In love with my Brother

Author's note:This is a different type of fanfic, it is a y/n one so when you see y/n it means your name,I like it like this because it makes you feel like you are the main character well you are the main character. I don't know yet if it'll have mature content yet. Hope you like it!!!!
The story is about y/n going to her new house since her mom will be getting married. y/n has gone through alot and this will be a fresh start but how can she start fresh if she falls in love with her brother?
If you want to know more about the story read the prolouge that I posted!! please give this fanfic a chance :)


6. Sorry :(

I'm sorry I haven't posted.Just to much stuff going on.I won't probably upload until Monday :( Sorry I just want to write in advance also. So yea sorry guys. Hope you understand please like and favorite to get notified if I upload anything, and it helps me see how many people are actually reading this. Also I am writing another fanfic I actually have three other ones  a Zayn one, Liam,and Harry but I am still writing them too. If you want me to upload those too please like and favorite this fanfic. Thanks and well guess you're gonna have to wait till Monday :)

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