But, I love you - Harry Styles

Marielle Carter goes through a true love relationship, and to the Universe it is true love. The guy part just doesn't realize how true and important Marielle really is. Once he abandons his girl and his child, they have nowhere to go. She stopped to believe in true love because all she ever knew was Harry.


2. The Test

March 14, 2012
"yes. I know! Just go for God's sake! Yes! Ok. Bye Love you!" I shoved my phone in my back pocket and continued to wash the dishes. Harry has just called to tell me he's landed safely in Australia.
Harry and I always had this odd couple dynamic. But we loved each other so much and for some reason, we had no problems at all. We never fought that much and we were like each others best friends. And I know that couples are never friends after they break up but if Harry and I ever broke up we'd still be like best friends forever.

I don't know really. I'm always in my own little world, he's always in his, but we always have a way to connect with each other.
All of a sudden I felt a strong pain on my right temple. I dropped the dishes in the sink and raised my fingers to my head. It really hurt badly, then my stomach started to act up. I felt  a stream come up my throat. Before I knew it, I vomit in the sink.
Why were these things happening ? My head started to hurt even more..

*A few days later*

Positive. It's Positive. I couldn't stop but smile, I felt the redness in my cheeks form. I let out a girly shriek as I stood up and jumped in excitement.
Deep breaths Marielle.
I jerked my hand back up to where the pregnancy test laid. Seeing the beautiful little symbol on it, the sun reflecting off the screen, showing the precious plus sign. Oh gosh !! I couldn't believe I was going to be a mother!
Right after the adrenaline flow got through, I felt the true pain about all the negative sides of being pregnant.
What about Harry, and his career ? My parents, What are they gonna say about this ? I'm only 19! I just started college. Holy shit. I'm such a fucking mess right now!
Okay calm down Marielle, pregnancy tests aren't always positive.
I took a deep breath before throwing out the test. I didn't want anybody to know until everything was positive. Of course, if it was, the first person I'd tell is Harry.
I really don't know how I would tell my parents ! Oh Lord help me!
My dad would KILL me if he found out! Ugh.

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