Tooken home

Hello my name is Angelina Tomlinson, yes Tomlinson, Louis is my dad, he adopted me, I don't know why. I am 11 years old, and now I live with One Direction, yup, One Direction. But I HATE living with them, there always soo protective! I cant go to my friends house without them knowing who she is. I cant text boys (I still do) I cant date (who says I listen to them) I do have my own phone, but I put the number of the boys as a girls name so they think its a girl texting me , because before I delete my texts and calls, THEY LOOK AT THEM! its horrible, but the only good thing is that, I am best friends with Elouner, she practically my mom! but shes more like a best friend. Anyway I was adopted because when I was 7 my parents left me, so ya, I was in foster care, and now I am Louis Tomlinsons daughter!


2. Really?


I asked a little scared about him knowing.


I looked at Alaura, then back at my dad.


"just kidding dang!" he said laughing


"hah. hah, hah." I faked laughed


"El's coming in a little to hang out with you girls." he said walking out


"woah! that was close!"


"super close" I corrected


"HIII!!!!!" Eleanor said running inside my room and closing the door.


"hello El." I said crossing my legs on my bed.


"whats wrong?" she asked


"nothing, you think you can maybe talk to Lou and-" she cut me off


"guess what!?" she said excited


"what?" Me and Alaura said together


"Me and Lou are engaged!" she exclaimed




"I know! DAUGHTER!"




we laughed and shared a big hug until my phone rang


I looked.


From: unknown number


hello, is this Angelina?


I smiled because I knew exactly who it was


yes it is, is this who i think it is?




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