Kuroshitsuji Songs

Various songs from Kuroshitsuji. Translations are included! NO LONGER MUSICALS ONLY!!!! NOW INCLUDES OTHER SONGS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will still take requests even if this gets marked as "complete"


34. Futari no Harmony~Agni Side

Futari no Harmony Agni side





"Namasteji, Agni desu"
"Kono kami ni sazukarishi migite ni... MIKE wo mochi, ima
waga aruji Soma-sama no tame ni utaimashou."

Katsute wa hito wo kizutsuke tsumi wo kasaneteta
Kegare ooi kako kara

Hiroi sekai ni tatta hitori torinokosareta you na
Kodoku na kako kara

Futari Kiseki no you na Light
Atsui manazashi de tokeru
Kodoku sae Subete no hate e

You're Everything Futari no HARMONY
Maroyaka na hibiki Kawa no nagareru you ni
Kodoku na taiyou Oroka na gekkou
Yorisou sadame

Itsuka mita yume to ryuusei
Atarashii inochi no hajimari wo omoidasu
Futari wo tsunagu hohoemi ga Kirameite

Ano hi made wa nani hitotsu shinjiteinakatta
Subete wo suteteita

Ano hi made wa dare shi mo ga mikaeri ni mamire
Soshite hanareteitta

Futari meguru (Ah-Flight)
Yasashii kaze ni fukarete
Kurushimi mo Tokeatte Ayamachi de sae

Hitori to hitori ga Mazariai
Nigami ya umami ya koku wo hikidasu SPICE
Amaeta kaze to Obieru kumo to
Dakiau eien

Kakushiaji wa fushigi na komoriuta to
Kirari hikaru namida no itteki
Futari no HEART nijiiro ni Awasatte

You're in my heart Futari no RHAPSODY
Yawaraka na yoin Ukabu yuuhi no you ni
Nayameru hoshi to Modaeru daichi
Hikiau setsuna

You're Everything Futari no HARMONY
Atataka na mirai Hiruma no tsuki no you ni
Futari shinjiai inori kome Soba ni ite



"Good day to you. I am Agni.
With this right hand of mine from God, allow me to hold a mic,
and sing this song for my master Soma right now."

From an extremely tainted past,
a past of countless sins through injuring others...
From a lonesome past,
a past of being left alone in a vast world...

The two of us, like two miraculous rays of light,
melt and fuse by means of our blazing gazes.
Let's start flying from this solitude
towards the end boundary of all.

You're everything. The harmony of the two of us
has such a graceful sound, just like a flowing river.
Our fate is to get close to each other,
like how the lonely sun and the foolish moonlight converge.

At some point, I saw a dream and a shooting star,
which reminded me of the beginning of a new life,
as the smile connecting the two of us glittered.

Until that day, I didn't believe in a single thing
--I had abandoned everything.
Until that day, everyone only cared about returning favors,
but as soon as they did they immediately disappeared.

Ah, on a flight for just the two of us,
while we are being caressed by the gentle wind,
our anguishes melt and mix together,
and then even all our mistakes start to flow away.

When one and another mingle, they create a spice
that can extract bitterness, deliciousness, and thickness.
It is an eternity where even the spoiled wind
and the timid cloud can embrace each other.

With a lullaby of a mysterious hidden flavor,
and a drop of tear that glitters with a flash of light,
our hearts unite into a rainbow of seven colors.

You're in my heart. The rhapsody of the two of us
is like a setting sun floating in a tender evening,
in an instant moment where the anxious stars
and the agonizing earth attract each other.

You're everything. The harmony of the two of us
has a warm future, just like a daytime moon.
Let's believe in each other, offer our prayers, and stay together.


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