It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


3. Hi !

"Who are you?" Said a a female voice, her voice is cracking and she was sniffing silently. I open the lights and saw It was Abbie. "Abbie?" I shrieked seeing her infront of me. Her eyes got widen "Abi? What are you doing here? I thought you are got stabbed and dead, but really I never ever think that you'll be here again." Abbie stoods p and hug me. I huged her back "you are wearing the necklace that I gave to you. I can't smell your blood eh." She said and we chuckled "okay girls I'll just unpack these luggages, just go ahead and talk. I'll be right up stairs. And babe don't forget to feed, I don't want you to get dizzy again. " said Zayn smiling at us "yeah sure thing babe. You too. I love you. " i said and he blushed "I love you too." He said and kiss my forehead. "Okay not infront of me." Said Abbie covering her eyes. 

Zayn went usptairs and we sat in the sofa. 

"I heard that you'll be getting married in 3 months?" I said as I play with the necklace that Im wearing. This is the Heart of the Ocean necklace, remember that Titanic movie? The heart blue diamond stone necklace surrounded by the diamonds. This is Zayn's gift to me when we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. 

"Yes Iam, and Im thinking ifyou can be my Maid of honor?" Abbie ask as she holds my hand afriad to let it go. "No I can't, But Matron of Honor? Sure." I said showing my white and gold wedding ring. "Oh my gaaaadd, gurllll." She exclaimed in excitement and check out my ring. "When?" She ask and I said "2 years ago." And she smiles widely. 

"Are you pregnant now? Ohhh I want to be her or his god Mother. " she said in excitement smiling widely. 

"Actually, not. Im not pregnant, we didn't do it. We are not ready to do it and have a baby." I said frowning. "Oh don't be sad. Atleast you two are happy." She said and rub my back. I just smile and we talk random things.


after a 3 hours talking and telling stories she got home and now Im here up stairs in our room.

I strip down while Zayn reading a book. I wear my pair of violet silk pyjamas and comb my blonde hair. 

I walk to the bed and lay beside him and cover my self with the warmer, I look on the clock and it says 6:30 am in the morning. 

"What are you reading?" I ask Zayn as I look at the cover of the book. "Nothing." He said and put down the book to the side table. "You know that I heard you two right?" He said smirking "no" i said flatly. "I heard all of it, she wants to be a god mother of our child." He said smirking, i look at him not amaze but I stare at him like 'really? Seriously you need to eavesdrop on us.' "I didn't eavesdrop, it's a power." He said and move closer to me. "So , that's all what you heard?" I ask and he shook his head. "I heard that you told her about me getting scared of you, and your embarrassing moment when I saw you naked and singing our song rock me." He said and did his loopsided smile. I blush and look away, "don't blush, you are cute." He said softly and sweetly and hug my waist and pull me closer to him. 


We lay to our backs and i turn around to face him and we hug each other. He kissed my forehead saying "I love you babe, good night." I kiss his lips "i love you too" I said and we close our eyes. 



I open my eyes and look around, Zayn is not here beside me. I stood up and look for him around the house even outside the house. But there's no sign of Zayn , my heart start beating fast and I can smell blood from 500 meters away, I run and follow it where its coming from and I found someone. 





helloooooo heres the update sorry for not updating yesterday. Who do you think that 'someone' is? Is it a person or a Immortal like her? 

Later I'll update. Bye stay beautiful 

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