irresistable (a harry styles fanfic)

Read it to find out :*


3. omg evelyn

I wake up the next morning and took a shower to go to work. I put on my black pants and my black shirt with purple and yellow writing that said "Smoothie Hut". I ended up walking to work because my mom was sleeping I didn't want to wake her. I put on my earphones and listen to one direction Summer love. Thats when evelyn text me and says boys are here and i jumped up and down by myself!! Cause I know harry has this obsession with smoothie hut. I get to work and take a few peoples orders then some guy with curly hair and shades covering his eyes comes up and orders. He orders sundown sunrise smoothie I had remebered thats harrys favorite and smiled. Then he smiled and that dimple I reconized it but didn't think anything but a cute guy there always here. Thats when I knew it was to good to be true when he had an american accent. But while saying thank you the guy speaks in british. I knew it was him but i didnt fan girl just he signed his name as David Welcome THAT WAS NOT HIM!!! I ask him to sign the receipt and get it back checking it there was not name it was his number 445-263-7765 I was smiling i looked up and he pulled off his glasses and winked. And waited at a table for his smoothie i go and give it to him and wink back. When i go to walk back he tugs my arm and asks my name I say my name and run my hands through my hair. He then shes my case on my phone which says summer love. And he grabs it and starts singing low and says you were mine. Thats when this bitch that works there who is co manager since my boss wasnt there she was in charge and she yelled and said back to work. Harry gives me my phone and said call me I was being corny and said absoultly lie in (bse)



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