Kuroshitsuji Songs

Various songs from Kuroshitsuji. Translations are included! NO LONGER MUSICALS ONLY!!!! NOW INCLUDES OTHER SONGS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will still take requests even if this gets marked as "complete"


41. Ai wa Chimamire

Ai wa Chimamire




"Suki ya nen" 'tte sasayaita
Te ni ase wo nigiri
"Aho ya na"'tte hatakare
Ai wa chimamire


Otoko no oira ni
Koko made iwasete
Sore de ee no ka?
Omae akuma ya....
Nakeba London
Kiri ni musebu yoru


"Suki ya nen" 'tte sakendeta
Mune wo kakimushiri
"Kudoi wa" 'tte kerarete
Ai wa zetsumei


Scotch sakaba no
Nawanoren kuguri
Yoishireru tabi
Omae koishii....
Basha wo hashirase
Kiri de jikoru yoru

Kiri ni musebu yoru
Kiri ni mayou yoru
Kiri ga harenu yoru
Kiri ga nai yameta



Love is Covered in Blood



I whispered to you "I love you"
in breathless excitement.
You replied "you're an idiot" and hit me.
Love is covered in blood.


Are you fine with that?
After I, a man,
told you that much...
You're really a devil...
I cry,
and London is choked with mist.


I screamed to you "I love you",
tearing my heart out.
You replied "I'm sick of you" and kicked me.
Love is deadly.


Whenever I pass under the rope curtain
of a Scotch pub
and get drunk
I miss you...
I ride my carriage
and crash in the mist tonight.

Choked in the mist tonight.
Lost in the mist tonight.
The mist won't clear away tonight.
This won't ever end, I quit.



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