Just A Kiss... (Narry Fanfic)

"You! Harry, truth or dare?" He replied, I smiled. "Dare." I said. "Kiss Niall for atleast 10 seconds." He said and looked at Niall, smirking. Am I missing something? Niall's eyes were wide and he was turning red. "Kiss him!" Lou yelled again. I shrugged and turned towards Niall. It's just a kiss. I leaned towards Niall and placed my lips on his. Except this, didn't feel like 'just a kiss' it felt like... like magic. Our lips moved in sync. I drifted my hand to his side. I felt someone behind me pull me. "huh?" I turned to Madison. "It was over ten seconds!" She almost yelled. I looked at the boys who were all holding in laughter. I turned to Niall who was red and looked in shock. Louis did this on purpose. He knew I would fall for Niall. He knew I liked boys. Wait, I fell for Niall...


7. Fights.




I approached the room Niall was in. I hesitated to knock, but I did. I heard a groan and some shuffling, then the door unlocked and opened. A sleepy headed Niall appeared. I instantly smiled. His eyes still closed. 


"What?" His sleepy Irish voice said. It made me melt.


"Umm, Niall, I need to talk to you." He groaned when he heard my voice.


"Haven't hurt me enough?" He mumbled, but I heard it. I shrugged it off.


"You told management." I stated.


"Told them what?" He opened his eyes fully and confusion covered his face.


"That.. you're gay..." I hesitated.


"I DID WHAT?" He screamed.


"We didn't know either. They talked to Lou, I'm guessing..."


"WHAT? NO! NO! I didn't. No..." He looked terrified. He ran to the desk and picked up his phone. It was charging. He looked at it. I'm guessing going through his messages. He stared at his phone. Tears filling his eyes.


"Niall...?" I walked over to him. He put his phone to my face. He had multiple messages from management about how he better be lying and that it isn't okay. They were upset, very upset.


"What.. what have I done?" He sat down on the bed. 


"I'm sorry... it'll be okay-"


"STOP! Stop telling me it'll be okay! I just want everyone to stop telling me everything is okay! IT'S NOT OKAY! NOTHING IS OKAY!" His voice cracked. "It's not okay... I've ruined everything..."


"You didn't ruin everything Niall."


"Harry, you basically hate me, the boys are going to hate me for this, management hates me, Spencer and Madison hate me, a lot of the fans hate me, and most of all.. I hate me..." He said letting a few tears fall.


"No.. no.. Niall. I don't hate you. I could never hate you." 


"Then why were you yelling at me...?" Hurt covered his face. I wasn't sure why...


"I don't... I don't know. You were..." I stopped..


"Were what?"

"You were being selfish..." 




"You didn't think about anything you did. You didn't think of how it would affect us..."


"That's my problem Harry, I'm too selfless. I don't ever think of myself. I put everyone ahead of myself. You have a problem? I'll fix it, even if I have one tens times worse. And I'll do it with the biggest smile on my face. Why? Because I don't want to worry anyone. I lie Harry. I lie. I fake. I act. Yeah, I'm pretty carefree. But it's usually an act..." I didn't know what to say.. it was true.. I was the selfish one...


"I... I'm sorry. I was being selfish. Only thinking of myself. Instead of seeing if you were okay. I thought about how you just left me."


"It doesn't matter anymore." He said and I frowned. "When do we see management again?"


"In about a week or two." I told him. His phone buzzed and he answered it. Important, I'm guessing. He walked to the hall. I looked at the bed, it was stained from the tears. My heart shattered. He walked back in and sighed. "What?"


"My apartment well isn't mine anymore, they said I've been gone too long, so not my place. Doesn't matter. I didn't have anything there. Literally nothing, I never had the time. Just a bed." He said as he sat down again.


"You can just live here with us? We can fix up the extra room into your room?" He smiled at my answer and nodded. "Good. And Niall, I didn't mean what I said earlier..." He looked at me.


"But you did Harry, don't you get it? The truth comes out when you're mad. It doesn't matter."


"Why don't you ever believe me?" I asked, slightly upset.


"I do believe you, that is why I believe what you told me was true. We aren't meant to be together Harry, don't you get it? You said it your self. We shouldn't be together. Plus it just puts the whole band at risk and you too. Since management knows about me, they'd figure it out and I can't let you throw your life away."


"This is because of Spencer and Madison isn't it?"


"No, but I do need to apologize to them, I was being selfish earlier, I shouldn't of jumped away from her."


"Niall, you're not selfish! You're selfless. Think of yourself!" 


"Look where that got us... now please, leave." 




"Harry, leave me alone."




"LEAVE!" He yelled making me jump. I stood up and walked to the door. Tears were falling from my eyes. 


"DO.. do you hate me?" He asked, hurt. His eyes filled with hurt and sorrow. He had tears falling from them. I don't hate him, why would he think that. Of course I don't hate him. I love him. But maybe if I say yes, he'll hate me and he will get over me. He has to get over me. I need him too.


"N-... yes..." I mumbled. 


"Fine... then.. I hate you too." He mumbled. I turned and ran to my room and slammed the door. I laid on my bed and cried.




"Do... do you hate me?" I asked, hurt. I felt a few tears fall from my eyes. I was hurt, sad, upset. 


"N-... yes..." he mumbled, barely loud enough for me to hear. My heart shattered into a million pieces. I felt tears streaming from my eyes and down my face.


"Fine....then... I hate you too." I mumbled. He turned and ran for his room. I heard a loud slam. Hate him? How could I hate him? I'd do anything for him. Anything. But he hates me, so I'll have to learn to hate him. I shuffled to my bed and laid down. Hate Harry? this will be hell....




"NIALL! COME ON! FOOD IS DONE!" Someone shouted. Eleanor. I smiled and rolled over. I opened my eyes expecting to see Harry's beautiful face. Then I suddenly remembered everything. Hate him. Hate him. Hate him. I told myself, I grabbed a pair of Louis' sweatpants and ran down the stairs. 


"Hey, did you know we started today for holiday?" Lou asked as I sat next to him.


"Nope. How long is holiday?" 


"3-5 months." He smiled. Finally, a long break. 


"Finally!" I yelled smiling. He laughed at me.


"Where's Harry?" Eleanor asked and my heart sunk into my stomach and my smile disappeared. I shrugged. "Didn't you two make up?"


"If saying that we hate each other then crying my eyes out is making up, then, yes." I stated. She looked at me with sympathy. 


"He could never hate you darling." She said as she walked to the fridge.


"I beg to differ. Speak for yourself and not me." Harry mumbled as he walked into the kitchen.


"Just because you hate me doesn't mean you can be rude to everyone." I said looking down at the counter.


"Just because you hate me doesn't mean you can tell me what to do. I'll be rude if I want." He snickered and sat down. I sighed.




I hate being rude to Niall. I utterly hate it. But he deserves it after what I found out. Spencer and Madison told me that when the boys and I left he went all crazy on them and they called him those names so he'd leave them alone. They said he was saying things ten times worse. Apparently they asked if he like me and he told them that he doesn't like me and never would, that he's using me just so he isn't alone. It doesn't really sound like Niall. But they called me crying and sounded so upset, how could I not believe them? I know Spencer doesn't like Niall, but someone wouldn't do that for no reason. Plus they made a good point, he wouldn't of been so upset of me asking if he wasn't hiding something. Spencer told me that he was saying rude things about me. Calling me names. Making rude comments. I don't hate him, but I surely don't like him all that much either.


"Harry, can I talk to you?" Louis asked.




"Why not?"


"I'm not in the mood for some lecture about how I need to be nice to Niall and how he is going through a lot. Think I'm not? Fuck it. No one cares anyways. I'm going out." I said and ran upstairs. I took a shower and put on my clothes. I pulled my hair back with a scarf thing. My phone buzzed, I expected to see Louis' name, but a different one appeared.

Wanna hang out later(;

I thought about it and replied.

Yes(; Meet me at that club down the street in about 10 minutes?

Why not? Can't hurt anyone but myself. I don't like them much either, but hey whatever. Gets me out of here. My phone buzzed and Spencer replied with a "K". I didn't reply. I put my phone in my pocket and walked down the stairs. I walked to the door and realized I needed my keys. I turned around and went to the bowl in the kitchen.


"Where are you going?" Louis asked me. I sighed.


"To the club. Wanna go?" Why not be friendly to Louis? He wasn't the liar here.


"Sure. Ele come on, wanna go?" He asked her. She nodded. I pulled out my phone and told Spencer I might be slightly late. She replied with a "k." again and I put my phone back. I noticed Niall on his phone. It took a lot for me not to want to give him a big hug. Hate him Harry! Hate him! It's for the best. Louis and Ele came back down the stairs in their clothes for the club.


"Coming Ni?" Lou asked and Niall shrugged. "Come on! It'll be fun!" Niall shrugged again but gave in. He went upstairs. Ugh. I forgot my wallet. I went upstairs and to my room. I saw Niall.


"Why are you in my room?" I asked bluntly and walked over to grab my wallet.


"My stuff is still in here. Trust me, I don't want to be in here." He replied.


"What ever. Hurry up though." I said and walked back to the door. A few minutes Niall walked down and we headed out the door. We were just gonna walk considering it was just down the street. We walked to the entrance. I saw Spencer. 

"Hey there!" She smiled and ran to me. I smiled at her, and quickly checked for cameras. None. 


"Hey! You look very nice!" I looked at her body. She did look nice.


"Ew, why's he here?" She asked me and pointed to Niall, he wandered behind us. 


"Louis invited him. Don't mind him. He doesn't matter. Me and him... don't get a long much anymore.... so lets get inside and get some drinks!" With that me and her walked inside the club and to the bar.




I sat down at a table in the corner after I got myself a beer. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through Twitter.

New Message!

I selected it.

I'm really sorry... I really am.. I didn't mean anything. I lied. Please, give me another chance?

Was he being for real?

Harry, You said you hated me.

I could never hate you. I love you. Please?

I couldn't be mad forever. I gave in.

Fine. I missed you<3

Alright, meet me by the bar.

Okay, does Spencer have to be there though?

No, just you and me. I promise to never hurt you again.

Thank you darling <3


Okay! Alright! I'm coming!


I got up smiling. I'm happy he asked me to come back. I walked over to the bar when I saw it. Him and Spencer. Kissing... He JUST got me back and he does this? I'm so tired of him! I'm done. I ran over to him. 


"WHAT THE FUCK HARRY?" I yell. He looked at me, bloodshot eyes. Was he drunk? Already?


"Whatt did I dooo?" He stuttered and slurred. Drunk.


"You JUST got me back then you do this!?" I whisper yelled. Careful for no one else to hear. 


"What are you talking about? I never did that! Why would I want you back?" His words stabbed me.


"What....?" I asked confused.


"Why'd he want a fag like you?" Spencer asked and I turned towards her.


"Yeah... you fag." Harry added. I looked back at him. Did he just.... 


"Aww. Look even Harry knows you're an ugly, unwanted, stupid, fag! Right Harry?" She asked him.


"Exactly!" He responded. What? But... he just... How could he... he knows.. he saw me break....


"Don't ever ask me to come back." I said to him and walked closer to him. "I. Hate. You." and I did. At that moment. I hated him. Every part of him. But I don't. I want to hate him and I did. But just for a split second. His face looked at me concerned when I said that and I walked away from. I ran all the way home.




I was drunk. Completely drunk. I don't know what Niall was talking about. I never asked him to come back to me. He said he hated me. He looked like he meant it...


"Oh, babe, here's your phone. You left it on the bar." Spencer said and handed me my phone.


"Thanks beautiful." I slurred. 


"Ooh! I love this song!" She yelled, "Come on!" She dragged me towards the dance floor. I quickly finished my drink and set the bottle down and went with her. We danced to the beat of the music. Well, more like she danced on me to the beat of the music. We finally got tired.


"Can we go outside for a minute?" She asked and I nodded. I was getting hot. I stumbled to the door with Spencer. She fell and I laughed at her and helped her up. We went out front of the club and talked about random things. I'm not sure what, and somehow we ended up in a full on make-out session. It quickly got heated. I felt someone grab my shoulder and pull me back.


"Huh?" I said confused. I blinked a few times and made out the blurry vision. Louis. 


"Come on. You're drunk." He said and grabbed me. "Where is Niall?" He asked. I shrugged and grabbed Spencer to my side. 


"He ran off somewhere after he said he hated me." I replied and shrugged. I don't really care. I want another beer. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Ele walking over to us with two beers. One for her and one for Louis. She went to hand it to him but I quickly took it and chugged it. Louis rolled his eyes at me. He dragged me home. 


"Say bye to her." He pointed to Spencer.

"No. She can come inside." I stated and walked inside. It's my flat, too. Meaning I can bring anyone I want inside. We ran up to my room and I guess you could say, we had... fun.




I woke up. I sat in the guest room crying most of the night.. I knew Harry brought Spencer home, and I knew exactly what they were doing. I just, really want him back. I went downstairs to get some water. Louis and Eleanor were asleep still and I'm guess so was Harry and Spencer, since they didn't seem to be disturbing me anymore. I grabbed a glass and filled it with water. I sat on the island and drank the water. I heard footsteps and a confused Harry appeared in the kitchen. 


"Hey... why's Spencer in my bed?" He asked rubbing his head. Hang over. I laughed at him.


"You two had fun last night." I put quotes around the word fun. His eyes went wide.


"You mean we..." 


"Yup.." I walked over and started the coffee. "Why are you talking to me, I hate you."


"You and me both know you didn't mean it that night."


"Yeah, but I meant it last night."


"What happened last night?" He furrowed his brows. He really didn't know. 


"Lets just say you got back together with me then made-out with that slut in your bed." I smiled and walked to the island, sitting down.


"Ni, I never asked you to go back out with me...." He looked confused.


"You just don't remember." I sighed.


"Niall, I would know. I didn't have my phone most of the night... Spencer did.... She made a phone call and I don't remember getting it back... until.... shit. I don't know, but I know I never had that conversation with you..." He told me. Sure. Just like him to lie.


"What ever Harry." I sighed.


"Hey, you act like you didn't do anything wrong to me."


"What did I do that was so bad? Have an emotional break down in front of you? Sorry." I added a sarcastic tone to my voice.


"You lied to me. You were rude to them first. They called you the names so you'd back off. You went crazy on them!" 


"What are you talking about!!! I never did any of that!" With that I ran upstairs.




I honestly have no idea what he is talking about... everything is basically a blur... 

Of course he'd lie about what he did to them. Whatever, but I don't know how Niall got those messages....


SPENCER! She sent the messages... she made Niall hate me... Really hate me.


"SPENCER!" I yelled and ran to my room. She shot up and looked at me, smirking.


"Come back for more?" She asked.


"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I yelled. Wait, how'd she know I dated Niall.


"What?" She asked, trying to be innocent.


"How'd you know I dated Niall." I sat on the bed.


"You told me everything after you got really drunk. Everything. I know you dated him and I know how you felt when you kissed him. How you broke up..." She was tracing my tattoos. I smacked her hand away.


"Why'd you do that to me....?" I asked. She shrugged. 


"I wanted him to hate you." She replied. She's a heartless bitch.


"Well he does, and guess what? I hate you!" I whisper-shouted. Then in clicked. She lied about Niall. "Get out." I said.




"Get. Out. Now. I don't want someone like you in my house. Any asks why you're here. You came with Niall. And I swear if you ever hurt him again, I will ruin your whole career. Now. Get out." With that she put on her clothes and left. I ran to the guest room and to Niall.


"I'm so sorry... I should've believed you."


"You called me an ugly, unwanted, stupid, fag Harry..." He said as I sat next to him.


"What?" I almost yelled.


"You did."


"I was drunk, you know I don't mean that stuff! Niall, please, believe me. All that stuff that happened. All of it was because of Spencer. She lied to me. She tricked me. She took my phone." Instantly all the memory of last night came back... all of it. I started crying silently.


"Harry... are.. are you crying?" Niall looked at me. I looked at him not hiding the tears.


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of it..." I looked into his hurt, sad eyes.


"I believe you.." He whispered. 


"Really? So will you please give me another chance? Please. I don't mean anything that happened or I said. I could never hate you! Niall I prom-" I was cut off by his lips crushing against mine. I turned my head to deepen the kiss. We moved in sync. My hands drifted across his bare torso and his hands rested on my neck. He gently pushed him onto the bed, not daring to break the kiss. As things were getting heated he pulled away.


"Of course I'll give you another chance, but we can't tell anyone..." He said. I nodded. I just wanted his lips back against mine. I leaned in and he stopped me. "Harry I'm serious. No one. Not even Louis or Eleanor can know. The less people who know, the better. We don't want this to happen again... please." I listened but all I could think of was his lips and his body. I scanned his half naked body and bit my lip. "Harry! Really." 


"Yes. Yes. Okay. No one. Got it. Now please can we just get back to what we were doing before?" He smirked and got up. "What are you doing? Niall, really come back!" He walked back over and placed a kiss on my lips and walked out the room. What? I followed him. 


"Management called, they said they want the others moving in with us. So if anything happens we can all be together. They're bringing their stuff over tonight. That means we have to share rooms. I'm with Ele. Zayn is with Liam. Leaving you with Niall. His stuff is already in your room. So can you please stop fighting, at least at night so we can all sleep?" Louis told me as I walked to the kitchen. I groaned, acting upset.


"Why do I have to be stuck with him? Can't Liam stay with me or something." I actually didn't mind at all. That mean we could be together at night at least.


"No. Get over it." He said and walked to the lounge. I smiled to myself.


I got in multiple fights with Niall. Won him back, kinda. Get to stay with him every night. The boys are moving in. This. is. great.



~~~~~~HEY GUISE! So this was a weird chapter. I didn't plan for it to go this way, but it did... I don't know. It's about midnight and I was just writing. Hope you liked it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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