In love with my Brother

Author's note:This is a different type of fanfic, it is a y/n one so when you see y/n it means your name,I like it like this because it makes you feel like you are the main character well you are the main character. I don't know yet if it'll have mature content yet. Hope you like it!!!!
The story is about y/n going to her new house since her mom will be getting married. y/n has gone through alot and this will be a fresh start but how can she start fresh if she falls in love with her brother?
If you want to know more about the story read the prolouge that I posted!! please give this fanfic a chance :)


7. Other fanfics!

So guys I have 4 other fanfics a Louis,Harry,Liam,and Zayn one. I was thinking to upload one of those. At one point I will upload the 4 of them.But I thought it be fun to give you a chance to choose which one you want to read first. So below will be the prolouges for each of them. In the comments please tell me which one you want me to upload next. please!! and sorry for not uploading I know I promised I was but just alot of things going on. thanks for understanding please comment !!!


midnight memories (Harry fanfic)
Memories..... that's all they were... just memories.. But why? Why would he do that to me? I thought he loved me... Or so I thought he did. He made me believe that he really did care about me. But those were just games ... games that i won't fall for anymore. Why am I crying you might ask? Well you know after being played for the  millionth time I thought that maybe I found the one. But like always I'm wrong. I thought god would go easier on me after he took away my mom, dad, sister, and brother in car accident. Sometimes I think he didnt chose me to die with them to make me suffer. Yes that's it! He did this because he hates me . I have to end this now , with my suffering. Yes i need to die and join my family I know they want me to join them but maybe he really does love me. NO don't be stupid he will never love anyone but himself he just wanted you to pass time. But maybe I'll find the one?



Don't Forget About Me (Zayn fanfic)
It's been two months since he left. He left without knowing the great news I was supposed to give him at our one year Anniversary.I fear evryday that I might not see him ever again. Maybe I won't.He was only supposed to go for a month and then come back. What was the last time I got a letter? After the first weekhe left maybe? I hope he's ok, what am I saying, I would die if something happened to him. I would die with him. Maybe hhe forgot about me?He promised me he wouldn't, he promised that when he got back we would get married in the city of Paris. He said he would scream he loves me while being on the Eiffel Tower. He said that under the eiffel tower he would kiss me and he would make me the happiest girl in the world and that we would travel the world together how I always wanted to do. I hope he didn't forget about me.................. Zayn Don't Forget About Me.....................


Pretend It's Ok(Louis fanfic)
Dalia is an ordinary average teen with an average family,but what happens when a tradegy happens and she looses two important people in her life?What happens when the worst day in her life is on March 14,2010?What happens when she thinks her life is over?But what if in the worst day of her life she finds the love of her life?Could the worst day turn into the best day? Could meeting Louis Tomlinson make her the happiest person and make her forget of all the pain she is going through? Could he could make her feel like everything is ok? Could Dalia Pretend It's Ok?
AN:this fanfic is inspired by my life. Which means that some of the fanfic happened to me llike tragedy thing, that happened to me. Obviously I didn't meet Louis or any of the boys but I thought it be a good fanfic :) 


Crazy In Love With You(Liam fanfic) 
Caroline Chase  is a typical 18 year old American girl. As a sweet sixteen gift from her parents she decides she wants to travel the world with her best friend since kindergarden  Klove. But what happens when she gets to London and sees a boy with brown hair and brown eyes that catch her eyes?What happens when  fate and destiny brings them together?Will all the drama hold them back or bring them more together?Will other people try to break them apart?

Please in the comments tell me which one you liked and which ever gets the most points, will be the one I post.Please be reminded that I only have like one chapter for each so you guys have to be my inspiration to write :) like and favorite this fanfic PLEASE AND THANKS for giving me a chance!!!!

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