In love with my Brother

Author's note:This is a different type of fanfic, it is a y/n one so when you see y/n it means your name,I like it like this because it makes you feel like you are the main character well you are the main character. I don't know yet if it'll have mature content yet. Hope you like it!!!!
The story is about y/n going to her new house since her mom will be getting married. y/n has gone through alot and this will be a fresh start but how can she start fresh if she falls in love with her brother?
If you want to know more about the story read the prolouge that I posted!! please give this fanfic a chance :)


8. Those blue eyes

y/n's POV
    After the uncomfortable chat I had with my new family it was time to go to bed.THANK GOD!!! I've been waiting this since I woke up this morning.'' y/n you will be sleeping with Jesy if that doesn't bother you'' ''no it's ok with me''I said with no big deal.''Ok then it is settled, Jesica honey please take y/n to your room ok?'' said Bobby looking at Jesy.''Alrighty then y/n come on it's upstairs, finally I don't get to sleep with Jade''said Jesica and taking her tounge out to I suposse is Jade. As I was about to go up the stairs I had realized that my luggage was in my mom's car.''Mom? my stuff is in the..'' ''Don't worry y/n I already took care of that all your stuff is in your new room''the blonde with blue  eyes said making me shiver because his Irish accent is so sexy..''Thanks'' was all I said because I really didn't know his name,really y/n? You didn't know your own brother's name? ''By the way I'm Niall''his blue eyes staring straight into mines.'' Thanks Niall'' was all I said.''Good luck with Jesy I slept with her for a year once and she didn't let me sleep she just wouldn't shut up''wow I hope it wasn't noticeable that I was just looking at those beautiful eyes.''Hey I heard that Niall!''said Jesy from the top of the stairs.''Well I'll leave you to settle in and I'm really happy you are part of the family'' Those gorgeous blue eyes and that smile made me melt.''Well then see you tomorrow goodnight Niall'' I couldn't help but smile. As I was in bed trying to sleep I couldn't stop but to think of those eyes they were just... unexplainable... y/n stop it he's going to be family and he will never see you  like that for god's sake YOU ARE FAMILY!! I pushed that thought away and did the only thing I did when I can't sleep,go to my imaginary world were I am safe away from everyone living the life with the best friends I never had......


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