Percabeth Love Story

These are all Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth) stories with a little intimacy with them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! These are stories of Percy and Annabeth's love for each other after The Last Olympian. These stories will flash forward a couple of years sometimes but are all in the same story.
Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series!


10. A Birthday and a Test

Flash forward 2 years

Percy's P.O.V.

Life was great! I loved my wife and family. Annabeth said that Silena had wrapped me around her finger as soon as she was born. I was going to spoil her rotten. I walked into the kitchen and started making my world famous blue pancakes for Annabeth and Silena. Annabeth walked in with Silena "Hey Percy! Pancakes! yaay!" Annabeth said "Does somebody want some pancakes for her birthday "Pancake! Pancake!" Silena was jumping up and down. I smiled and picked her up "Happy birthday! Who is the bestest girl ever!" 

"Me! Me! Daddy!" SIlena was crying laughing as I started to tickle her. I turned to Annabeth "Did you sleep well? I thought I heard you get up in the middle of the night?" 

"No, I was fine. I had a nightmare about the snake again and went to check on Silena." Annabeth sighed and grabbed the plates full of blue pancakes. "I love you Percy. Do you wanna go to camp a little early to set everything up?" We were having Silena's party at camp, the Aphrodite girls refused to give her back one time till we promised. 

"You sure you will be fine?" I asked. "I can stay." 

"No, everything will be fine. Go and help set up. We will be there in an hour." I smiled gave both of them a big kiss and headed out the door.

Annabeth's P.O.V.

Percy actually didn't need to go to camp early, but I needed him out of the house for just 15 minutes to see if my suspicions were correct.

I had been throwing up for 1 week now and needed conformation. I was waiting for the test to finish while getting Silena into her clothes. She loved her blue t shirt and pants and was jumping off the walls. I heard the timer ding and ran to the bathroom and took a deep breath. I turned the test over and stopped breathing.

We headed over to camp and were instantly swarmed by Aphrodite campers "Happy Birthday!" "You are so adorable!" etc. etc. etc. 

We walked over to Percy and Chiron at the Big House and I let Silena go to play with a couple of the other kids. Thalia and Nico's daughter Zoe Bianca di Angelo was playing with Piper and Jason's son Alexis Caelius Grace. Juniper and Grover's two children, Blueberry and Redwood were running around being chased by Hazel and Frank's son, Sammy Davis Zhang. 

I turned to Percy "We need to talk. privately."   

Percy looked worried "Is something wrong?" 

"No, but this is important, we need to talk now." I tugged on Percy's shirt and we walked to our cabin and I sat him down on the couch. "What is it Annabeth? Are you ok?"

I sighed "Ok, I lied this morning. I wasn't having a nightmare last night, I was throwing up. For the 6th time this week."

Percy still looked puzzled "And you needed to tell me this privately why?"

"Oh my gods! You really do have a Seaweed Brain. I am having MORNING SICKNESS!" I yelled.

Percy jumped up "So. Are you?" he looked at my stomach. I breathed "yes. It came up positive 3 times. I made an appointment for tomorrow. Percy. I am pregnant!"  

Percy scooped me up in his arms. "Oh gods Annabeth! I am so happy! Should we tell them?"

"Sure! Why not?" We ran out of the cabin and back to the Big House. Percy cleared his throat "Um, guys, we just wanted to say. Annabeth?" 

I turned to the crowd "I'm pregnant!" We we immediately swarmed with congratulations and hugs.

I quickly pulled away from the crowd to call our parents.

I called my mom and Poseidon first. They were floored again and instantly appeared at camp. Poseidon went to congratulate Percy and my mother hugged me and congratulated me again and again. I then called Percy's mom and she screamed "Oh Annabeth! Oh gods that's great! I will be right there! Paul! Percy and Annabeth are pregnant again! We need to get to camp now!" i slashed through the connection and IMed my dad "Hey dad! I am, well pregnant!" 

"Thats amazing Annabeth! We are so happy for you! We will visit next month ok?"

"Ok, love you dad."

I went back to the party and grabbed Silena, "What's bad mommy?"

"Nothing sweetie. Everything is amazing!" 

"Can I cake now?" She asked pleading.

"Sure sweetie!" She ran off to grab some of the blue cake we made and I turned to Percy. "This is amazing! Right?" 

"Yes my Wise Girl! We are going to have a baby in 9 months!"

We kissed, and I felt completely content. 


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