Teenager's Oath

This is for the 'movellians have got talent' contest but...not sure if it really fits the theme.

Partly inspired by the various organisation oaths e.g. The Pledge of Allegiance.

The poem is meant to be about the way other people see us affects our confidence and how easy it can be to break. Also, tried to make the point that teenagers and even adults all make mistakes, its how we learn to grow.


1. The Teenager's Oath

I am a teenager,

Just learning who I’m going to be.


Society paints us ugly,

Insecurities shatter our beliefs.

We fight, we fall out,

We make mistakes.

But I told you, we’re still learning who we will to be.


We are tested, told not to fail,

Still we don’t meet the standards,

And our hopes are blown away.

I won’t ever let myself be me.


We rally together,

In the good times and bad.

We offer shoulders of comfort,

And reasons to be glad.

Maybe I’m brave enough to be me.


We lift each other up,

We kindle our dreams,

And they set us free.

At long last its time,

We know who we’ll be.


Now I’m ready to be me.

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