In love with my Brother

Author's note:This is a different type of fanfic, it is a y/n one so when you see y/n it means your name,I like it like this because it makes you feel like you are the main character well you are the main character. I don't know yet if it'll have mature content yet. Hope you like it!!!!
The story is about y/n going to her new house since her mom will be getting married. y/n has gone through alot and this will be a fresh start but how can she start fresh if she falls in love with her brother?
If you want to know more about the story read the prolouge that I posted!! please give this fanfic a chance :)


3. My new Family

        Y/n's POV

After the long ride from Dublin to Mullingar I felt like never moving from the carseat. I'm not gonna lie I am scared, I mean I met Lucy and Isabella and they are cool but just having the feeling of meeting more people without having energy in my body makes me feel like going to sleep. ''y/n honey, come on you'll love them'' woah was I really that into my thoughts?''Going mom'' I said taking off your seatbelt. A warm breeze came through and made me think this place was going to make me happy. As I walked with my mother to the door of the house in front of me I saw a little playground and a swing hanging from a huge apple tree. I would've been the happiest girl here,I  thought but instantly blocking it away.''Now honey before I knock on the door I want you to know that if you don't want to be here just tell me we'll figure it out together ok?'' ''Yes mom'' was all I said and smiled I don't know what got me because out of nowhere I hugged her.''Ok,ready to meet your new family?'' asked my mom like she was more than ready to go inside and kiss Bobby.I breathed hard for a couple of minutes  until I answered with a simple ''yes''

AN:sorry for this really short chapter. don't forget to like and favorite if you like this fanfic it will help me if you do that because it will give me an idea of how many people are reading this fanfic if I don't get alot of likes and favorites I will probably not continue the fanfic please give this fanfic a chance :) its getting exciting :) Hopefully soon I will upload another fanfic. 

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