Percabeth Love Story

These are all Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth) stories with a little intimacy with them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! These are stories of Percy and Annabeth's love for each other after The Last Olympian. These stories will flash forward a couple of years sometimes but are all in the same story.
Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series!


7. Appointment


Annabeth's P.O.V.

I was crying staring at my dresser. Percy ran in "Are you ok? What's wrong?" He took me in his arms and I continued to cry. "I am getting so huge Percy. I look like a fat whale. You're going to leave me. The darn hormones. Nothing fits me!" I was crying into his shoulder. Percy took my chin and I looked into his Sea green eyes. "Annabeth, you are more beautiful than ever. You are carrying my first child, and I can't ever repay you for what you are doing for our family." Percy leaned down and kissed me. 

"I love you my Wise Girl, now we've got a doctor's appointment. Here wear on of my shirts." 

Percy handed me one of his old blue t shirts and I put it on. "Ok Seaweed brain, lets go."  Percy helped me down the stairs and into the car. And we drove to the doctor's office. 

Apollo had recommended his as one of the best doctors in New York, and my mom and Poseidon were taking car of the bill. We pulled in and walked into the reception room and I waddled over to a chair and sat down while Percy went to check us in. Percy walked over and sat down beside me and kissed my cheek and put his hand on my belly. "I felt a kick!" Percy exclaimed. "She or He is a fighter for sure." I said as I had been getting kicks by the hour. "Just like you." Percy smiled and we we called up.

"Ok, Annabeth, how have you been since your last visit?" 

"Well there is still a lot of kicking but everything feels good." He started to put the cold gel on my belly and I took Percy's hand.

"Before we begin, do you want to know the sex?" I looked at Percy, "Yes."

"Ok then, lets see whats going on. Ok, your baby looked very healthy and Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jackson you are having.....

Look for the next chapter to find out! CLIFFHANGER!!!

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