My Best Nightmare

I thought he was this great amazing guy, at first. He was supposed to be this sweet, loving and caring guy, but he was far from that. I thought he loved me. Then "He" came into my life. He made things better. I was happier.

Who's love story is this anyway? Who will Julie end up with? Will she go back to Justin or stay with her new "Love"?


17. Epilogue...



*Jc’s POV*


It’s been a month since Justin let us go. Julie’s mom didn't care about my past, she said she’s happy I took care of her daughter. Me and Julie have a strong relationship, I love her more than I did before. She’s absolutely amazing. Julie decided she didn’t want to press charges against Justin for anything he did. She felt bad for him, and told the police she knew absolutely nothing. She didn’t give any description at all. Though I wanted to beat him, to the edge of his life. We haven’t heard from Sawyer his gang, or Justin. Sometimes I hang with the gang, but not as much. I live at my house now, Julie visits every weekend.

                  Julie went back to school. And I applied for college, I didn’t want us to be far away from each other.


*A Saturday Morning*


I opened my eyes to the brightness shining through the window of my room. 

'Pling!' My phone went off.

'Hey, I'm on my way over. Be there in 10.' Julie texted me.

'Ok. See you then, bae. Luv u. <3' I sent a quick text back.

'Luv u 2!' I smiled at her text.

'Dont txt n drive. I don't want u 2 get hurt.'

'Ok. I won't. See u in a min.'

About ten minutes later she walked in the front door.

"Jc!" She called me.

"I'm in bed!"

"Lazy ass! Get up!" I heard her call from the living room.

"I don't wanna!" I whined like a little kid. "Five more minuets, please?" I begged.

"Fine." I kissed her cheek, as she entered my room and sat on my bed.

"I love you."

"Forever?" She stared into my eyes.

"No." I paused. "I'll love you five ever." She laughed. "Four's not long enough." I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. 

"I love you, too. Six ever. What are we gonna do for the day?"

"We should get away for the week."I wanna take her somewhere special.

"I have classes this week." I frowned. "And my mom is not gonna let me leave with you for a week."

"She didn't say anything to me when you stayed with me for a month." I said.

"Yeah, to you. But, me. Ha. I didn't hear the end of it for two weeks. She asked me a million times if... I was pregnant." I swallowed a lump in my throat. I never thought about that.

"A-are you?" I asked scared.

"No. Thank God." I sighed in relief. 

"Why are you sighing? You're not the one who would be carrying a child nine months."

"I know, but I would stay with you. And take care of you and the baby." She looked down at her feet.

"Why? It wouldn't be yours."That made my heart ache.

"But I would take care of him or her like he or she was." I kissed her soft lips. "I love you. I wouldn't ever leave you, I don't care if I'm the father or not. You're my girl, so it would be my baby." I continued to kiss her lips, pulling her onto my lap. 

"You're amazing." She pulled away. 

"You are, too." I pulled her down on top of me, holding her waist gently. She slipped he hand under shirt tracing my abs, reconnecting our lips. A soft moan left her lips, as I flipped us over to where I was on top. I trailed kisses down her neck, sucking her soft skin.


"Hey!" I heard someone barge into the room.

"What?" I yelled, pulling the cover over Julie's body.

"We have a problem." The intruder breathed heavily. I looked up and saw Connor, he looked pale.

"Did you run here?"

"Yeah." Damn, Connor ran, that only means one thing, there really is a big problem. He flipped on a switch turning on the lights. 

"Oh my. You're bleeding." With that Connor passed out of the floor. "What do we do?" Julie panicked.

"We help him." I've done this a bunch of times before. 


"Take him ton the bathroom, I'll get the first aid kit." I told Julie.

"Umm, how about. You tell me where the first aid kit is and you take him. I can't pick him up."

"Okay, whatever. It's in the cabinet above the stove. Be careful." She ran out the room, to the kitchen. "Ok, Con. Let's get you to the bathroom." I said, pick him over my shoulder carrying him. 

I sat him down on the toilet, Julie came in the the box.

"Is it a big enough box?" She asked.

"Yes, we never know what's gonna happen." I saw his shoulder was bleeding, I cleaned it and wrapped a gauze around the wound. 

"Help me take him to lay him down. He needs to sleep." What the hell happened? 


"Hey, Connor." Julie said as soon as he woke up the next morning.

"Hi." He said slowly.

"What happened, yesterday?" I asked him, slowly.

"Well, we were just hanging out at the house then, they came in braking the windows and everything that's glass."

"Who were they?" I asked.

"I don't know. I've never seen them before. They're not from here though."






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