Just A Kiss... (Narry Fanfic)

"You! Harry, truth or dare?" He replied, I smiled. "Dare." I said. "Kiss Niall for atleast 10 seconds." He said and looked at Niall, smirking. Am I missing something? Niall's eyes were wide and he was turning red. "Kiss him!" Lou yelled again. I shrugged and turned towards Niall. It's just a kiss. I leaned towards Niall and placed my lips on his. Except this, didn't feel like 'just a kiss' it felt like... like magic. Our lips moved in sync. I drifted my hand to his side. I felt someone behind me pull me. "huh?" I turned to Madison. "It was over ten seconds!" She almost yelled. I looked at the boys who were all holding in laughter. I turned to Niall who was red and looked in shock. Louis did this on purpose. He knew I would fall for Niall. He knew I liked boys. Wait, I fell for Niall...


5. I Need You.



"Hello, I'm Niall." I walked to Spencer and put my hand out.


"Madi! You said he was the cute one!" She ignored me and turned to Madison.


"He is!" Madison replied, "look who I'm stuck with!" She pointed to Harry.


"You're lucky to even be in the same room as him so stop being a winey bitch." I mumbled. Spencer looked at me. I guess she heard me. I shrugged.


"Get over yourself darling. Harry's better than you'll ever be." I told Madison.


"Why couldn't I have Harry and you have Niall?" Spencer complained. I sighed.


"I'm not too pleased to be with you either. So if you two would stop being arseholes. Can we go?" I asked them. This statement got me looks from all the boys. Except Harry. He laughed.


We walked out the door, hand-in-hand. We smiled and took some pictures. We quickly got in the van and waited for the others. The doors were still open, so she cuddle up to me. Harry and Madison got in and the others followed. The doors closed and I shrugged her off me. She glared at me and I smiled. 


"Kay, Excuse me!" I yelled as I moved over two seats. Now next to Harry and Madison.


"Did you come to be by me?" Madison put her hand on my leg. 


"Sure." I said sarcastically. She smirked and moved her hand upwards. I looked at it then her. She was still smirking. O...kay...


"You know, you really are hot..." She continued to move her hand up more. I looked at Liam, who was behind me and he shrugged. I looked at her.


"Thanks...." I awkwardly said. She moved her hand farther up.


"Do you like it?" She whispered and I jumped back, startling Harry. Oh by the way, I jumped when she put her hand on my crotch! Harry looked at me then Madison. She was smirking. 


"Fuck off him!" Harry yelled and hit her hand, making her hit me... there.. I yelped in pain and held my crotch. "Oh god, Niall! I'm so sorry babe!" Harry said, slightly laughing. I looked at him an squinted my eyes. He smiled. After the pain stopped I sat normally. I scooted closer to Harry. He casually put his arm around me, like he usually does to all the boys. I looked at Spencer, who was gawking over Harry. Ugh. Stay away from him slut. 


"I wanna sit by Harry!" She whined. Stop. Whining. She crawled across us and looked at me. HA! She wanted me to move. Not happening.


"I'm not moving, sorry!" I laughed. Harry scooted closer to me, so she could sit on the other side. I nudged him and he shrugged. 


"We have to be nice." He said and I rolled my eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me mister!" He yelled with the cutest "angry" face.


"You're cute when you act angry." I accidentally said out loud. I forgot I was in the car with everyone else. Spencer and Madison looked at me. Harry was red. 


"You're so weird, Niall!" Louis tried to play it off. I shrugged. What ever. 


"WE'RE HERE!" Paul yelled and got out the van. Madison and Spencer got out, since they were next to the door. I put my hand on the door and started to get out when someone pulled my other arm back. This making me close the door. Harry. He closed his door and gave me a kiss. I was shocked but quickly kissed back.


"You're cute when you're surprised." He said and got out the car. I followed behind him. My face was red. I approached Spencer and gave her a kiss on the cheek and grabbed her hand. She clung onto my side. We took some pictures together. The typical "couple" pictures. We walked over to a group of fans who were now chanting my name. I smiled at them. 


"HEYYY!" I yelled and let go off Spencer's hand and put my hands in the air. The crowd screamed, I laughed. I signed some autographs and took some pictures. The Directioners make me so happy. I'm the luckiest guy on the planet! 

"NIALL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" someone yells. 


"YOU ARE!" I yell back, this earning screams. I smiled.


"Niall, is that your girlfriend?" A girl asked and pointed to Spencer, who was talking to Madison. I didn't want to lie. I just winked at her and shrugged. I took a picture and thats when girls started to scream Harry's name. I turned around and he was walking towards me. He stood next to me and smiled. I smiled back. He bumped me slightly and I bumped him back. Things like this make me know everything is going to be okay. Harry and I continued to sign, talk, and take photos with the beautiful Directioners. 


"Psst! Niall! Harry!" A young girl, maybe 7 years, said. We smiled and got to her height. 


"Yes sweetie?" Harry asked. He's so great with kids.


"Are you two in love?" She whispered then smiled. I looked at Harry, who was looking at me.


I turned to the little girl. "Why do you ask that, darling?"


"You look like it." She whispered.


"Then yes, sweetie, but shhh." I whispered in her ear and put my finger to my lips. The smile on her face got huge and she nodded.


"Our secret?" I asked and she put her pinky out. Aw. A pinky promise. I hooked pinkies with her. 


"Promise!" She smiled and I smiled back. 


Someone tapped my shoulder. I gave the girl a hug and signed her paper and took a picture and got up. 


"Hmm?" I turned around hoping it was Harry, he had wandered off after he took his picture with the little girl, before me. Sadly, it was Spencer. 


"Babe, I know you're signing things for your beautiful fans, but we have to get inside." she said. Fake. She couldn't care less about them. 


"Alright darling." I said and grabbed her hand. "LOVE YOU GUYS!" I shout to them and turn back to Spencer. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and we walked inside. We walked through the doors and they closed. She let go of my hand and walked to Madison, who was watching me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Harry. 


"Like, who the fuck does he think he is? He just wandered away and left me looking stupid and confused. Some boyfriend? Does he not know how to treat a girl? He acts like one." I hear Spencer say to Madison.


"If I didn't know better, I'd say he's gay, but thankfully he likes me." Madison told her. I had to stop myself from bursting into laughter. 


"He's a jerk, I don't see why you even like him. I like the guy you're with. He's hot." Spencer told Madison. Yeah, but he's mine.


I looked at Harry and frowned. He furrowed his eyebrows.


"They're talking about how terrible I am." I mumble. I know I act like I don't care, but it actually hurts. I'm only rude, because I hate hiding and they're rude to me...


"No, babe, you're not terrible." He whispered, making eye contact with me. I shrugged. 


"He just sat there and did nothing. I bet the fans only yelled for him cause he was closest. They probably would've preferred one of the other boys." Spencer continued. That one hurt... a lot... I sometimes think this, that the fans don't actually like me, but the boys always bring me back to reality that they do. But hearing someone else say it hurts. I looked at my hands and started to mess with the few bracelets I had on. 


"Niall, please, don't listen to them.. she's irrelevant..." Harry told me. I shrugged. 


"It's fine. It doesn't matter." I whispered. 


What if she was right? Maybe the fans actually don't care. The girl who yelled I was beautiful was probably lying. Spencer is right. I just left her. No guy, even if she is rude, should do that. I'm just mean to her and I disrespect her. No wonder she hates me. I don't understand why Madison likes me. She probably just sees me as an easy target. Sometimes I feel so vulnerable.. I feel so alone. Harry feels like this sometimes and so do the others. But Harry quickly recovers from it, considering he is the most liked out of all of us. Even though he hates it, it's true. He is. Liam doesn't get hate as much as before. Louis just tells them to fuck off and Zayn doesn't care. They all think I don't care, because I'm so care-free. They think it doesn't hurt me. But it does. I've always been insecure. Of course my confidence has gotten better, but it doesn't take much for it to drop. I'm always told to ignore them, and I try. But how do you ignore what goes on in your own mind. And when other people say it, it just feels like what I think is being confirmed. Like since I'm gay. I sometimes still think I can't be. I know it's perfectly fine to be gay. Of course it is. But I feel like it's not fine for ME to be gay. Like I'm a celebrity. I'm in this band and I've been in it for a while now. People have seen me with girls and I just feel like they see me as someone who can't be gay. I use to always deny it. I was scared. What would people think? People will hate me. That's why it took me a year to tell the boys. Thankfully they understood. Although, who knows? Maybe they weren't okay with it at first, but eventually got use to it... But not everyone in this world is as accepting as them. I already get hate and get called a "fag" and shit. And if I confirm it, then it'll get ten million times worse and then the fans won't like me anymore, at least that's what I'm told. And I know it's true. Some of them will turn on me. I just don't understand why we live in a world where different isn't acceptable, why we ca-


"Niall..." Harry pulled me out of my thoughts by shaking me.


"Hmm..?" I looked at him. 


"I said your name, like 15 times.." He looked me in the eyes. "What is it? What were you thinking about... why were you crying?" He whispered. 

"Crying? I'm not crying..." I said and put my hand to my face. I am. When did I start crying?


"Yeah, you are, and you were shaking... Niall, are you okay?" He asked again, putting his hands on my shoulders. I don't know.. am I okay? Wait... I was shaking? What happened...


"Huh? Why-why was I shaking?" I asked. He furrowed his brows.


"You really didn't know you were shaking and crying?" He looked concerned. I shook my head no. He stared at me. He thinks I'm a freak doesn't he? 


He thinks I'm a freak. I am a freak. What kind of person doesn't know when they are crying? Especially shaking? What's wrong with me? FREAK. That's what I am. No one loves me. No one can accept me. I bet Harry was lying when he said he like me. I bet no-


"NIALL!" Harry yelled and I looked at him. I felt delusional and dizzy.


"Hmm?" I said. I couldn't really say anything.


"What's going on?" He asked. I looked around. Where'd everyone go?


"Wh-where is everyone?" I stuttered. Why am I stuttering?


"Niall, they told you that they were going out to eat and you said you didn't want to go..." He was looking at me confused.


"I did?" I asked. What is he talking about?


"You really don't know do you?" He looked at me worried. I shook my head no again. Wait, if that happened, why didn't Harry go?


"Why didn't you go to eat?" I asked.


"I was worried about you, and wanted to be alone with you." He grabbed my hands. I shivered slightly. "Niall, what were you thinking about that made you cry?" 


"I-I.... I was thinking about the fans... and myself... what Spencer said, it-it was true... about how I'm gay and i'm not allowed to b-be... About how I'm a f-freak-" My voice cracked and Harry looked down at me and I was staring at the ground. "How no one likes me.... how I'm unwanted and alone-" My voice got quieter and lip shook. 


"Niall..." Harry put his hand on my chin and made me look him in the eyes. He looked at me like I was... like I was broken...




"Niall..." I looked at him confused and worried. "None.. none of that's true... I want you.. I need you. You're not a freak.... and you're allowed to be gay... Spencer.. ignore her.. she doesn't matter... our fans, you're fans, they need you..." I told him. His lip was shaking and I pulled him into a hug. That's when he broke. And all I could do was hug him. 


After about 10 minutes of me holding Niall while he cried, he calmed down. I led him over to the small lounge area in the back and sat on the small couch. I laid down and pulled him next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close. 


"I need you." I whispered in his ear and kissed his neck softly. He relaxed into my arms and I reached carefully for the remote.


"No." Niall mumbled and I stopped from grabbing it.


"What?" I asked. He turned his body around so he was facing me. I laid flat on my back and he laid on my chest. I put my fingers through his gelled up hair. He didn't seem to care. The gel was already coming out. He didn't put much in. 


"sing for me.." he mumbled into my chest. I smiled.


"what song?" I asked him.


"anything." he said. I thought to myself. Fix You-Coldplay


I started to sing the song, lower than it is originally.


When you try your best but you don't succeed... when you get what you wanted but not what you need.. when you feel so tired but you cant sleep.. stuck in reverse..... the tears come streaming down your face... when you lose something you cant replace.... when you love someone but it goes to waste... could it be worse...? Lights will guide you home.... and ignite your bones..... and I will try..... to fix you..


High up above or down below.... when you're to involved to let it go.. but if you never try you'll never know.. just watch your worth.... lights will guide home... and ignite your bones... and I will try.... to fix you...


I stopped there as I heard Niall snoring lightly.. I smiled to myself and pulled him closer, if that's even possible, I kissed his head.


I whisper one last thing to him before I fell asleep...


"I need you Niall... I love you.." 



~~~~~~~THIS WAS SO WEIRD TO WRITE! I wasn't gonna make it like this but it ended up like this and I kinda like it(: Please like and stuff, thanks to everyone who has so far. Please leave suggestions for future parts in the story! Also, if you read my other fanfic, Suicide to Heaven, I'm still working on the chapter! I have a major writers block with that story! Dx Again, thanks so much for reading!~~~~~~

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