Percabeth Love Story

These are all Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth) stories with a little intimacy with them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! These are stories of Percy and Annabeth's love for each other after The Last Olympian. These stories will flash forward a couple of years sometimes but are all in the same story.
Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series!


4. The Wedding

Percy's P.O.V. 

I woke up and thought 'Today was the day!'. I was so nervous I couldn't concentrate on one thing. My mom came into my room "Ok honey, remember your tux, we will be heading out to camp in 30 minutes." I grabbed my tux and almost sprinted to the car. "Ready?" asked my stepfather Paul. "As I ever be!" 

Annabeth's P.O.V.

I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up. Luckily one of the Aphrodite girls had some anxiety pills. "Everything will be perfect Annabeth, we planned everything! And our mom will make sure nothing goes wrong." Piper said.

I got up and started to get ready. The girls were giving me a head to toe makeover for the wedding. Aphrodite walked in while they  started on my hair. "Good job girls! It looks lovely! Annabeth dear, I wanted to talk to you in private for a second, girls could you excuse us?" Everyone left the cabin leaving me with the goddess. 

"Annabeth, I just wanted to wish you luck, I know you and Percy will be together forever. And don't worry about Hera, she will face MY wrath if she even thinks about ruining you marriage." Aphrodite smiled and blew a kiss towards me and I felt pink sparkles go up and down my body. 

The girls walked back in and gasped "Mom gave you the blessing! Oh Annabeth! You look gorgeous." One of the younger girls said. I looked in the mirror and my hair, makeup, everything was perfect! "Thank you all, and thank you my lady." Aphrodite smiled and walked out of the cabin. I slipped into my dress and was ready to walk down the isle. 

(See here 

Percy's P.O.V.

I could barley keep still. Once we got to camp, there was a guard of Aphrodite girls keeping me from seeing Annabeth before the wedding. I walked to cabin 3 to get dressed and saw that it was not empty. "Dad?"

Posieden turned around and gave me a hug. "I am so happy for you too Percy. I wish you all the best. "

"As do I" and Athena walked in "Percy, I know that in a few moments you will bind yourself with my daughter, I give you my best wishes that she will be happy." 

"Thank you my lady, and thanks dad." They walked out and I got into my tuxedo and began fussing with my bowtie.

"Here, let me help." and Aphrodite walked in. "I just saw Annabeth and i must say, you are very lucky" She winked fixed my bowtie and began walking out of the cabin "Everything will be fine Percy, don't worry." 

I began to walk to the isle when my mom and Paul stopped me "Percy I ..." my mom started to choke up "Percy, seeing you and Annaebth today, I just know you two will do fine." Paul and my mom hugged me and took there positions. Showtime!

Annabeth's P.O.V.

I was taking a deep breath, hoping the anxiety pill wouldn't wear off. My dad and Athena were walking me down the isle. The music started and my bridesmaids began to walk down.

First Thalia, my maid of honor, then Piper, Hazel, Sarah (Leo's girlfriend) and Juniper walked down with Nico, Jason, Frank, Leo, and Grover, Percy's best man. The procession music changed and it was my time.

I looked at my dad and Athena and both smiled as we started to walk down to Percy. Hera, who I still didn't forgive for taking Percy away was officiating the ceremony, but I wanted for this marriage to have the goddess of marriages blessing and would not have Leo getting an online marriage license and doing it.  

Percy's P.O.V.

I forgot how to breathe when Annabeth started walking down the isle. She was so heartbreakingly beautiful it was almost impossible to keep myself from charging at her and kissing her. I still couldn't believe that she was marrying me. Seaweed Brain.

Annabeth's P.O.V.

Percy's mouth almost dropped to the floor and I thanked Aphrodite. I smiled and wished the march would go faster. Once we got to Percy, my mom and dad kissed me on the cheek and handed me off to Percy.  


The wedding was perfect! When Percy slipped that ring onto my finger I knew we would be together forever. 

We danced, cut the cake (Blue of course), Percy slipped off my garter (Too the horrification of my mother and brothers) 

I was Percy's and he was mine 

It was perfect. 




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