Missing puzzle piece.

Ashleigh is a regular 18 year old girl, also a directioner. On the night of a 1D concert, Ashleigh gets to go backstage and meet the boys personally. She gets really close with the boys, when she wants the boys to meet her mum, she finds out a big secret. A missing puzzle piece to her life. he's your brother


8. I'm going to come and see you.

Harry's P.O.V

Personally I think that it's a bad idea that Ashleigh doesn't tell dad about her coming to see him. She really wanted to meet him, but I didn't want her too. I just didn't want to tell her. It was getting dark and we were playing on the street. Niall went to the shops with Liam and brought some sparklers. We started playing on the roads with them and writing our names with it. I did a heart to Taliah and she did one back. I smiled and she smiled back. She tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. I looked around and Ashleigh was on Louis's back and they were running around the garden, laughing and smiling. I looked around even more and saw Niall, skyla and Liam roasting marshmallows by the fire pit. I looked around for Zayn and I saw him sitting on the swings. I walked over to Taliah and gave her my sparkler. 

"I'll be right back." I said in her ear. She smiled and nodded. I walked over to Zayn and sat on the swing next to him. He looked at me and I smiled he smiled back. "You alright mate?" 

"Just miss her, that's all." He said. He looked at his phone and it was a picture of him and Perrie. I put my hand on his back. 

"You'll see her soon." I said. He nodded. He looked back up and sniffed, he had tears in his eyes. 

"I just, I want to cuddle her, kiss her.." he wiped his cheek "see her.." he said. I looked around, Taliah was dancing with the sparklers, It made me smile. I looked back at Zayn and rubbed his back. 

"Zayn, you're marrying her. You're going to be spending every day of the rest of your life with her. You're going to have a family with her, raise a few kids. Imagine how great that would be!" I said. He smiled at the ground and he looked at me.

"That would be pretty awesome." He said. I nodded and smiled.

"ZAYN! COME ROAST SOME MARSHY'S WITH ME!" Niall shouted. Zayn jumped off the swing and started walking over to them. He stopped and turned around.

"Harry?" He asked, I looked up at him.

"Yeah Zayn?" I asked. He smiled. 

"Thank You." He replied. I nodded and smiled. He sat down with Niall and Liam and picked up a Marshmallow. A pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders. 

"Is he okay?" I looked next to me and Taliah's face was there. I smiled. 

"He is now." I said. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. 

"You're a good boy." She said. 

"Hey Harry, can I talk to you?" Ashleigh asked, as she walked over to us. 

"Sure." I said. I got off the swing and walked with Ashleigh down the street. 

"So.. what did you want to talk about?" I asked, she looked nervous to ask.

"What's dad like?" She asked. I looked down at her she was looking at the ground. 

"He's great. He's very.. um.. poetic, you know? he writes stories." I explained, she looked up at me.

"Do you think he will like me?" She asked. I stopped. 

"He would be crazy not to like you. You're his daughter." I said. 

"But, they split up because of me.." I stopped her. 

"It wasn't your fault they had twins, Ash." I said. She went silent. I hugged her. 

"We should go back." She said. I agreed and we started walking back. 

Louis's P.O.V

"Hey Taliah! Where's Ash and Haz?" I asked. She looked over at me and bit some of her marshmallow

"They went for a walk, they should be back soon." She said. I looked up and saw them walking down the road.

"They're back now." I said. Taliah stood up and ran to Harry and hugged him. I walked over to Ashleigh and gave her a piggy back. We ran back to the house and I took Ashleigh inside with me and threw her on the couch. She started giggling. I fell on top of her and we started laughing. Her hands grabbed the side of my head and pulled me closer. The gap between us was nearly close.

"WOW! okay, sorry." Skyla walked through the door. I quickly jumped off Ashleigh and the others came running through the door.

"What happened?" Niall asked. Skyla started laughing. I looked at Ashleigh and she looked a bit upset. 

"I just walked in on them kissing." Skyla said. Ashleigh got off the couch. 

"We didn't even kiss!! Thanks to you!" Ashleigh said and ran off. Her mum came in and stood by the door, she didn't say anything. 

Ashleigh's P.O.V

 I sat on the window sill in my room, looking out the window. Looking at the stars and how they shimmer when the moon light hits them. It was a full moon tonight and it was beautiful. I heard a buzzing coming from my bed. I got off the window sill and walked over to it. It was Harry's phone. It was a text from his dad, well.. our dad. I opened it. 

"Hi Harry, I miss you, when do I get to see you again?"  I really wanted to call him and talk to him. I walked out onto the balcony and shut the doors. I sat on the chair that was out there. I put my feet up and my knees were by my chest. I went onto Harry's contacts and went to dad. It started ringing. 

"Harry?" He asked. I froze. I was so scared. "Harry?" He asked once again. 

"No, this isn't Harry." I finally spoke out. 

"Who is this? Why do you have my sons phone?" He asked, sounding a bit more aggressive. 

"It's Ashleigh." I said. 

"Ashleigh?" He asked, I dont think he knew who I was.

"Your daughter." I said.. I felt tears form in my eyes. "Please dont hang up."

"Ash? Is that really you?" He asked. I licked my lips. Just hearing his voice, made me break. 

"Yeah dad." I said. 

"Wow. You sound like your mother." He said. I smiled and looked up at the sky.

"I miss you dad." I said. Tears were running down my cheeks. 

"I miss you to sweetie." He replied. 

"I'm going to come and see you." I said. 

"You are?" He asked. 

"yes." I replied. 

"Well i look forward to seeing you." He said. I smiled. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I cried into my hands. I went back inside and grabbed a bag. I threw my clothes in and grabbed my phone. I wrote a letter to the boys and Skyla and Taliah. I went back out onto the balcony and climbed down. I opened the gates and walked up the street. 

"Where are you going?" I heard. I turned around and saw Louis. 


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