Catching Feelings

My names Taylor....Taylor Braun. My dads Scooter braun yes, and yes he manages that stupid Kid Bieber....but will feelings change?? Read to find out (: (JB Fanfic


2. **1 Chapter** Bieber

Taylor's Pov: It was about 11:34 and I just got out the shower...I let my hair dry while I did my makeup, I then went to my closet and got a pair of denim jeans and a sweater...I put socks on and my tan Uggs. I went back in the bathroom and straighten my brown hair and then went and grabbed my black north face and phone. I jogged down the stairs and grabbed an green apple 


S: Hey Taylor, can you come here for a sec?!


I walked down to my dads office, and found Bieber in there...the Justin Bieber. My dads Scooter Braun and he had to go find this dumb ass boy and now hes all my dad lives and breaths for the past 3 years now....I dont like Bieber so I snarl and focus back on my dad


T: Yeah, whats up?

S: Im gonna need you to take Justin home...

T: He has a car! He can drive his self! Plus Im about to go meet Sam at the mall...

S: Justins car isnt starting!

T: Oh really a 500,000,000 dollar car wont start...kinda hard to believe!

S: Well I didnt ask if it was...Your taking him period the end

T: Geez thanks


I started out his office dialing Sams number, When I turn around noticing Justins high on my heels


T: Back up


He came closer and whispered in my ear 


J: You look hot...

T: And your not! Look bieber just shut up...I bet your car works fine, so just get in my damn car and hush or ill drop you ass off on the side of the road for the birds!

J: Damn thats sexy



T: Ouch my ear! I gotta take Justin home and ill be there after...K

S: Alright see you then!


I walked to my cars side door and Justin was just standing there smirking on the passenger side


T: What are you smirking at?!

J: You said Justin...and not bieber or dumb ass

T: Yeah well dont get used to it!


I got in the car and started it and turned on channel 94.5 and Justin changed it to 98.1



J: You'll get over it


Just then he place his left hand on my thigh and I jumped



J: Your so cute when your mad..ha

T: Why are you such a pervert..

J: You make me that way baby...

T: haha um yeah no, now more your hand!

J: And if I dont?

T: Then Ill drop you off and you can get chase by all your fans 


He then moved his hand and the rest of the way he was on his phone...Urgh I freaking hate this...I got to his house and he didnt even notice because he was so involved in his phone...


T: Bieber!

J: What?

T: Where here....

J: Oh..


He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned in quickly kissing my cheek.



J: Thanks for the ride babe!


And with that he was out my car thank god! Stupid kid....So your probably wondering why I hate him so much....Well ever since my dad found him, its like I dont even exist unless someone needs me to do something for them....My dad didnt go to my own 16th birthday he helped plan Justins....everything he does now a day is for him...and now he has other artist to! I lost my mom to cancer about 15 years ago....I miss her but I never got to know her; I was only 2. Ive basically been on my own since Bieber. Hes either perverted to me or mean! Especially when hes around Ryan and the stupid Chaz! Anyways I called Sam and told her I was heading her way!


(The phone call cats Sa stands for Sam and Sc stands for Scooter)

Sa: Hello?

T: Hey, I just dropped off bieber and ill be heading you-


T: Hey hold on my dads calling...


T: Hello?

Sc: I need you to stop whatever you-

T: Dad no! Hes your client not mine!!! I just came from dropping him off Im going to the mall and im going to hang out with Sam! Bye!!!


T: Hey you still there?

Sa: Yeah?

T: K im coming!


A/N So first chapter...Im kinda having writers block on my other story "Hold Tight" I went to go update tonight but Im having major writers block...So im rewriting this one...(: Sounds like Taylor dosent like Justin at all PLEASE FAVORITE, LIKE, AND COMMENT...I get more motivated to write!!! Love you guys <3 

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