Tooken home

Hello my name is Angelina Tomlinson, yes Tomlinson, Louis is my dad, he adopted me, I don't know why. I am 11 years old, and now I live with One Direction, yup, One Direction. But I HATE living with them, there always soo protective! I cant go to my friends house without them knowing who she is. I cant text boys (I still do) I cant date (who says I listen to them) I do have my own phone, but I put the number of the boys as a girls name so they think its a girl texting me , because before I delete my texts and calls, THEY LOOK AT THEM! its horrible, but the only good thing is that, I am best friends with Elouner, she practically my mom! but shes more like a best friend. Anyway I was adopted because when I was 7 my parents left me, so ya, I was in foster care, and now I am Louis Tomlinsons daughter!


1. Meeting a boy

Today I gotta go to school (private school) and yeah I DONT WANT TO GO! The reason I don't want to go is because people are always asking me to get them tickets to see One Direction, or....... I get called names,  just because I am Louis daughter!


I went into my bathroom and did my hair, I kept my curly brown hair down (to be honest I look more like Harrys daughter) and twisted my bands to the side. I looked in my closet, I put on my white floral shorts, pink tank-top and my white flats. I went downstairs.

"morning dad" I said to Louis

"morning hun, ready for school?" he asked me

"no" I said grumly

"why not?" Harry asked asked coming downstairs

"because...... nevermind you wouldn't understand"

"why?" he asked again

"because.... people are always 'OMG ITS LOUIS DAUGHTER LETS GO BE NICE EVEN THOUGH WE DONT LIKE HER SO WE CAN MEET THE BOYS!' I said in a annoying little brat voice

"they do not do that!" Niall said

"yes, they do! anyway, whs taking me to school?" I asked

"Liam will" my dad said

"alright, tell him I will be right back in a sec!" I said running upstairs to grab my things

I picked up my backpack, I secrectly grabbed my phone and threw it in my binder, just in case they look in my backpack.

"hurry up!" Liam yelled

"i'm coming dang, cant a girl get a break!?" I yelled back

"watch it!" he yelled playfuly

(in the car)

"member the rules-"

I cut him off

"I remember the rules, shut up!"

"fine then." he mumbled

I got out the car.

"bye Li"

"bye Lina, have fun!"

"yeah Liam at a school, of course its FUN!" I shut the door and started walking into the school.

(its a middle school, im in 6th grade)

"hey girlie, anything happen?" my best friend Aluara asked me

"not really, hey you wanna come over later?" I asked her

"sure." I trusted her, she likes, I mean LOVES One Direction, but she doesn't go all crazy!

"what class you have?" I asked her

"ugh! Spanish!" she aid unhappy "which one you have?"

"math! I hate math! the teacher already told me im failing, but the boys don't know..... and im planning on keeping it that way!"

diiiiiiiing the bell rang and me and Aluara went separate ways.


"hello class, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!" Ms. Sabel said happily, her class was boring but she was nice

I sat down and waited to see who sits next to me. A few minutes later a boy came running in the class.

"im sooo sorry Ms. Sapel, my car-"

"just sit Jake." I watched him walk towards me.

"does anyone sit by you?" he asked me, I didn't respond, I couldnt he was gorgeous, he had brown hair (it was shaped like Nialls) and brown eyes

"n-no no one does." I stuttered, he came and sat by me


 (after class)

I grabbed my hings and shoved it in my bag.

"h-hi I'm Jake, you are?" he asked me

"you don't know who I am?"

"no. wait! you one of the boys from that bands daughter right? Angelina?"

"yup! hey you want my number?" I asked him all flirty

"sure, but wont you get in trouble?" he asked me

"no, trust me, no matter what I do I wont get caught, see i'll put you as Jessica, in my phone, and they'll think its a girl!" I said happily

"oh, well here it is" he ripped a piece of paper from his backpack and wrote it down

"thanks!" I said smiling, and putting it in my bag

"what class you have next?" he asked

"history. you?"

"same!" he answered smiling

(at lunch)

I took my lunch box out of my bag and started walking to lunch.

"HEY ANGELNA! OVER HERE!" Alaura called

I saw her and sat by her

"sooooo, whos that boy?"

"what boy?"

"Jake, it looks like hes looking for you!"

I turned around, he spotted me and sat down next to me

"Hey Angelina!"

"hey Jake"

"heheheh" I looked at Alaura she was all giggly


 (end of school) I walked out of school and toke out my phone.

From: Dad

hey hun, sorry you have to walk home, we needed to go to an interview. I am sooo sorry!

To: Dad

its alright

From: Dad

Love you! :)

TO: Dad

you tooo :)

I started walking

"hey Angelina! are you walking?" Jake said running after me

"yeah, wait!"


shoot! I forgot Alaura was coming over.

"hold on Jake can you stay here I need to find my friend!"

without letting him answer I too off.

I found Alaura.

"hey you still coming?" I asked her

"yeah, I was looking for you!"

" I know i'm sorry, but we have to walk!"

"oh okay!"

We met up Jake again.

"hey im back!"

"okay, im walking too!"

"cool where you live?"

"about ten minutes away, in The AppleRose village"

"me too!"

When we arrived I was shocked. The boys were outside waiting for me

"NO!" I said

"what? oh!" Alaura said once she noticed

"what?" Jake asked

"m-my dad hes right there!"

"oh sorry, I can go this way, its about the same distance!"

"okay go! I will text you later!"

He left and me and Alaura kep walking until we the bows saw us

"finally! oh Alaura's staying?" Zayn asked

"yeah she is, can she?"

"of course! she always welcome!"

I looked at Alaura she was happy.

I went inside and went to my room, with Alaura following.

"knock-knock, whos the boy?" My dad asked walking in

Shoot! he knows!

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