It's been a decade since we flew to France , just me and Zayn flew here in Franceand only Ciara knows where we are. We've met lots of vampires and other immortals here, they never suspect a thing about us. They didn't even smell our blood because of the necklace we are wearing. Now we are going to fly back to Holmes Chapel and see what we already missed. (Sequel to Vampires vs Werewolves)


7. Compelled

I saw John he was freaked out of what he heard, I think my power doesn't work now. Im standing here at Monika's back looking at John. 

I stare at his blue eyes and sending him thoughts,

'forget what you heard and the whole events today.' I repeat it inside his head and his face expression relaxed. I can feel Monika's confusion, "Compelled" I said flatly and walk out her room. "We are not done talking Abi" yelled Monika "okay." i said and drag John and we walk to his room. I dunno where's Zayn tho, by the way we did it, (sorry if I didn't wrote about their shower making love thing. Because it's kinda 14+, because you know there's maybe 13 years old readers here so, sorry). We did have sex. 


I lead John where is his room, just beside our room it's Liam's room before but now just his room for a while. "So here's your room, make your self at home. And one more thing." I said and walk to wards him, our body barely touch. His face is on my right side he is taller than me tho. I held the back of his head and slowly lean his head. "Go on." He said and I smirk, I move his head to side stretching his neck a little bit. My eyes turn red and my veins in my neck coming out and my canine teeth turning to fangs. I open my mouth  widely and fast lean in and dig my fangs on his neck veins to drink his blood. 

I heard him gasp and I use my free hand and put it on his back pulling him closer to me. I stroke his hair as the warm fresh blood flow in my throat and silently growl at his neck and let him go. 

I wipe my mouth and he stood there holding his neck. "Thank you, tomorrow wear scarf or something to cover your neck. Good night and sweet dreams 'Cousin' " i said flatly and explaining to him and he nods and I walk out the room. 

I found Zayn standing outside our bedroom door. "Wht are you doing in there?" He ask, dark circles building up under his eyes. "Did you drink your blood? " i ask him changimg the topic. "Not yet." He said. I walk towards and and hold his left arm "go drink some, you don't look well." I said staring into his eyes. "Yeah, you looking good... And strong." He said looking at me cheekily. "Let's go and get you some blood." I said and we walk down stairs."when are we going to see the boys?" I ask him as he hold firmly on my hips. "Maybe tomorrow, do you want to surprise them?" He ask as he looks at me "yeah I love surprising people." I said and wink at him. He chuckled and just grin. 


"Would you like some wine?" He ask me as he open the fridge. "Yeah a glass of wine will do." I said and sit on the chair. "Are you going to sleep tonight or stay up all night?" He ask and put the glass infront of me and sat beside me. "Stay up all night, I want to stroll around the place." I said and smirk. "Wear black , and we will You and me." He said and wink I smile at him. And i heard footsteps "can I join?" Monika said standing and resting her back on the frame door. "Yeah sure. We will hunt some squirrels , rabbits , deer and Wolves. You want?" I ask her smirking but sarcastically "I think you forget where you came from don't you? You only got pale nearly white, you only got redder lips nearly blood red lips, you only got blonde hair nearly white blonde, and you just got a forever young and forever life. You Forgot. Where. You. From." She said looking into my hazel eyes. "Atleast I can do what I want and stay young. Not jumping around get my clothes off me after I turned to wolf and get killed by just a shinny metal spoon or jewelries like this." I said and show her off my silver heart necklace. "You can't hurt me with that if that's not blessed with a holy water." She spat "hey you girls need to cool off. What happened toyou two? You two are bestfriends, what Happened around here huh?" Zayn said stopping us. 

"I lost my 'mood' drinking this wine. I would really prefer drinking and hunting some 'wild Animals' that is eating some 'Human flesh' too." I said and slam the chair, but the chair got broke and I walk out the room. 


I wear my jeans and top and a pair of shoes, and Im ready to hunt. I jump from our balcony and down to the grass ground and run to the gate and jump over it. 


I knock on Abbie's front door. "Who is it?" Male voice shout "Abigael Czarina Malik" i yelled back and Josh opened the door with Abbie behind him. "Welcome get inside." Said Josh smiling at me warmly. "What's up darling?" Abbie ask me while they lead me to their living room. I kinda like it, it's dark and calm. "Would you two mind joining me to hunt?" I ask them two as we sat onthe sofa. "Why are you hunting by the way?" Ask Josh and sip his water. 

"Abbie didn't told you what kind of monster I am?" I ask Josh and he shook his head. "Nope, I think she forgot." Josh said and look at Abbie "sorry, It slipped my mind " said Abbie "Im a Vampire."




Im sorry I gotta need to end this chapter here. I'll update soon. I totally forgot about mu other books for this book. So don't forget to like,comment and favorite. 

You know that feeling when you just got irritate when you hear weird sounds? Sometimes I do. 


Love lots Abbie Xx

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