Kuroshitsuji Songs

Various songs from Kuroshitsuji. Translations are included! NO LONGER MUSICALS ONLY!!!! NOW INCLUDES OTHER SONGS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will still take requests even if this gets marked as "complete"


28. Kill★in the Heaven

Kill★in the Heaven



Nee Itsuka wa
Anata ni dakarete Onaji yume wo
Miru no

Koucha ni ukabeta akai Kiss to
Barairo no himitsu

Ima futari deatta Isshun no eien
Makka na ito de Tsumugidasu no

Anata ni Koisuru kimochi wa
Shakunetsu no sekkekkyuu Setsunai kokyuu
Madobe ni Usubeniiro no
Tokimeki kazareba Munasawagi...

Nee Kanjiru?
Yozora de hashaida Futari no kodou

TABLE ni wa hanataba to uso to
Kyoubou na LOVE SONG

Akai yane no Chiisa na i.e. de yorisoi
Ikutsu mo no asa Mukaetai no

Anata to Shinu hodo amakute
Horonigai mezame wo Kusuguru you ni
Crazy for you Mayoikonda meiro
Mune kogasu namida de Sasayaite...

"Aa... Watagashi no you na shiroi CHAPEL de,
Akai WEDDING DRESS wo kite anata to aruku no...
Sono michi wa, mabushi-sugiru tengoku ni iru mitai...
Soshite, eien ni futari wa musubareru no...!"

Anata wa
Chikakute tookute
Modokashii kyori sae
Itooshii no

Tatoeba Subete ga yume demo
Sakimidareru ai Kill in the Heaven




Darling, at some point in the future,
I will sleep in your cuddling hug,
and we will even share the same dream.

I will casually recall and imagine,
from looking at my cup of black tea,
our crimson kiss and rosy secret.

In this eternity of an instant where we've just met,
I'll start weaving our red string of fate.

The feeling of loving you can be summarized as
scorching-hot red blood cells and difficulty to breathe.
If I affix my light-pink heartbeats right next to my window...
Oh my! My heart suddenly feels apprehensive!

Darling, do you feel it?
This miracle that our heartbeats
are horsing around under the night sky.

Unintentionally, I've placed
on the table a bouquet, some lies,
and a crazily raging love song.

I want us to cuddle close in this small red-roofed house,
and together greet the arrival of every morning.

So sweet that I could just die with you,
I'd tickle you into a bittersweet waking in the morning--
--that's how much I'm crazy for you.
In the maze, I murmur to you with my heart-burning tears:

"Ah, in a chapel as white as cotton candy,
I'll walk down the aisle with you in a red wedding dress...
The path would be as radiant as heaven itself...
And then we'll be bonded together forever...!"

You feel both so close to and so far away from me,
and even that aggravating distance of yours is so lovely!
Even if everything were just a dream,
I'll just kill our profusely blooming love in the heaven.


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