Something went wrong many centuries ago. The genders started fighting. Now the women live on Okuria and the men live on Okurio. There are humans, ogres, dragons, anything you can imagine. What happened? Wren Arama is on a quest to find out.


6. You!

Jake shot up. "Wren?! As in Wren Amara the guy in apartment 301?"

"How do you know where I live?" I yelled.

Jake whipped around and my jaw dropped. "You're the stupid pizza guy!" I screamed.

"You're the bastard that threw pizza on me!" Jake leaped over the couch.

"Get my order right!" I snapped.

"Don't throw pizza on me!" Jake ran at me.

I shrieked and lunged to the side. Jake turned saying, "Fight me coward!"

"Come at me!" I yelled.

He ran forward. I yelped, squeezed my eyes shut, and swung. Thud! I cracked open my eye and saw Jake on the ground with a red mark on his cheek. "Ow..." He muttered.

"I-I'm so sorry!" I squeaked out.

Suddenly, Charles and Barry started laughing. I looked at them with wide eyes. "Wh-what?" I gulped out.

"He got what he deserves." Barry choked out between laughs.

I blinked and looked at Jake again. He glared at me and stood. "S-sorry!" I hid my face behind the book.

He huffed and stormed away. I gave Barry and Charles an apologetic look. "I'm really sorry. It was an instinct." I pleaded.

"It's fine really! He's a boxer he should be able to take a hit." Charles chuckled.

I smiled. "So I'm still welcomed here?"

"Hell yeah!" Barry grinned and patted my back.

I winced at his roughness but smiled none the less. A few hours later as I was eating Cheetos with Barry and Charles, a loud voice boomed from the elevator. "Today sucked!" An angry man yelled as he strode from the elevator.

By the looks of his suit, he was a construction worker. He headed straight for the kitchen as another man in a nice suit and red tie stepped out. He nodded toward us and disappeared down the hallway. "That was Mark in the suit. He's actually early tonight." Charles informed.

I smiled. "I'll meet him some other time. Who's the other guy?"

The angry man walked in holding a beer. "Sammy. Who're you?" He huffed.

"Wren Amara. Nice to meet you." I held out my hand.

He shook it and say down in the reclining chair across the glass coffee table. "Have you seen Dan?" Barry asked.

"No." Sammy grunted and took a swig of his beer.

"Dan? As in your younger brother?" I asked.

"Yeah. He's probably at a bar." Charles sighed.

I glanced at the clock. "Well I hope to meet him sometimes but I need to run. It was nice to meet you Sammy." I nodded

Sammy nodded back and Barry stood to give me a hug. "See you tomorrow?" Barry asked.

I nodded and headed out with a wave.

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