically. "I thought you're someone." I said and rub the shampoo onto my hair. 


"Can I join you?" He ask I can see him striping down "nope." I said popping the p .

"please." He said and I cn feel him doing puppy dog eyes. "Is this the way you say sorry? Or you just want to see me naked?" I ask 

"both?" He said it but in a question tone. "Go just, Im sorry this earlier too." I said and he open the curtain and jump in. I cover my self with my hands Im feeling insecure and shy. This is the first time we shower together. "Don't be insecure, you are perfect." Said Zayn softly and slow turning me on. He walks closer to me as my back facing him, "you can say what you want, but nobody's perfect." I whispered I feel his hands moving from back and moving to my stomach. "But you really are perfect." Zayn said sweetly and more slow, he kissed my neck just a peck and I bite my lips. "Stop, you're turning me on. And I hate it." I said uncovering my self. His right hand is on my arms rubbing it up and down. "And I love it. " he said huskily and kiss my neck once again. He use his right hand to move my head to face him and kiss my lips, while his left hand is on my stomach , pull my body closer to him I can feel his bad boy (you know what Im saying? This is 14+ ) growing. 

I kissed back and I put my right hand on his head while he pressed his body to mine. I face my whole body to him and we stopped kissing. Our forehead is touching while he cupped my face. "I love you" 





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