irresistable (a harry styles fanfic)

Read it to find out :*


1. summer finnally

*noisy bustling those are the hallways of Jackson high the hell hole I call my high school,

'Bell rings' "YESS my best friend Evelyn yells out schools over" I start laughing and we walk out of school singing live while were young and kids are throwing there papers out and folders on the floor you can tell its summer. meanwhile this couple is litterlly making out and Evelyn yells out GET A ROOM everyone laughs people are happy and jumping up and down. "Its gonna be a great summer i say to Evelyn she laughs and says its gonna be great." That's when her brother pulls up and we get in we start laughing and check instagram. "TWITTER I yell" we both check for all the one direction boys tweets and we retweet and favorite everything and then we pull up at my house I get off and thank her brother. "text meee!! Evelyn yells" I say course just like in best song ever Niall says course that's me and Evelyn's thing. I walk in my house go to the kitchen and give my mom a hug and kiss her on the cheek. And she asks how my day was I laugh and walk to my room saying great. I slip into some black sweat pants and a pink crop top and sit on my bed grab my laptop and go on tumblr and then text Evelyn hey :). I see this picture of a brand new land rover which was beautiful. So i run out of my room and go up to my mom sit on the counter and ask how long until my ca.. and my mom cuts me off and says sweetie me and your father cant buy you a car. And I said don't worry about it and my mom suggests to me to get a job and buy myself a car and my mom said be right back ran outside to the front had her keys and left. She came back 5 minutes later and ran in and handed me and application for this smoothie place so filled it out and faxed it. 


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