Catching Feelings

My names Taylor....Taylor Braun. My dads Scooter braun yes, and yes he manages that stupid Kid Bieber....but will feelings change?? Read to find out (: (JB Fanfic


4. Why me

Justins Pov: I finished talking to Scooter about my tour...we or mainly I decided we'd call it the Believe tour... Taylor was still her room and hasnt came out since...and my face still burns...Chaz and I were about to leave.


Sc: Yo Justin...

J: Yeah?

Sc: Were going to a restaurant you and Chaz wanna come...?

J: ah..


J: I guess thats a yes then...

Sc: Great can you do me a favor and go tell Taylor to get ready...were leaving her in 20!

J: Me?

Sc: Yes you!


I walked up the stairs and stopped at her door hesitating just going in...But I could hear an smart ass remark coming my way like BIEBER YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO KNOCK! So I just knock on her door and waited


T: What?

J: Have you been crying?

T: ....No, look what do you want?!

J: Your dads order were going to a restaurant in 20, so be ready

T: Whatever


She lied to me, Her eyes were some what puffy and looked strained and her face looked rubbed and stained with tears...why was she crying. I ran back downstairs and watch some t.v with Chaz while we waited...


J: Hey Chaz...


His eyes still planted on the t.v


C: Yeah?

J:No seriously Chaz 

C: What!

J: No funny business tonight....

C: What do you mean?

J: With funny business

C: Justin, im chaz...I cant make any promises!

J: Wow...

C: Whats up with you bro? the past week you've been sorta goody good to her...

J: I dont know...Its ju-

C: Justin please dont tell me you like her!



J: Dude I love her...Ive like her the day ive met her...

C: Then why are you so "Me" around her....

J: Idk...I - at first I thought being all playful mean with you guys she liked that first year, she didnt....She told me she hated me....and I just thought we wouldnt ever work...especially with her dad being my manger....I thought I could stop liking her...but now im in fucking love with her....and I cant be mean to her, it hurts me. But now she truly hates me...Idk I just screwed up everything...Im not a dick head....and you know that Chaz....

C: Dude...why didnt you tell me this 

J: Because knowing you, you'll tell her, and you BETTER NOT!!!

Sc: Better not what?

J: Oh ah...put my ah- my number on twitter...Yeah! 

C: Wa-

J: shh

Sc: Uh okay...Yeah Chaz lets not do that!


Taylors Pov: I was wearing the same leggings with my brown pair of riding boots and burgundy sweater with an white statement bubble necklace, I curled my hair in big loose curls and did my makeup; neutral smokey eye etc. I grabbed my white cross body purse to match the white in my necklace and grabbed my iphone off the dock...I jogged down the stairs and Biebers mouth was wide open....


T: Close your mouth your catching flies...

J: Oh..ah-

Sc: Good I was just about to call you...Everyone ready lets go!


We all got in the range rover that my dad bought for occasions like had to call the restaurant and tell them we would be parking in the back so no paparazzi's would harass us or fans finding us...


Sc: Alright well I got that under control....Dinner we'll all be discussing some important things...

T: Im so excited...


I rolled my eyes


Sc: Cut the attitude!


We arrived to the restaurant and were place at a table right away and we ordered our drinks and food. Kenny and Ryan arrived and our food was served to us.


Sc: Alright....So everyone wants me to just cut to the chase right....Well Justins Tour starts next week and the tickets officially go on sale TOMORROW....!

T: Seriously! I came here just to listen more about Bieber as if I dont here about him some how everyday! You could have gotten Alfredo to co-

Sc: Their on there way!

J: Alfredo?! Yes!!!

Sc: Taylor you didnt let me finish....YOU will be joining the Believe tour with me!


I spit out my food...I was imaging this no...The tears started to form in my eyes...





J: I got it....


I hate my life! WHY WHY Im 17 why cant I just stay home why do I have to go with freaking bieber! I bet hes in their now laughing his butt off thinking of ways he can torture me...


Justins Pov: I went outside and saw her there waiting on the side of the curb


J: Taylor...

T: W-what...d-do you w-want

J: Hey Tay, are you crying?


I turned her around and just hugged her and she sob a few seconds in my shirt...we pulled away from the embrace and I looked at her.


J: Why are you crying?!

T: Because your going to make my life an even worse living hell...arrant you! I just dont understand why your so mean to me, and not just you Ryan and Chaz! I-its like you guys never give up! What have I done to you?! And everyone doesnt even consider me living unless they need me to go do something for you! My own DAD. 

J: Can I tell you something...


She nodded and I just spilled


J: Taylor...I dont hate you....and it kills me to make your life that way! When I first met you I really liked you and I thought you were so maturer then me...So I used to try to play fight with you and I guess I tried to turn into some bad guy, you'd like...But im not that guy...and im sick of acting like that guy. I know ive done so much to you...and it kills me everyday that I did that and I still was, and now to see you this way...your right im an ass im the biggest ass of asses....but Id like to forget about that a-and um move on....can we be friends...


She sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes


T: I dont know bieber....what if this is another one of your plans....You know what it probably is...bye

J: Tay-


She waved and a taxi stopped and she got in....Gosh I hated my self! I decided to just go back in....I knew she wouldnt believe me.


A/n What do you think?!?! Will Taylor believe him....Will Chaz and Ryan stop?! I hope your enjoying so far....FAVORITE, LIKE, and COMMENT please!! Thanks <3

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