Missing puzzle piece.

Ashleigh is a regular 18 year old girl, also a directioner. On the night of a 1D concert, Ashleigh gets to go backstage and meet the boys personally. She gets really close with the boys, when she wants the boys to meet her mum, she finds out a big secret. A missing puzzle piece to her life. he's your brother


4. What the hell?!

Ashleigh's P.O.V

My head was hurting really bad. My stomach turning. I just wanted to die. I fluttered my eyes open and I was in a room. A beautiful room. I was in a big bed with a white duvet. I moved my legs apart to see how big this beautiful comfy bed was. I moved my leg when I hit something. I moved my leg away fast. I turned around and saw Louis in the same bed as me. I quickly moved away but his eyes flung open. His beautiful blue eyes shining.

"Good morning." He said. I smiled and felt my body. I didn't feel any clothes on me, except some underwear and a bra.

"Um.." I said, moving the blankets away from my body.

"Oh yeah, last night you took off all your clothes on the driveway and I just brought you into bed.." Louis explained. I smiled and rubbed my head.

"Im sorry." I said, he laughed.

"Its okay, you were so funny last night." He said. I smiled. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me close to his body.

"You're so warm." I said, he smiled.

Taliah's P.O.V

I woke up on the cold ground. Someone had their arm around me. I looked to my right and saw Harry. My head hurts so bad. I moved away and tried to wake him, but he wouldn't. I didn't know what to do. I decided to call the only person I knew wouldn't be hung over. Liam.

"Hello?" He asked, I looked at Harry.

"Harry wont wake up, I've tried shaking him but he wont open his eyes, what do I do?" I asked worried.

"Just keep shaking him, I've gotta go! I'll call you back later." Liam said.

"Wait Li-" He hung up. I put my phone on the ground next to me and turned back to Harry and started to shake him.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of trying to wake him up, I felt someone grab my arm. I turned around and saw 3 big guys. I tried to scream but the other one covered my mouth with his dirty hand. They pushed me up against the wall

Authors note:

Short chapter, sorry. I'll make a bigger one tonight :* I promise. xxxxxx

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