irresistable (a harry styles fanfic)

Read it to find out :*


5. First text

Me and Evelyn woke up the next morning to my mom making us chocolate chip pancakes. I was walking to my bathroom to pick up my hair in a high pony tail and brushed my teeth. Evelyn ran in and grabbed her tooth brush. + she keeps one here since she is usually always here. after that we ran down stairs I jumped on Evelyns back and made her carry me. We fell a few times but i was too lazy my mom served us pancakes and I ate like a PIG!! My mom had went to get dressed to go to work which reminded me i had work at 4:00 in the afternoon today. I imediatly smiled for no reason. Evelyn went upstairs and grabbed her purse and told me she had to go to take care of her little brother Jonathan. I smiled and she walked out I locked the door and sat back down humming kiss me by Ed Sheeran. My mom walked down a few minutes later and gave me a kiss grabbed her keys and left and she locked the door I just sat there wondering and felt pretty alone.... I went upstairs to my room and layed on my bed just chilled on instagram checking twitter tumblr. That's when I got a text from Harry which read "hey sorry was in a photoshoot and recording" "I replied with an ok no need for sorry" I was over thinking if he only knew what a huge fan I was of all the boys and him would he think i'm crazy or find it cute but for now I would just keep it a secret between me my posters and cutouts. Later that day around 3:00 an hour before work he texted and asked if i was working today i replied "sadly enough yes". "great see you there he replied" i giggled and went to get dressed passed my hair over with iron and put my white converse my shorts and put on my work top which said of course SMOOTHIE HUT! IN purple. By the time I was done getting dressed It was 3:50 I grabbed my phone and keys for the house locked the door and was walking to work I had forgotten my earphones so i hummed kiss you. 



IM going to have a contest the first 5 people to comment will be in the story thanks loves tell your friends about irresistable -ALYSSABABES:) ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR MY FIRST COMMENT WONT FORGET YOU 

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