But, I love you - Harry Styles

Marielle Carter goes through a true love relationship, and to the Universe it is true love. The guy part just doesn't realize how true and important Marielle really is. Once he abandons his girl and his child, they have nowhere to go. She stopped to believe in true love because all she ever knew was Harry.


3. Such A Mess

March 20, 2012
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
I thought to myself.
"Marielle! I am talking to you!" my mother hissed at me. My mother found the test in the trash. Oh gosh I'm so stupid for throwing it out there! She recruited me after school, I sat across from her on the dining table.
My younger siblings were upstairs and my dad was still at work.

"Marielle! Explain it now! Are you fucking pregnant!?" she yelled.
"No! I- I uh.." I started to stutter, which showed I was obviously lying, "uhm.. It's Charlotte's! She asked me to get rid of it for her because she was scared her parents would get mad at her!" I spat.
"Charlotte? Charlotte Smith?" she asked. Charlotte's my best friend, but I only realized after I said it that choosing Charlotte to cover up my lie was a bad idea. Only because Charlotte's mom and my mom are like best friends. Fuck.
I nodded my head in response.
She paced across the kitchen and grabbed the phone from it's dock. She started dialing numbers but I jerked out of my seat and ran towards her grabbing the phone away.
"Marielle Carter! Give me the phone right now!"
"No!! Please!" I begged.
"Marielle! This is something you both shouldn't keep from me or Charlotte's mom! Now give it back!"
"No mom! Please! She's scared and she said she'd swear to tell her parents when they get back home!"
"Home from where ?!"
"Africa! She's in Africa for vacation!! But she's not in the south! She's in the part where they have no phone signals or anything! So you can't call Mrs. Smith anyways because there's no signal!" I gushed. My heart was pounding so loud I swear I could hear it.
She grabbed the phone from my hand and gave me a stern look.
"Are you sure?"
She sighed in stress and sat back in her chair.
"Fine. I'll stay out of it since it's a family problem. But I swear Marielle if I catch anything out of place I will contact Charlotte and her parents!"
I nodded my head in response. She got up and left.
My mom and I weren't really close to each other. Even growing up, we never really told each other our deepest darkest secrets, like what most mothers do with their daughters. We were so distant. And as I grew up we just constantly kept fighting.
My mom was in strong belief that if you're best friends with your kids then you're not a good parent.
Bullshit. Nobody cares if you're best friends with your parents.
I put my hands up to my face and bursted out in tears. I collapsed on the floor, bringing my knees up to my face, covering it. If my mom and I were as close as many of the girls at school were with their moms, I would have no problem telling her that I was pregnant. I'd have to tell her sometime, because I can't hide it for long.
Shit. What am I supposed to do now ? I just need somebody. I need somebody to hold and to cry to and for that person to tell me it'll be okay. I need Harry.

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