My Best Nightmare

I thought he was this great amazing guy, at first. He was supposed to be this sweet, loving and caring guy, but he was far from that. I thought he loved me. Then "He" came into my life. He made things better. I was happier.

Who's love story is this anyway? Who will Julie end up with? Will she go back to Justin or stay with her new "Love"?




*Jc POV*

I heard a scream. I ran in the house and to Julie. “Jul- You!” I looked at the guy with the dark hair. “What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled.

“Taking your girlfriend. You should never leave such a pretty girl alone.” He laughed.

“I didn’t. I was outside, on the porch.”

“You said, you would leave us alone!” Julie shouted. His hand wrapped around her throat in one swift motion. Before I could stop him two guys grabbed me by arms.

“No, I said I might stop stalking you. And I decided that, I’ll continue to stalk you. And, I’m not stalking you, I’m kidnapping you,” He looked back at me. “Both.” I felt a pain in the back of my head, and everything went to black.

                  I woke up and my head was pounding. “Where am I? Where’s Julie?”

“She hasn’t woken up yet.” I heard the dark haired guy say.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Sawyer Hartman.” I tried to get up and beat him till the edge of his life, but I couldn’t.

“You sick fucking bastard! You were the one who-“ I couldn’t finish the sentence. “I outta kill you for what you did to her.”

“What I did to her? You mean what she did to me?” I raised my eyebrow at him. “That’s right. I did nothing to her. She did all the dirty work.”

“Don’t listen to him, Jc. He’s trying to get in your head.” I heard Julie say in the distance. I could tell she was far.

“Shut Up!” He screamed.

“Don’t you dare scream at-“ He wrapped his hand around my throat, not tight enough to kill me, but I was still losing air.

“I’m in charge here. You don’t get to tell me what to do, got that?” He squeezed harder. I nodded my head. He let go of me, I took a long deep breath.

“Julie! Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah. I’m somewhat okay.”

“Awe, listen to the happy well not happy, but cute couple. Oh, there will be a visitor to see both of you later.” With that he walked out the room. Who’s coming to see us? I hope it’s one of the guys, coming to help get us out of here.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” I heard a familiar voice say. He got close to me, and I realized he was that stupid kid, that came up to me talking shit. Jack.

“Only reason I was dragged in was because I was hit up aside the head with something.” I spat. I felt something sharp going across my neck, but it didn’t cut me. He stopped.

“Do you take me for a fool, Jc?” Yes.

“No, why would I think that? We had a little fight almost a month ago, you can’t live in the past. It’s time to move on. Killing me won’t make it any better.”

“Oh but, I disagree. And so does he.” Just then Justin walks in the room. Shit, he had to show up when I’m tide up.

“Well, Jc or should I say Justin?”

“Neither, you shouldn’t say any of my names. I don’t want to hear my name out your mouth.”

“Funny, you’re the one tied up and you think you can tell me what to do.” He laughed a fake laugh. I bit my lip.

“So, you’re gonna take advantage of me being tied up? That’s the only way either of you will ever beat me.” Jack stood behind me, with the sharp object still in his hands. He drags it across my skin, this time with more pressure. My fist curl up from the pain. He suddenly stops.

“Wait a minute. Who’s the girl?” Jack said.

“Leave her out of this. She didn’t do anything to you, Jack.” I said, through my teeth.

“But she did to me.” Justin spoke up.

“No, she didn’t. You beat her. She didn’t do a thing to you.”

“Yeah, she did. She threatened to kill me.”

“To keep me and her protected. You would have done the same thing. But, you’re cold hearted, you would’ve killed them right then and there, no second thought about it. Wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I would. You’re lucky I haven’t killed you.” I bit my lip so hard I almost bit through it.

“What do you want Justin?”

“You know what I want. I want her.”

“Well, you can’t. She’s mine. She doesn’t love you. You don’t even love her. You only wanted her because she was ‘innocent’. She loves me. And I actually love her, something you never did or will ever do.” He punched me across the face, it didn’t hurt that bad. Why was I scared to stand up to him all this time?

“You don’t know anything. She doesn’t love you.”

“Yes, she does. She told me she loves me, in fact I told her I love her first, then she said it.” He left, and walked over to Julie.

“You love him?”

“Yes. Why do you care? You treated me like shit. Now you’re mad because I found someone that’s capable of loving me? That’s truly messed up.”


*Justin’s POV*


I care, because I wanted to love you.

“I did love you.” I said.

“Bull. Shit.”

“I did.” I argued.

“Well, you have a messed up way of showing it.”

“Only, reason I kidnapped you was because, I was afraid of losing you.” I admitted.

“Well, you fucking raped me. Explain that.”

“I was drunk. I barely remember it.”

“Well, I’ll never forget it. No matter how much I try, it haunts me at night.”

“I’m sorry, I really am.” I really am, that was fucked up.

“It’s hard to forgive someone after that. I was a damn virgin. That’s something I’ll never get back. I wanted to give that to the man I marry, after I marry him. But now, no. Now, I can’t. So, in the future I don’t know how long from now, and I’m engaged he’ll ask me if I’m a virgin and my answer is ‘no, I was raped by my ‘ex-boyfriend’.”

“She’s terrified to have sex because of you.” I heard Jc say. He tried to have sex with her, I’ll kill him.

“Shut up, Jc.” Julie said. I laughed. “You, too. How can you stand there and say you love me, when you beat me multiple times? Explain that.”

“I was angry. You tried to leave me.”

“You beat me before that.”

“I-I don’t know. I’m an idiot. An idiot who was in love.”

“See. Listen to yourself. Did love, was in love, and loved. Past tense, you don’t love me. You may think you did but you don’t, not anymore at least. You’ll find someone whose better for you. Who loves you, as much as you love them. And you won’t have to kidnap them or lock them in the basement, or beat them. And I do love Jc. He’s sweet, kind, caring, gentle, and just amazing both inside and out. He sat there and talked to me when no one else would. He made me feel safe and loved. The way I’m supposed to feel. He made me laugh and smile, when it had literally been months since I had a real smile or a real laugh.”

“You’ve only been gone for a three months.”

“I know, my life wasn’t exactly perfect before either. I suffered from my own problems. I missed my family and friends back in America. Me and my mom started fighting even more than usual since we moved here. I started to feel horrible, not just physically but mentally to. It’s hard on a teenage girl to move to a different country. I didn’t want to move here. I wanted to stay in America. My mom got a job offer here. So, she made me pack up everything, and say goodbye to everyone and leave. I had two weeks until we had to leave. I considered running away, but that wouldn’t change anything, I didn’t have anywhere to go. Eventually, I would have been found, and I’d end up here. So, I went back home before my mom noticed I was gone. She doesn’t know I ran away, and I don’t plan on telling her. I was glad I made a friend on my first day of school, I didn’t think that same person would kidnap me though. Every time I’d come home, I get yelled at for not doing or doing something, everyday it’s something new. Then, I got closer to you, and I was fussed and yelled at even more. Constantly saying the same thing. ‘You don’t even know him. How can you trust him? Are you trying to get yourself killed?’ She didn’t know you. She was like that toward every guy I mention, rather he’s a friend, a person I just met, or a boyfriend. She drove me crazy.” She laughed. “But, I love her anyway.” Wow, I made her life even worse, when she was already in hell. I’m a horrible person. I didn’t even consider what she was going through. She had just moved hundreds maybe a thousand miles away, from everyone she knew, family , friends everyone except her mom.

“What about your dad?” I asked.

“I never met him. My mom said he went on a business trip, and hadn’t seen since. He didn’t know she was pregnant, she didn’t know she was pregnant until she started showing. She never got in-touch with him. I don’t even know if she’s tried.”

“What’s his name?” Jc asked.

“Uhh, I think his name is John Henson, or Jonathan Henson. There’s no telling how many guys have that name.” I felt bad, for her not Jc.



“Give me the knife.”

“Why?” He whined.

“Because, I’ll kill you if you don’t.” He handed me the knife. I cut Julie free. “Go home, to your mom. She misses you.” She looked at me in disbelief, like she saw me walk on water. “Go, before I change my mind.” I said.

“Not until you let him go.” She pointed to Jc. Damn, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I walk over to Jc and cut him loose. Jc looked pissed, like he was about to punch me. Julie walked over to him and grabbed him, pulling him out the door.


I’ll find someone. I loved her, I really did, but she didn’t feel the same way and no matter what I do she never will. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope things end well for them, they love each other. She must really love him, I let her go but she stayed and told me to let him go, too. That’s real love. I want to find a girl like that, one that will stay at my side even if it gets crazy, and it will.



*Julie’s POV*


“Come on, Jc.” I said walking out the front door of the house.

“Let me punch him, once. Just once across the face.”

“No, you said you’d stop fighting.”

“He took a knife and ran it across my skin.” He argued.

“You’ll be fine, he was teasing you. You didn’t even bleed. You’re fine.”

“So, you think I’m amazing, inside and out? So, you think I look good.?”

“Ugh, I guess.” I laughed.

“Whatever, you think I’m sexy.” He said doing a body roll.

“Oh yeah, what you just did was real sexy keep it up.” I laughed even harder. “You are pretty good looking, but you wanna know who’s really sexy?” He looked at me confused.


“Me.” I flipped my hair to one side, walking down the sidewalk like a catwalk. I stopped. I couldn’t hold back my laughter any more, we busted into laughter.


We turned the corner. There it is, my house. I haven’t been home in almost three weeks, and here I am walking down the street like everything is fine. I turned to Jc. “You might wanna go home. My mom will think you’re the one that kidnapped me. I don’t want you to go to jail.” I pulled him in for a hug. I nuzzled my forehead into his neck. He looked down at me, and looked up to him. He leaned in, and our lips connected, it was like magic. We finally pulled away, out of breath.

“Promise me, you’ll still see me.” He held put his pinkie finger.

“Of course I will. You are my boyfriend.” I smiled at him. “I’ll see you around.” Jc started to walk home, I made sure he was out of sight before I came closer to the house. I walked up the front steps, I tried to open the door but it was locked. I found a note.


Dear Julie,


If you’re reading this then you’re home. I leave this note here every time I leave the house. In hopes that someday you will come home. I’m sorry I put so much pressure on you by making you move here. I still love you, with all my heart. I’ll be back. Just please don’t leave again. I miss you so much.


Love, mom


I found another note.


Dear Julie,


You’ve been gone for nearly a whole three months, they’ve pronounced you dead. Please prove them wrong. I know you’re not dead. I know it. Please come home. I love you.


Love, mom


And another one.


Dear Julie,


I went back to Florida, to tell everyone. I miss you. If you are reading this I’ll be home on the eighteenth. I love you.


Love, mom


I have no idea what today is. When is the eighteenth.

I ran to Jc’s house, as fast as I could. I knocked on the door.

“Hey, I thought you went home.” I busted into tears. He pulled me into a hug and brought me inside.

“What happened?” He asked.

“She thinks I’m- I’m dead. I was pronounced dead a few days ago. She went home to Florida, tell everyone that I’m dead.” I cried again.

“We can go to the Police office.”

We get to the police office, and rush in.

“Hi, I’m Julie Henson. I’m not dead and I didn’t run away. I’m right here.” Everyone is silent.

“So, you’re Julie Henson. Your mother is worried sick about you.”

“I know. I went home, and she’s not there but there’s a bunch other letters on the porch that she left for me. I read them all. She said I was pronounced dead.”

“Yes, where were you exactly?”

“I-I I don’t know. I was in a dark basement for long time. They let me go. They covered my head knocked me out and when I woke up I was on the side walk near my house.”

“Who’s the guy that came in with you?”

“He found me, on the side walk. He took me to my house, but like I said she wasn’t home. So, he brought me here.”

“Do you know who kidnapped you?”

“No. It was a male with a deep voice. That’s all I know. He never let me see his face. I guess he was afraid of getting caught, not confident in his dirty work. But, that’s not why I’m here. I need to call my mother and tell her I’m alive.” The man reached under the counter and handed me a phone. I dialed her number.

“Hello? This is not a-“



“I’m alive, I’m not dead. I missed you. Please don’t tell everyone I’m dead.”

“I-I. I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you love and missed me, and that you can’t wait till you come home and see me. Because that’s how I feel.”

“I love you so much. I missed you so much. And I can’t wait till I see you when I get home. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I started to cry again. I felt Jc wrap his arms around me. But, when I turned around it wasn’t Jc. It was my mom. I cried even harder. I hugged her, tightly not wanting to let go.

“I never want to lose you again.” She cried.

“You won’t. I promise.” She let me go after we stopped crying. She turned around.

“So, who is this young man?” She asked pointing to Jc.

“I’ll explain when we get home. Why don’t you come over for dinner?” I asked Jc.

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“It looks like, when was the last time either of you ate?” I couldn’t even answer the simple question, neither could Jc. “It’s been that long?”

“I’ll explain when we get home. Can we please go home?” She nodded. “Thank you.”


*Jc’s POV*


                  We got to the house, and sat down in the living room. “This is Jc. Justin. He helped me a lot this last two months. He protected me, risked his life for mine, fought for mine, and loves me. And I can say I love him too. He’s been nothing but amazing to me.” She held my hand in hers, waiting to hear what she has to say.

“I truly love your daughter. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. She makes me a better person. She also risked her life for mine, even though I told her not to. She’s so sweet and kind hearted. I’ve never met someone who will put others before themselves like she did. When I first saw her, I knew she was different. I liked that. And, I was right she is different, but in the best way possible. And I’m glad that she made me hers. Normally, I’d say I made her mine, but I’d be wrong. She convinced me into being hers. So, I said yes. I am hers and she is mine.”

“What made you not what to in the first place?” I looked at Julie.

“Because, I know she’s younger than I am.” Julie coughed, I know she wants me to tell the truth. “And I had a bad past, with a relationship. My heart was broken and I didn’t know if I was ready to get back out there yet, but now I know that I am.” She stared at me. “And I’m not going to lie to you. Please don’t judge me on my past, I’m a totally changed person. I went to jail three years ago, and got out two years  ago.”


“Domestic Violence. I promise to you and your daughter that I will never ever lay my hands on her. I would never do anything to hurt her. I love her way to much, to do that. I told her that if either one of us feel like I’m going to do anything, then I’ll leave. No questions asked.”

“What happened?” I looked at her confused. “What happened between you and your ex?”

“I was to jealous, and paranoid” I told her everything that happened between me and Kate. And for the first time I don’t feel like crying. I’ve moved on. Even though I loved her.



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