irresistable (a harry styles fanfic)

Read it to find out :*


2. smoothie hut

Turns out i got accepted and now my job is at smoothie hut. kms,they do pay well by the time ive worked 8 months i can get a brand new white land rover. So i get to work at 2:00 pm and start as a cashier cause i dont have experience. well the clock stricked 7:00 and i walked out and called my mom and she came hauling ass and i hopped in the car i plugged in my phone and clicked one direction and played music and ive just let these little things i sang and were home my song was ruined ughhh to i shower and got in my pajamas plugged in my phone and got a bowl of chicken and stars soup drank it and went to my room without checking tumblr or twitter i fell asleep. 


comment if you want me to keep going :) harry coming soon!! leave comments love you guys -alyssababes

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