Just A Kiss... (Narry Fanfic)

"You! Harry, truth or dare?" He replied, I smiled. "Dare." I said. "Kiss Niall for atleast 10 seconds." He said and looked at Niall, smirking. Am I missing something? Niall's eyes were wide and he was turning red. "Kiss him!" Lou yelled again. I shrugged and turned towards Niall. It's just a kiss. I leaned towards Niall and placed my lips on his. Except this, didn't feel like 'just a kiss' it felt like... like magic. Our lips moved in sync. I drifted my hand to his side. I felt someone behind me pull me. "huh?" I turned to Madison. "It was over ten seconds!" She almost yelled. I looked at the boys who were all holding in laughter. I turned to Niall who was red and looked in shock. Louis did this on purpose. He knew I would fall for Niall. He knew I liked boys. Wait, I fell for Niall...


6. Broken.


"I need you niall... I love you" was the last thing I heard before I fell completely asleep.

I woke up a little and saw Harry sleeping. I smiled and closed my eyes. I cuddled closer to Harry. I was beginning to fall asleep when I was shoved onto the floor by someone. I hit the ground hard. I yelped in pain and Harry sat up quickly looking at me.

"Niall! You okay?" He asked looking at me. I shrugged and looked behind Harry, over the couch was Spencer. She shoved me. I watched her. She smirked and shrugged her shoulders, laughing slightly.

"Yeah... Sorry I fell asleep on ya! I got tired and well. Fell asleep. We must of ended up in a cuddle." I lied. Harry frowned at me.

"It's fine. I fell asleep too!" He replied and stretched. I got up off the floor and brushed myself off. Spencer skipped over to me and grabbed my arm. I looked at her confused and she smiled and gestured at the interviewers walking our way. I smiled. Madison ran to Harry's side. I noticed the interviewers getting close and the camera was now on. I turned to Spencer.

"Of course you look beautiful! You always look beautiful." I said to her as the interview approaches us. She smiled at me.

"Thank you darling." She kissed my cheek and the interviewer smiled.

"Glad I got that on camera!" She said and sat down. She turned to the camera and introduced us. The boys and I walked into the view and sat down.

"Hi!" We all said in unison and laughed.

"So. Today we have two special guests! But let's ask you boys first. How are you?" I looked at Harry

"We're fine. Things have been great lately!" Liam said and we all nodded.

"That's great! I know that it's kind of early to talk about this but I'm dying to introduce the guests! So there are rumors that you are all taken! Correct?" We all nodded. We weren't lying. Taken by girls though? That's not true.

"Niall! You have gotten yourself a girlfriend?" I smiled and nodded. Lying.

"Yeah. She's great. She is a model and she's absolutely amazing. We've seen each other a few times but just decided to make it official. She makes me very happy and I'm glad to have her in my life. She's actually here right now." I lied but smiled.

"Yes we know! And she is here were her friend, who is Harry's girlfriend! So our guests! Spencer and Madison!" She gestured towards them and they walked over to us. I smiled up at Spencer. Madison sat down next to Harry. This left no more room on the couch. I grabbed her hand and pulled her onto my lap. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she slightly smiled. I glanced at Harry who was holding hands with Madison. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as well. I smiled on the outside but inside. I'm dying. I wish I was in Madison's position. Or Harry was in Spencer's position. I sighed. The interview went on. More lies. We made up a lot of it on the spot.

"We met at a red carpet event."

"I thought she was lovely when we first met."

"She's very sweet and very passionate about what she does." The last part wasn't a lie. She is passionate about her modeling.

The interview was over. We all said good bye to her and she left.

This repeated five more times.




Finally the last interview was over. I was glancing at Harry every chance I got through all of the interviews. His innocent looking face, misleading you. He looks so innocent and adorable and then you see the tattoos and muscles and how tall he is. And he becomes not so innocent and hot. I wanted to run to him and kiss him and never stop. We said goodbye to the interviewer and he left. Of course, when he was not in sight anymore Spencer pushed me away from her and scoffed.

"Ugh. I probably have ugly on me now." She said and walked to Madison. Madison walked away from her and came to me.

"Hi." She winked. Ugh. Leave me alone. I looked past her at Harry, who was talking to (being tortured by) Spencer. I looked back at Madison.

"Hi." I returned the words.

"Soooo..." She said as she stepped closer to me. I backed up but bumped into a wall. She stepped closer. Can't she take a hint? She stepped right in front of me. I scanned her face. "You liked it earlier. Didn't you?" No. I didn't respond I just looked at my feet. "I'll take that as a yes." She whispered in my ear. I was getting scared. She just kept staring at me. "Look at me" she whispered again. I looked up at her. She leaned I and I back up but I quickly hit the wall and her lips touched mine.

"I LIKE GUYS!" I yelled when her lips pressed to mine and I jumped away from her. She stared at me.

"You what!?" She yelled.

"He likes guys!" Spencer laughed. I looked down. I didn't mean to say it. I panicked.

"I.. Umm... I-I don't like guys.. I just-um..." I got quiet. Spencer burst into laughter.

"YOURE A FAG!" She yelled to Madison. Laughing harder.

"I'm... I'm not a fag..." I mumbled.

"You sure? Cause you like guys. And that makes you. A. Fag." She got closer with every word. She was right in front of me. I felt small, vulnerable. She erupted into laughter in my face. "Aww. I'm making the poor fag get sad!" She fake pouted. I felt tears swell up in my eyes. If you were wondering the lads went out front to get some air. No paps or fans were out there right now. Security made them leave.

"You're the one who has to date him!" Madison yelled.

"Yeah. But you liked him!" Spencer laughed. "You even touched him!"

"Yeah. I know! I feel so. Gross!" She yelled. Gross...?


"Don't infect him with your fagness!" Madison laughed and walked pass me. Outside.

"No wonder your the least favorite. Your ugly. Stupid. Useless. Can't even sing. Unwanted. And now added to the list." She got in my face. She was my height with heels on. "You're a faggot." She whispered and a single tear fell from my eye. She laughed and walked to the door. "Try not to get your fagness on too many things!" She said before walking out the door.

I just stood there.






"Can't sing!"

It repeated in my head. I... I can't. Not again. No.


My mind told me. I nodded. I know. I walked to the mirror and looked in it. I pulled out my phone and started a message to management.


I'm gay.

I clicked send. Better me tell them then Spencer and Madison.

"You're useless." I told the reflection.

"Ugly." I continued.





I repeated everything to myself. Out loud. To the mirror. Why. Am. I. So. Useless? And ugly? I stared at the mirror noticing all of my flaws.

"UGLY!" I screamed and hit the mirror with my fists, shattering it. It crashed to the floor. I looked at my fists. Bleeding. I looked at the door, which now had the boys running inside. They ran to my sides. They were saying something but I'm not sure what. I felt like I was in a dream.

Ugly, fag, stupid, rude, useless, nothing, worthless,can't sing, unwanted....

All I could hear. Everything was blurred. Then it all went black.

"NIALL! NIALL!" I blinked my eyes and saw Harry's face. I looked around me and the boys were looking at me. I glanced at my hands. They had dried blood on them. Mirror shards scattered on the floor and no sight of Spencer or Madison. I looked back at Harry.

"H-hi." I weakly said. He smiled at me.

"What happened?" He asked. I noticed that my head was on his lap. I sat up slowly and looked around.

"I-I'm not sure... I-I was talking t-to Madison... She k-kissed me... I panicked. I screamed that I like guys and ran away. Spencer heard and she laughed At me." I was speaking as I remembered everything. "She called me names. They made fun of me. Fag. They called me. Ugly. Stupid. Useless. Worthless. Unwanted. Can't sing...." I paused. "I walked to the mirror... And yeah..." I looked at Harry. He looked worried and hurt, but mostly he looked angry.

"You're none of those things Niall. You're so much more. You ARE beautiful. You ARE smart. You're not worthless. You're not useless. You aren't nothing. And you're voice sounds like an angel. You wanted. You're needed...." He told me. I felt like I should believe him so it nodded. "Spencer can fuck off. So can Madison." He added and I smiled.

"Yeah. Don't listen to them Ni. They know nothing about you. You're amazing!" Liam said.

"Plus, you're voice is great. They must be deaf if they can't figure that out." Zayn assured me.

"And you're one of the greatest people I know. Don't get too worked up about it." Louis ruffled my hair.

"BOYS! I'm taking you all home in a minute so get you're stuff please." Paul yelled from the hall. I sighed and pushed my self up. I walked to the bathroom and washed my hands. Small cuts and pieces of glass covering them. I winced at the pain but ignored it. I splashed my face with some water. Hoping to make it look like I wasn't crying. I walked out the bathroom and all the boys looked at me. I shrugged it off and went to get a water.

"Niall, if you ever feel like that. Come to me? Please..." I heard a voice say. Harry. He walked up behind me and put his arms around me. I nodded. "I just don't want you to hurt yourself. Please?" He turned me around. I nodded. "Why won't you talk?" I shrugged. I'm not sure. Just don't feel like talking. He hugged me tight and I hugged him back.

"Thank you." I whispered into his chest. He kissed the top of my head, making me blush slightly. He pulled out of the hug and grabbed my hand.

"Come on." He lead us out of the kitchen thing and out to the front of the building. We walked outside. It was dark out and no fans or paps were out. It was nice. I smiled to my self. Harry pulled me close to him. "Niall?" He asked. I looked up at him.


"Have you always felt that way...?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "You know, like you were nothing. Have you always felt like that?" I think so... I usually did. There were moments were I didn't. But most of the time I did.

"Yes..." I said quietly. He looked at me confused.


"Have you seen me?" I quickly responded. Ugh. He's going to get mad. Harry ALWAYS gets mad when me or the other boys talk bad about ourselves. He tells us we are special and important and great and shouldn't feel that way.

"Yes. I have. And that's one of the great things about you." He answered seriously. "Why?" He asked again.

"Cause I'm not great Harry. I'm not. None of the fans truly like me. Okay? I'm ugly. I don't understand why you like me. I wonder to myself if maybe your lying cauSe you don't want to hurt me. I'm not wanted. You say you need me. But do you really? Cause i think everyone would be better off without me. Okay? That answer your fucking question. I feel like this because it's true. That's why." I said slightly angry and i walked away from him. I knew I hurt him. I couldn't look at him.

"Niall, I didn't-"

"What ever. Can we just go home?" I cut him off.

"Please. Niall.."

"I just want to go home." With that he headed back inside. I decided to go on a walk. I walked up the street and saw a small trail that lead back into the woods. I shrugged and followed it. It was very beautiful. You could hear the owls and a few birds. The fireflies were everywhere. Lighting up the night by blinking. "Nothing beautiful lasts forever that's why fireflies flash." I've always loved that quote. It's from a song by an artist called Ron Pope. He's an amazing singer and songwriter. Reminds me much of Ed Sheeran. I continued to walk along the trails. I came to two paths. One very used and one barely noticeable. I went with the one barely there. I wanted to see what not many did or would. I stepped over sticks and pushed through branches. I've been out for almost 35 minutes. Hmm. Time flies. I looked at my phone. Dead. I shrugged. Oh well. I decided I'd follow the trail of the fireflies flashing. They truly are beautiful. I wonder if they know that. God, I'm thinking of bugs feelings towards themselves. I'm a mess. I reached the end of the path. A small pond was in the middle and a little cabin was to the right of it. Hmm. I wonder if anyone lives there. I walked over to the cabin and knocked on the door. It opened as I knocked.

"hello?" I called out. No answer. I walked inside. I found a light switch and flipped it. Didn't work. No surprise. I explored the small cabin. It was cozy. I noticed a key on the counter in the old dirty kitchen. I picked it up. It looked like a skeleton key. I wonder if it works on any of the doors. I walked to the front door and put it in the key thing. It worked. Maybe this could be my secret place. I slid the key into my pocket and locked the door and closed it. I could fix it up a little. But not too much. I like the worn down look of it. I decided to walk back, considering I think it's been over an hour. I walked back to the office building in about 30 minutes. I opened the door. Everyone's heads shot up.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK NIALL!?" Harry shouted. I looked at him confused. "YOU WERE GONE FOR ABOUT TWO HOURS AND DIDNT THINK TO TELL ANYONE?" He was angry. Really angry. I looked at the boys. They looked equally as mad. Liam gave me a sympathetic look and walked out the building. Louis and Zayn close behind him. I looked back to Harry. "HELLO?" He yelled and I looked at him blankly. I didn't mean to upset him. "Are you just going to look at me like an idiot?" He asked.

"I don't get why your so mad..." I told him. He looked at me like I was stupid.

"You left Niall! You just left! You told NO ONE that you were leaving. For all I know you could've been attacked my some physco pap or fan!!!" He shouted.

"You don't have to worry about me. I'm allowed to do what I want." I told him slightly offended.


"HARRY! Stop yelling at me. I didn't do anything!" I slightly shouted.

"You SCARED the shit out of me! The other boys were worried too! And you did nothing wrong?"

"Please. Just leave me alone. I've had a hard day."

"You think I didn't!?"

"WHY WOULD YOU? No one was making fun of you constantly. No one told you that you're nothing. You're not made fun of FOR EVERYTHING! Harry you don't get it. I'm mostly openly Gay to basically everyone close to me. I would come out if it didn't mean ruining everything. YOU'VE TOLD NO ONE! Harry, Do you even know what it's like!? SPENCER AND MADISON HAVE CONTROL OVER ME!" I shouted.

"No they don't!"




"NO ONE CAN KNOW I LIKE GUYS NIALL! NO ONE CAN KNOW WERE TOGETHER! WE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE TOGETHER. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I LIKED GIRLS! BUT I..." I froze. What. We shouldn't be together? "I-I didn't mean it like that. I liked girls but I found out I like guys and niall. I didn't-"

"Whatever Harry. Fine. Since we shouldn't be together. Fine. It's done. Over. No more us." I said before bursting into tears and running out the door. I collapsed to the ground and cried. The boys looked at me. And I quickly pulled myself together.

"Niall. You.. You okay?" Liam asked. I faked a smile.

"Yeah. Just. Harry and I got in a fight. We aren't together anymore. So please no more cute couple things..." I told him. They looked surprised.

"What happened?" Zayn asked. I looked at him.

"Couldn't tell from the yelling? We were fighting. He said something. I broke up with him." Harry walked out and wiped his cheeks. I looked at him and walked to the van. We all got in the van and I looked out the window. We dropped off Zayn and Liam. We got to Harry's and Louis' flat. They got out and I sat there.

"Coming?" Louis asked I shook my head no. "Ni, it's like 2 am. Come on. Please. You can sleep in my room. I know your exhausted." I sighed and Gave in. Harry was already inside. I walked inside and ran up the stairs I turned right but quickly remember that Louis' room was to the left. I turned around and bumped into someone. Louis I'm guessing.

"Sorry Lou." I muttered and went to walk past him.

"It wasn't Louis." Harry said. I was still mad at him.

"Oh. Well then I'm not sorry." I said and ran to Lou's room. I looked up and saw Ele changing. I screamed and covered my eyes. "IM SO SORRY ELE!" I shouted and turned around. Eyes still covered. "I didn't see anything! I promise!" I really didn't. I just saw her back.

"It's okay darling. I'm going downstairs. Text me if you need anything." She kissed my head. Lou must of told her. I smiled as she walked out the door. I closed it behind her. I just wanted to sleep. I stripped down to my boxers and walked to the bed. I laid down ready to cuddle with Harry. Harry. He's not in here. He usual comforts me after a long day. I know it's only been a few hours since I broke up with him. But I miss him more than anything. A single tear fell from eye. Next thing I know. I'm crying my eyes out and beating the pillow. Why'd I do that? Why'd I break up with him. I cried harder.

"I'm sorry Harry" I mumbled and drifted to sleep.


I laid in my bed. I turned over wanting to see Niall then quickly remembered everything. He broke up with me. I didn't mean what I said. I love him. I'm sorry. I heard someone knock on my door. I hopped up and ran to the door and opened it. I was hoping it was Niall. But it was Lou.

"Harry. We have a problem..." He said.

"What. What's wrong?"


"What about him! Is he okay? Is he hurt!?"

"No Harry. He told management he is gay..."

"He... What? Why?"

"I'm not sure. Probably cause Madison and Spencer. He didn't mention. So I don't think he remembers he did it..."

"Louis. Niall can't. He won't. He." I couldn't speak. When he finds out what he did. He'll hate himself. "I need to talk to him." I walked past Louis. He grabbed my arm.

"You sure?" He asked. I nodded. I have too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SORRY FOR MISTAKES! I did this on my iPod. So yeah. (: I'm starting the next chapter. This one hurts my heart. But please leave suggestions and comments about what you want to happen. Thanks!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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