In love with my Brother

Author's note:This is a different type of fanfic, it is a y/n one so when you see y/n it means your name,I like it like this because it makes you feel like you are the main character well you are the main character. I don't know yet if it'll have mature content yet. Hope you like it!!!!
The story is about y/n going to her new house since her mom will be getting married. y/n has gone through alot and this will be a fresh start but how can she start fresh if she falls in love with her brother?
If you want to know more about the story read the prolouge that I posted!! please give this fanfic a chance :)


1. Prolouge

When you fall in love, REAL LOVE you never change. But what happens if your true love is your own brother. Well step brother but still he's family. This is the story of my life. After being raped by my father i feel insecure 100% of the time and i feel disgusted with myself. But what happens when my mom finally decides to stop the abuse of my own father and decides to escape? What happens when my mother finds someone who will love her not the way my father did but the way a true man will love the love of his life? What happens when he accepts you and knows what happened to you and yet he still accepted you and made you part of his family?But what happens when you meet your step brother and you instantly fall for him , his beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and his sexy Irish accent? What would you do if you fell in love with your brother?

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