It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


8. Craving, Hunting !

"Well, Welcome to Vampire world." Said Josh showing his loopsided smile and shook my hands. "Shall we start hunting?" I said to the two. "Let's go." Said Abbie and we take off using our supernatural speed. 


"Always craving for blood, and I hate sharing my food." I said as I saw Josh sprinting off to the deer. He smirks at me "Race me." He challanged me and i just smirk and speed up. I was closer to the deer but "I got it" said Josh and sank his fangs to the deer's neck. "Damn it." I said holding to the tree. "There." I said and pointing to my left eyeing the two deers. "Let's go" said Josh and we run chasing it, I caught one and sank my fangs to it. Even tho I just fed on John, doesn't mean Im full. I can't control my craving, and my Hunger. 

I drank the deers blood and threw it away. "I remember the day when Im the one who's concerned to these animals. " I said as I clim the tree. "Not now." Said Abbie infront of me. "I know" i said and smirk. "Let's race?" I said challenging the two. "Sure, where?" Ask Josh and "to that waterfall" I said I can hear the waterfalls, the water rushing down and flowing. And it's 500 meters away from us. "You got a strong hearing don't you?" Said Abbie and smriks. "Sure thing, let's go. " i said and we speed off. 


"Me first." Said Josh and I stop and we just brofist "I,I want more. My hunger and craving doesn't stop. " I said as I inhale deeply "well let's go to hunting again, I guess you can't control your blood lust, don't ya?" Said Josh laughing deeply "I.. Never mind. I want blood in my throat. " I said and shot him a glare. "As you wish" they said and they speed off and we hunt. 



it's already 4 am and still Abi is not home. I can feel her pleasure right now, she is hunting for blood. And she cant control it, she need to learn how to control her hunger and blood lust. 

"Hey why are you still up?" A female voice said behind me as I look out the big glass window while sitting and sipping some blood tea. "She is not home, I can't sleep if she is not beside me." I said and put down my cup. "I wonder how she can have a cousin, and it's a human." She said her voice is sweet and lovely but they can poison you. "It's possible." I said not turning my head to her. "Maybe it is, maybe not. You better watch out, she can be a monster that you'll never know or met." She said and her voice fade. I turn around and she's gone, I know her and but Abi don't know about her. 

I heard the front door open and close. "Im home" said a female voice and hold my shoulders. I hold her hands and pull her infront of me, harshly not gently. "What's wrong?" Ask Abi as she shook of my hands of her. "What were you doing out ?" I ask her looking into her eyes not blinking my eyes. "Hunting." She said "for what? Human blood?" I spat and stood up. "No!" She spat and run out the living room. "If you are going to look for me Im just in Harry's room. When they were here." She said calmly and run upstairs and slam the door. 

I flopped down on the sofa exhausted, my mind is spinning and Im confused.


I walk in the kitchen and open up a bag of blood and drink it. I walk up stairs and sneek to John's room and he's sleeping and snorring loudly. I closed the door and walkto our room. 

I sat there on our king size bed for hours, then finally i decided to call Ciara and Rose. 

-Hey you awake?

~probably becauseyou called.  What doyou want?. 

-you know where Harry, Liam , Niall and Louis lives?

~yeah, yeah. I'll text their address. 

-Thank you. 

I said and hung up.

I sigh and lay on my back thinking about Abi. She is the love of my life, and I don't want her to be a monster because of me, because I turnedher to be like me. I closed my eyesdoing some flash backs of our happy, sad moments. And I felt one tear rolls and I fall asleep. 



I woke up my head is pounding my eyes are puffy and burning from the strong light, Did I cry last night? I feel my eyes are big becauseof its puffiness. I stood up and walk to the mirror and I see my reflection, my reflection staring back at me. Her Hazel eyes is wide and big and you can see that she is afraid of something, her make up is all over his face, her clothes are disaster, dried blood on her hands and side of her lips. But her hair, her hair is not blonde. Its, its Red hair, ginger like mine before. "Say hi to the old me." Said my thoughts to me, I touched the mirror, I felt waves. Waves that she is afraid of losing someone, someone is important to her. She can't let the history repeats. Waves that she is brave enough to fight , to kill and to love forever. 

I put my hands back beside me and my reflection fade away. "He does love you, but don't let him think that he is the reason why you are turning into a monster." Said a Female voice. "Who are you?" I ask looking around. "Stop looking around, Im not in there. And Im nobody you know. He cares about you, don't let tricks and games take over you. Someone is after him, you'll find it on his skin." Said the female voice and fade away. I turn to my back but all I see is a mirror, the reflection of me, but the old me, the innocent caring old me. "I need him." I whispered to my self and find some fresh new clothes for me to wear. Luckily that theres Harry's old clothes here. I walk to the bathroom that in this room and wash my face and my body. Then wear the clothes.

"good morning"



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