Kuroshitsuji Songs

Various songs from Kuroshitsuji. Translations are included! NO LONGER MUSICALS ONLY!!!! NOW INCLUDES OTHER SONGS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will still take requests even if this gets marked as "complete"


14. How Noisy, This Trio

How Noisy,This Trio





Bard: Saa, hajimaru ze

meshi no shitaku da

nakuko mo damaru,aji ga jiman sa

Hara ga hettara,

makasete okina!

ore-sama no reshipi-


Finny: Ii tenki da ne!

Shigoto biyori da!

Niwa mo ohana mo

kirei ni saita


Bard: Tokubetsu na hi da


Finny: Ganbara nakucha!


Bard: Udekiki-


Finny: shiyouin-


Bard&Finny: Sore wa ore tachi!


Mey-Rin: Sheetsu wo hoshite

Kappu to osara wo soroe

Airon to souji-

tegiwayoku konasu da yo


All: Choushi denai-

sonna toki wa waraette

Minna de utao

Phantomhive de lai la la lai la la lai!




All: Kokoro komete harikitte-

Koe awaette!

Uta wo utao

tsuari toki de mo azayaka,na!

Te wo awasete-

rizumu no notte!

Jiman no ude wo furuimashou!




Mey-Rin: watashitachi-


Finny: saikou no shiyouin!


Bard: Sa dou da-


Mey-Rin: hora-


Finny: mitte


All: warao!

Phantomhive ni namida na naiwanai!






Bard: Well let's get started

it's time to prepare the food

a flavor im proud of,it can quiet even a crying child

Whenever you're hungry,

just leave it to me!

the great me's recipes can win anyone over with fire power


Finny: What great weather!

The perfect weather for working!

The garden and flowers

are blossoming beautifully


Bard: It's a special day


Finny: We have to work hard!


Bard: Capable-


Finny: servants


Bard&Finny: That's what we are!


Mey-Rin: Air out the sheets

Arrange the cups and plates

Ironing and cleaning-

I handle it all efficiently


All: When things don't go well-

we just smile and laugh

Let's sing,everyone

At the Phantomhive house lai la la lai la la lai!




All: Hearts filled with enthusiasm-

harmonize our voices!

Let's sing a song

then even hard time can turn brilliant,right!

Let's join hands-

and follow the rhythm!

Let's show off the skills we're proud of!


Bard: Always-


Mey-Rin: we-


Finny: the best servants!


Bard: So why not-


Mey-Rin: come on-


Finny: try-


All: smile!

Tears don't suit a place like Phantomhive!

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