Just A Kiss... (Narry Fanfic)

"You! Harry, truth or dare?" He replied, I smiled. "Dare." I said. "Kiss Niall for atleast 10 seconds." He said and looked at Niall, smirking. Am I missing something? Niall's eyes were wide and he was turning red. "Kiss him!" Lou yelled again. I shrugged and turned towards Niall. It's just a kiss. I leaned towards Niall and placed my lips on his. Except this, didn't feel like 'just a kiss' it felt like... like magic. Our lips moved in sync. I drifted my hand to his side. I felt someone behind me pull me. "huh?" I turned to Madison. "It was over ten seconds!" She almost yelled. I looked at the boys who were all holding in laughter. I turned to Niall who was red and looked in shock. Louis did this on purpose. He knew I would fall for Niall. He knew I liked boys. Wait, I fell for Niall...


2. It's Killing Me


Our lips moved in sync.  His hand drifted to my side. I felt him being pulled away.  Don't let it end so soon.  "huh?" He turned to Madison. "It was over ten seconds!" She almost yelled. I looked at the boys who were all holding in laughter. I felt my face turn a bright red and I looked at Harry who looked angry. He glared at Louis and ran into the other room. I got up and followed him. "Harry!" I said and followed him onto the patio. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't of let you kiss me." I said. "It's fine Niall. It didn't mean anything. It was a kiss. It's just the boys. They are just ugh sometimes." I got crushed. It didn't mean anything. But it meant everything. "Oh... I understand. Why don't we just go inside and eat?" I suggest. He sighs and shakes his head no. "Harry, you need to eat. Pleaseeee!!!!" I begged. He laughed and got up. "Fine." We walked back inside and everyone got quiet as if they were just talking. "Where's Madison?" Harry asked. "She got mad and left." Ele laughed. "Good." Harry said and we laughed. Louis decided to order pizza. After a few minutes of talking the pizza came. We all helped pay and went to eat the pizza. I check the time. 10pm. Where did the time go? "I'd better head home." I yawned. My apartment was a little over an hour away. It was the closest I could find. "It's fine Niall. Just stay here for the night. You can sleep with me upstairs." Harry said and I smiled. "Thanks." I managed to say. "Lou, I'm tired." Eleanor said to him. "Alright, Night lads. I'm going to go upstairs with Ele. Be safe on your way home." He got up and winked at Harry and I. I turned red and I looked at Harry who was also red. Why was he red? Whatever. "Come on Perrie, lets go to the flat." Zayn got up and got Perrie's jacket. "Mind if Sophia and I get a ride with you?" Liam asked Zayn. "Not at all. We can all take a cab." Perrie smiled. We all hugged and they left. "I'll clean up for you." I said and grabbed the dishes and pizza boxes. I threw the pizza boxes away and started to clean the dishes. "Niall, you don't have to do the dishes. Put them in the dishwasher." Harry said as he opened the dishwasher. "I didn't know you had one." I laughed and started to put the dishes in it. "I'm still hungry." I complained after I finished putting the dishes away. "We just ate pizza!" Harry said laughing. He's so cute. "And! I only had three pieces! I want mac-n-cheese!!" I begged. "Fine! Go sit down and I'll make some." He said as he grabbed the box. "YAY!" I said and walked to the table. I sat down and watched Harry. He mumbled the words to Moments. "Done!" He said and handed me my plate. "Yummmm." He sat next to me and ate his mac-n-cheese. When we finished our food we out the dishes in the dishwasher and decided it was time to go to bed. We walked upstairs and into Harry's room. "Here ya go!" He said and tossed me sweat pants. I took off my shirt and and pants and put on the sweatpants. They were really long, but it makes sense. Harry is really tall. I walked to put my clothes on the chair. Harry laughed. "What!? You're a giant!" I exclaimed and he smiled. "Nope, you're just a lephrechaun." He laughed. I glared at him but smiled. I looked at my phone and checked Twitter: Goodnight Crazy Mofos. Love you! I type and turn off my phone. I put it on the table. I got up to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I opened the door and saw a Harry in his boxers brushing his teeth. He looked up and saw me in the mirror and smiled at me with toothpaste all over his mouth. I laughed. "Hurry up." I said and gently pushed him to the side so I could grab a spare toothbursh from the cabinet. I began brushing my teeth next to Harry. After we finished that we walked to the bed. I climbed onto the right side of the bed and lay down. I felt Harry get in the bed on the other side. "No. You're on my side!" Harry complained. I sighed. I began to sit up when I felt Harry rolling over me. "Harry, what are you doing?" I laughed. "My side!" He said like a child and pushed me onto the left side. "Whatever Harry." I smiled and turned over, facing away from him. "Goodnight Harry." I said as I closed my eyes. I felt an arm wrap around my stomach. I tensed up then relaxed when I realized it was just Harry. Could this be anymore perfect? There we lay. Spooning. After a perfect kiss. "Goodnight Niall." He mumbled in a sleepy voice. I smiled and fell asleep.


~Next morning~


When I woke up I know had my arm around Harry. I smiled and pulled him closer to me. He shifted a little and then relaxed. I put my head on the crook of his neck. "Goodmorning Niall." Harry smiled and opened his eyes. "Goodmorning." I smiled. "What do we have to do today?" Harry asked. "I think we have a break today." I said smiling. I love my job, but breaks were always amazing. "Finally." Harry laughed a little. I felt him shift and I sat up. "Sorry..." I turned red. "No, it's fine. It was comfortable." He smiled and got up. He stretched and I watched him in awe. He is so beautiful. The way his voice sounds and how his hair was all messed up. His arms and legs. "Niall? You alright?" He asked. "Huh? Yeah... I'm great." I laughed nervously. I got off the bed and stretched. "Breakfast?" I asked. "I smell some already cooking actually." He replied. "Eleanor and Louis." We said in unison. We decided to race downstairs. I let Harry win. "Haha I win!" Harry said. "What do you win?" I ask. "A present!" He yelled. I laughed. "oaky Harry, Whatever you want." Louis started to cough and Harry got red. Am I missing something? I shrug it off. "What's for breakfast beautiful?" I ask Ele. "Hey, Niall, she's mine!" Lou laughed as he kissed her. "Don't worry love, he isn't interested in girls." She laughed. "Nope. Girls have cooties." I joked. "Here Niall, your food and give this to Harry where ever he is?" She handed me two plates of pancakes. "I'll go get him." I set the plates down. I ran upstairs and into his room. I opened the door. "Harry, foods done." I said but I didn't see him. "Harry?" I walked into the room. "BOO!" He jumped out and I jumped in fear. "I hate you." I laughed. He was right infront of me. "You love me." He smiled. What? Then I realized he was joking. "Yeah, sure." I smiled. It was silent. We were only centimeters apart. I looked at his eyes and his lips then back. "Nia-" I cut him off by kissing him. WHAT AM I DOING!? I immediatly pulled away with fear. "I'm sor-" I started but was interupted by Harry's lips crashing against mine. I smiled into the kiss and put my arms around his neck. His were on my hips. "NIALL! HARRY!....OH GOD!" Louis yelled as he spotted us. I pulled away as fast as I could and sat on the bed. I felt my face turn red and I looked at Harry who was standing there with a red face too. "Okay then....." Lou said as he started to walk downstairs. "LOUIS STOP! WAIT!" Harry yelled as he ran after him. "ELEANOR GUESS WHAT I SAW!" Louis yelled. I walked downstairs. "Lou please don't tell anyone. It was an accident.." Harry said. "I know you like Niall, Harry!" Louis said back. "Okay! Fine! I like Niall... a lot. But he'll never like me. So just let me be... okay?" He replied. "Actually, I do like you.... a lot...." I heard myself say. DID I REALLY SAY THAT!? It's like I had no control over my mouth. "You do?" Harry looked at me surprised. "Yes, I do. More than you know." I replied. NIALL SHUT UP! "How long?" He asked as he approached me. "2-3 years." STOP TALKING. "I like you too.." he smiled. What have I done? Management will hate me. I smiled at Harry. "I've been waiting for you to say that forever." I replied. "YOU TWO CAN'T BE TOGETHER! MANAGEMENT WILL KILL YOU. ESPECIALLY YOU NIALL." Louis yelled. "He's right..." Harry looked at me. "I know. So friends is all we can be." I fake smiled. Friends wasn't that bad before but now that Harry likes me. It's killing me...



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