Percabeth Love Story

These are all Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth) stories with a little intimacy with them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! These are stories of Percy and Annabeth's love for each other after The Last Olympian. These stories will flash forward a couple of years sometimes but are all in the same story.
Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series!


2. The Prom

Percy and Annabeth are both seniors in High school and the Prom for Goode is coming up! (This is after HOH) 

Percy's P.O.V.

I was so nervous. Going up against Kronos and facing Gaea was nothing compared to this. PROM!

Ughh I knew I loved Annabeth but dressing up and dancing.... I was doomed. My mom had thankfully known to get a corsage and coordinated my tie with Annabeth's dress. We drove over to Annabeth's house and She was waiting outside in the most beautiful outfit I had ever seen. She was more beautiful than Aphrodite by far! The silver dress hugged her body and flowed beautifully. I walked up to her and whispered "Wow!" She blushed. "Come on Seaweed Brain, I want to get some pictures." 

We posed for what seemed like forever and then we headed off to the Prom at Goode. I managed to not get expelled for the whole 4 years! We were about to walk in when I saw a flash. I instinctively reached for Riptide but found Athena, Aphrodite and my dad, Posieden smiling at us. We walked over and we both hugged our parents "What are you guys doing here!" I asked. "Well I couldn't miss this! Prom is such a lovely thing!" Aphrodite sighed. "Well, since we decided to be supportive we had to see you before this Prom." Athena said. "You both look so lovely!" Aphrodite looked so happy. "I knew you would still be together!" Posieden and Athena both rolled their eyes. "We just wanted to say Hello, and wish you the best." Posieden looked at me "Have fun son, but not too much!" We laughed and walked into Prom.

The theme was 'Under the Stars' and the gym looked great! The ceiling was all black but with lights dangling all around. Me and Annabeth got our picture taken and we walked over to Rachel, wearing a prom Committee t-shirt and jeans. "Hey Rachel!" Annabeth hugged her. "Why didn't you dress up?"  I asked. "We'll being the oracle forbids me dating and I had dressed up for enough of Dad's 'big important events' Have fun you too! And relax I am not letting any monsters through tonight" She winked at me and Annabeth and we walked onto the dance floor.

We danced to a couple up beat pop songs which then turned into a slow song. Me and Annabeth blushed and I put my arms on her waist. "Are you having fun Wise Girl?" 

"Yes, Its nice to take a night off to be regular teens." "You will never be regular Annabeth. You are one of a kind." I smiled and kissed her. Maybe this night wasn't so scary.

Once Prom ended I carrried Annabeth bridal style as her feet hurt too much. "High Heels! What was I thinking!" I laughed and put her in my car as we drove back to her apartment. "Did you have fun tonight?" 

"Yes Seaweed Brain. It was nice to take a night off from fighting monsters." She sighed and we pulled into the garage for her apartment. I was about to get out to help Annabeth out of the car. But before I could she pulled me over the console and kissed me. I then took her upstairs opened her apartment and we walked in.

"So, do you wanna watch a movie?" Annabeth asked. "What? Aren't you tired?" "Nope, I just want to relax with you Seaweed Brain!"

I started the popcorn and Annabeth changed into her favorite Owl T shirt and sweats. I unbuttoned my shirt and tie you revele the comfortable under shirt.

We lay on the couch watching Disney movies that Annabeth loved until she fell asleep. I then carried her to bed, turned off the TV, left a note and left. I was about to walk out the door before until I heard a sound coming from the fire escape. I quickly grabbed Riptide and walked slowly to the escape. 

Annabeth's P.O.V. 

I fell asleep in Percy's arms after Prom and while we were watching movies. I was in a peacful sleep until I hear a cry of pain. I woke up with a start grabbed my dagger and ran into the living room.

I saw Percy battling a hellhound already covered in scratches and dust all over him and the couch. I quickly leaped into action taking out the hellhound and turning to Percy. I grabbed the nectar and ambrosia and quickly shoved a square into his mouth and began pouring over the wounds.

"I guess that we couldn't have a peaceful night at all." He chuckled. "No, I guess not Seaweed Brain." I sighed.

But Percy cupped my face and said "I don't need normal with you Annabeth. I am just glad you didn't get hurt."

We kissed and I thanked the gods that Percy was alive.

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