Kuroshitsuji Songs

Various songs from Kuroshitsuji. Translations are included! NO LONGER MUSICALS ONLY!!!! NOW INCLUDES OTHER SONGS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will still take requests even if this gets marked as "complete"


3. Black and White



Sebastian and Ciel


Sebastian: Anata no sono koe Yoru ni hibiku

Keiyaku no moto ni Negau mama ni


Ciel: Omae wa akuma de Tada no tegoma

Boku no te hira de Yoru ni odoru


Sebastian: Meirei koso ga subete

Ciel: Meirei koso ga subete

Sebastian: Kono mi sasage


Kuro ni


Ciel: Shiro ni

Sebastian: Somaru

Ciel: CHESS ni

Sebastian: Saa CHECKMATE wo


Ou ni


Ciel: Boku ni

Sebastian: Chikau

Ciel: Chikae

Sebastian: Shinjitsu wo sasageru





Sebastian: Your voice echoes in the night

I will do as you wish,as stated in the contract.


Ciel: You are a demon, just a pawn.

You will dance in the night on the palm of my hand.


Sebastian: Orders are everything

Ciel: Orders are everything

Sebastian: I offer myself to you.

In black


Ciel: In white

Sebastian: Dyed

Ciel: On the chessboard

Sebastian: Get a checkmate

I vow


Ciel: Vow

Sebastian: To the king

Ciel: To me

Sebastian: I will bring you the truth

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