my new life

miranda is rich and she got one direction tickets and won backstage then she gets a phone call and ends up staying with one direction


2. the text

I went down stairs rushing to the smell of pancakes "who made pancakes I never knew you people knew how to cook" "well for your imformtion we can" said harry  *cough* "n you cant" I said threw the cough "these pnckes are horrible harry"!!! Louis wined "how bout nandos" niall said we all nodded "WAIT!!! I have dance practice at 1:00 and I don't have the clothes " after nandos we'll go shopping"  we went to nandos niall atleat got three plates we left nandos  at bout like 10:00 we went to the mall we wen to forever 21 levi's and then to dance ur heart out I got the cloths I needed then  a girl shouts MIRANDA YOU DONT DESRVE TO BE WITH NIALL!!!  I started to run then someone grbbed my wrist and our chest hit each oteer and I saw beautiful blueish greenish I eyes and  knew it was niall ' hey ingnore those girls there just jeoules that ur with a hunk like me" we bot giggled then we got closer and closer until I fet his lips brush on mine we were thre for about three minutes utill the rest of the boys said awwww we chuckled  I whispered "does this men ur my boyfriend"? he whipered back "yes"!! I pecked his lips and thay took me to dance practice

*********skipn ance practice*************



A/N hey guys srry for not updating as soon I thought I would well hope you enjoy and remember comment and remember enter the completion


xoxo,miranda <3 <3 <3

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